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Huawei says US probe had 'predetermined outcome'

David West


If you don't trust them you better stop using your mobile phone in the UK, oh and Europe at large, oh and .... well pretty much any country, apart from the US of course. http://media.economist.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/full-width/images/print-edition/20120804_FBC589.png

iPhone/PS3 hacker Hotz arrested in pot bust

David West

Re: Ridiculous nonsense

'Currently' that wouldn't happen in Holland...you've been reading the news though right, this crazy right wing government want this place to be renamed New Holland and be a State of the US, thats the only reason I can see them pushing the health care system and other things down the same path the US has taken. Private memebers clubs to get your pot will push it on the streets again and then police will start arresting.

Apple's cloudy music streamer won't stream music

David West

Legal issue?

Is it possible there are legal reasons why they keep on saying it won't stream? As we have seen with other streaming services they run into legal problems when streaming to mobile devices (I'm fairly sure I haven't imagined this) So maybe this is Apples way of giving a service while side stepping some legal terms?

Hey dumbo, Facebook isn't sharing telephone numbers

David West

Don't put your number on your profile then

"I looked at my contact list and I have dozens of private numbers for people I don't know" that's because those people put their number on their profile, this is not the sync issue they are talking about.

I have the option to put my number's on my profile or not, and what I do have is shared with friends only minus a couple of groups I have made that I don't want to see those details.

Separately the facebook app on my iphone has sync'd my phone book with my contact, for people I already had the number for and for people that on their profile have added their phone number.

Also if your worried about your number getting out to other storage places, sorry but you don't think people that take your number don't stick onto the cloud somewhere? All my contacts are on google already, address, number's, dob, IM, twitter, job title, place of work.... welcome to the 21st century.....

TalkTalk drags arse in Ofcom ISP survey

David West

Clearly you've never worked on a phone helping the general public.

I'm not going to say their support is good, but people can be really dumb, and if they sent out a replacement router every time some rang and complained your connection would cost about 300pounds a month to pay for anyone not technical.

I once fitted a wifi-router for a user so they could have "wireless" at home, next week called back out to the same place, Me: "where is the wifi-router I installed here last week?" them: "the what?" me: "the white box connected to the phone line and the power connection?" them: "Oh I packed that back into the box, I didn't like the look of it there and shouldn't need it as I have wireless!"

I put my parents on talktalk a few years ago and it saves them allot of money a year compared to the rip off price they were paying BT and its gone down maybe twice, once a talktalk big outage, once the OpenReach BT exchange had a problem. I've been really happy with them.

Murdochs won't talk to MPs over phone-hacking scandal

David West

Exactley what I was thinking...

If he won't go, then he should be banned from doing business here, anyone willing to own a business in the UK should abide by the same laws UK citizens have too.

Carphone Warehouse linked to Tiscali buy-up (again)

David West

More to an ISP than clients

I would assume that if they buy Tiscali they will be getting more than just the customers, an ISP is made up of allot more than just that. You have to have allot of servers and network equipment behind the scenes that connect the user to the wider internet, that doesn't come cheap.


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