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Chic USB drive leads double life as personal vibrator

Simon Mort-Adams

Mr, Mrs, Ms* *Delete as applicable

"Slip them $125, and you'll get an 'entry-level' 8GB Duet" - Fwaff, parp, hmmf, queff etc...

One-armed Belarus man monocuffed for clapping

Simon Mort-Adams

It's obvious to me...

... where they've gone wrong. It's simply a dyslexia issue, nothing more, nothing less. The chap in question, 'Poor old Konstantin Kaplin' was labelled by the powers that be as Mr Klapin, so they threw the proverbial book at him.

Simple as...

Artist crafts Kevin Bacon bacon bust

Simon Mort-Adams

It's gotta be...

... Alan Cumming next, surely!

Pudsey Bear refused UK passport

Simon Mort-Adams

What about the kids?

"In case you're wondering, Bear's two daughters, 10 and 13, don't seem to mind mum's change of identity."

What sort of names are those, 10 Bear and 13 Bear...!?

She's CLEARLY lost the plot, totally!