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Moms stand firm against antenna madness

nick jordan


I particularly like this comment from the site: "Did you know that in Bayville, Long Island, there is a Water Tower near the elementary school with multiple cell antennas on it? There is a lawsuit to have them removed. 30% of the staff and children are sick. Many have CANCER and 3 children have died."

Olympus shows off lens-swapping 'Pen' camera

nick jordan

nothing to see here...

so it's not much smaller than an entry level dSLR but has interchangeable lenses... great. Why wouldn't I just pay a tiny bit extra and buy an entry level dSLR AND have the added advantages of an optical viewfinder to reduce camera shake (3 points of contact) and improve useability - reaction to your subject.

Looks nice though

How can I secure a USB Flash drive?

nick jordan

Useful, but not for flash drives

I've been using TrueCrypt for a few years now and whilst I'd agree it's good for whole drive encryption (system or secondary), I think there are better options out there for flash drives.

Whilst it's not free, IronKey is a far more sensible and secure option for carrying sensitive data. Plug it in to a computer, plug in your password and voila. With TrueCrypt, it'll only work on a PC with the application pre installed. The additional benefits, such as a secure password manager and a hardened version of Firefox mean that it's a much more versatile tool.


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