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QEMU brings back its one-OS-a-day virtual advent calendar

Christopher Michaelis

Re: Link

Thanks gents! Keep the great content flowing.

Christopher Michaelis


Oddly, story did not contain a link to it... here it is: https://www.qemu-advent-calendar.org/2020/

Funny, that: Handy script for wiping directories is capable of wreaking havoc beyond a miscreant's wildest dreams

Christopher Michaelis

Re: My contribution ...

Oddly enough, I've never actually done the "rm / dirname" thing. I have, however, more than once, done "DELETE FROM table;" and forgotten the where clause. #confessions

It's a Meow-nixed system, I know this: Purr-fect storm of 3,000+ insecure databases – and a data-wiping bot

Christopher Michaelis

Better than the alternative

I'd rather see "our database was overwritten with random garbage, thus punishing our developers for being lazy", rather than "someone pilfered a copy of our unsecured database, thus punishing our customers for trusting us".

You call Verizon. A Google bot answers. You demand a human. The human is told what to say by the bot

Christopher Michaelis

Re: I can hear the conversations already

You made it a lot further than I would have. If it were my exchange...

Client: Operator.

System: You may state your question and I can help you. What can I do for you today?

Client: OPERATOR! (minor flying of spit)

System: Before I transfer you to an operator, what's the nature of the problem you're experiencing?

Client: (Mashes zero forcefully, hoping the force will transmit through the line)

Apple: Don't close MacBooks with a webcam cover on, you might damage the display

Christopher Michaelis


Another approach to avoiding the green light is rather than filming, you take a still every 30 seconds or so. Just enough to make the green light flicker - and if your laptop is off to the side like mine, you'd never notice. Not sure if that concept has ever been used in the wild, but seems feasible.

Overload: A one-way ticket to a madman's situation

Christopher Michaelis

Re: Not me...

Oh, I remember that... thanks for bringing that memory up from the deepest depths! Good times, that.

Square peg of modem won't fit into round hole of PC? I saw to it, bloke tells horrified mate

Christopher Michaelis

VGA Plug Screws

I had a fancy dual-screen VGA PCI card back in the day, which you couldn't actually plug two VGA plugs into unless you hacksawed off the facing sides of both VGA cables, screw and all. I think one of those cables is still floating around in a parts box somewhere...

What happens when the maintainer of a JS library downloaded 26m times a week goes to prison for killing someone with a motorbike? Core-js just found out

Christopher Michaelis

Re: Like ReiserFS

People do call it MurderFS though.

IT exec sets up fake biz, uses it to bill his bosses $6m for phantom gear, gets caught by Microsoft Word metadata

Christopher Michaelis

Re: How to be a thief

Reminds me of the "Stainless Steel Rat" stories. Would be about that time period IIRC.

A $4bn biz without a live product just broke the record for the amount paid for a domain name. WTF is going on?

Christopher Michaelis

Dunning Krugerands

Upvoted for introducing me to this worthy term.

Second time's a charm: Adobe has another go at killing Flash hijack flaw

Christopher Michaelis

I got so excited...

My RSS reader abbreviated the title to "Second time's a charm: Adobe has another go at killing Flash".

Upon clicking that title, my hopes were crushed. Crushed, I say.

'No, I CAN'T write code myself,' admits woman in charge of teaching our kids to code

Christopher Michaelis

"Could be learned in a day"

See http://abstrusegoose.com/strips/ars_longa_vita_brevis.PNG

cPanel: Reset your root passwords! Hackers broke into our system

Christopher Michaelis

Re: Root password

export HISTFILE=/dev/null :)

Business sues for $750,000 over bad Yelp review

Christopher Michaelis

This will surely...

...make prospective customers trust him more!

Microsoft cues next-gen Xbox for Crimbo 2013

Christopher Michaelis


"cos you turn 720 and walk away"

The title is the sound Senior Ugli makes while he's doing his two-circle pirouette in midair.

Apple sticks finger in dyke, cuts off Dutch flood of Galaxy S, SII, Ace

Christopher Michaelis

I love my Mac, iPad, and iPhone....

....but the longer Apple insists on continuing their patent wars, the less likely I become to proselytize that love. Indeed, I find myself starting to grow somewhat embarrassed that I like their products so much. Still a load better than using Windoze though.

35 US states petition for secession – on White House website

Christopher Michaelis
Thumb Up

Re: Talk about failure to comprehend!

So, deporting them would give them exactly what they want, no? :)

Christopher Michaelis

Sore Losers

See title.

Congress report warns: drones will track faces from the sky

Christopher Michaelis
Big Brother

Big brother...

...is watching.

Nokia shutters Qt Brisbane office

Christopher Michaelis


I for one never liked QML. QT on the desktop is rock solid, though, and I still plan to use it.

Fedora 17: Mm.. this stew of beefy source tastes just right

Christopher Michaelis

Beefy Miracle....

....why do I suddenly crave a large hamburger or steak?

Microsoft to devs: Don't ruin Win 8 launch with crap code

Christopher Michaelis

Don't write shit code, please....

.....we have a patent on that.

Scientists print out solar cells using inkjet tech

Christopher Michaelis

@Bill Cumming

Nope. You have an energy input being consumed, namely the sun. You'd have to have the machine feeding itself power, not relying on an external power source.

Microsoft distances self from IE 8 puke ads

Christopher Michaelis

Download IE8.....

....and you too can puke!

PayPal top-up card is titsup

Christopher Michaelis


When they say "batch file", they're probably referring to a banking batch - e.g., a collection of credit card transactions that all run at once is referred to as a "batch". I doubt they meant "batch file" in the DOS sense.

Besides, they probably run OS/2 Warp :)

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'

Christopher Michaelis


Any relation to the BOFH?

eBayer slaps $714 price tag on $630 in cash

Christopher Michaelis
Gates Horns

What PayPal and E-Bay Needs....


Yahoo! Used! To! Have! An! Auction! Service! which was a fairly good competition to E-Bay. It was never nearly as big, but it got the job done and was comparable. They closed their doors on June 3, 07. There isn't anything to compete with E-Bay any more.

PayPal... I know of many good merchant account and credit card processing providers, but all of these are geared toward POS (Point of Sale, not Piece of S**t) sales, or geared toward you (the seller) entering the customer's credit card information into a virtual online terminal or via telehone. There isn't really anything that can compete for taking credit cards over the internet on your behalf, via their own secure and PCI-compliant servers, and delivering the funds to you easily. And integrating into a website as smoothly...

My $0.02 USD. If you do know of good, viable, thriving alternatives to The Duo, speak now!

...Gates, 'cause he knows all about competition


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