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Breaking records: Google exec in terrifying SKY PLUNGE DRAMA

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In light of Baumgartner's jump being streamed all over youtube, I think there is a certain irony in the Google man's jump NOT being streamed on youtube.

I agree with the others - a class act for just doing what you want to do and not making a fuss about it.

Before I Go To Sleep turns out tense enough to keep you awake ...

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If you're looking for a film to watch this weekend

Watch The Guest instead. I've seen both films and The Guest is much better. Dan Stevens is a complete revelation and the daughter gives an excellent performance. Before I Go To Sleep has a small number of possible outcomes, one of which happens. It is very predictable. But you won't see the twist coming in The Guest. Sure, it could be better, but it gets a clear 4 stars as opposed to BIGTS's 3 stars.

Bill Gates is once again the richest man on Earth

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Am I the only one to think these are contradictory

Gates was the year's biggest gainer, increasing his fortune by $15.8bn

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg put on the most dollars in the tech sector, adding $12.4bn

Private space truck ready for ISS trip as soon as NEXT WEEK

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Cygnus approaches the ISS in September 2103

Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness

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Can't agree with the review

I'm a 30 year old who enjoyed watching repeats of the original series but had no time for the Patrick Stewart version. I really enjoyed the first film and marginally preferred it over the second. I've probably seen a couple of the original Shatner movies but I would certainly not describe myself as a fanboy. Khan was a completely new character to me and so I just enjoyed the movie. I didn't go to watch Into Darkness with any baggage, other than having recently rewatched the first movie.

So if you go into a movie with expectations (baggage) then you have far more potential for disappointment. But if like me you're just looking for some entertainment and escapism, you won't be disappointed.


Perl programming language marks 25th birthday

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laziness, impatience, and hubris

amen to that

Amazon UK leaks Windows 8 retail box, TV ads

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The advert

At least it's better than the Go Compare advert.

CIOs on the scrapheap - The Register wants your input for vox pop article

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Ask CTOs the same questions

You may find that CFOs think CIOs will become redundant, but you need to do the same survey with a bunch of CTOs to guage the other end of the spectrum. Then we can focus the debate on the bit in the middle.

Pay attention, 007: Wi-Fi cufflinks perfect for a spy

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Battery life

What's the battery life going to be like on a tiny wifi router like that?

Outbound space probe looks back at tiny Earth and Moon

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The earth doesn't look very round in that picture

Why is that?

MPs probe science behind bogus gov booze guidelines

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Don't you mean

Policy-based evidence-making

Gov pays Greens to lobby it, says report

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Dear El Reg

Will you please stop reporting the tosh that the Tax Payers' Alliance keep spouting.

Thank you.

Meet Phorm's PR genius

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I thought I was reading Private Eye then for a minute.