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Best Buy leaked memo spills Windows 7 upgrade details



"I give Microsoft credit for successfully de-bloating Windows 7, I haven't used it but reportedly it's acceptable in 512MB of RAM on a single-core processor."

yes, I was forced to go to 512MB for few weeks when memory died on my old ACER (I know I cannot believe memory can die). It worked really nicely. The only program which refused to work (speaking of music/internet/fun type tools) was iTunes. It just did not like 512MB at all while playing MP3

Microsoft's software vision chief embraces future horror


to @Levente

"EVERY Windows Mobile version (formerly known as PocketPC, CE etc"

Windows CE is not Windows Mobile and they are both alive, there is no "formely known as CE". They have similar history, but they are not the same anymore (though they probably could be or should be). NVIDIA was showing fully functional tegra laptop based on ARM few days ago, it was running Windows CE and it was amazing !!



"I can't trust M$ to secure their OS on a desktop PC. What makes me think they can protect a cloud with all my info? I think not."

Can I ask who do you actually trust (please don't say Apple)

btw it's very original to use $


ARM netbook

"Ozzie also justified Microsoft's decision not to put Windows on ARM"

not that I love to say that, but Windows CE runs on ARM (NVIDIA was doing demo few days ago) just fine ...

Hulu headed for subscription service scheme?


Why Use Hulu?

"If I wanted to pay for TV, I'd buy one and sign-up for cable. "

Why do you need cable if HULU would stream to your TV using a box similar to your cable box? If the content is rich, the quality good and the price right, why would you pay $50 for cable? HULU is on demand (you discover new cool show, bingo you can watch all episodes).


I would pay ...

"Seriously, I am tired of the attitude that everything on the internet should be free and that ad revenues are a viable way to sustain a business."

totally agree with you, personally I would pay for HULU if I could easily connect it to my TV (using simple cheap streaming box with decent remote). Maybe I would even get rid of $50/month DirectTV, I don't have HD TV, I stream HULU from my PC to TV and the quality is very good

I'm sick of watching creepy 2 minutes YouTube home videos with 200x200 resolution (yeah it's free but dancing babies, barking dogs and drunk guys are really not what I want to watch)

Microsoft takes hard line on Win 7 hardware



"Apple insist you use their hardware why should Microsoft be any different"

This is very good comment, I totally forgot about it.

Who cares if they promote their keyboard and mouse. Of course other brands are going to work, this is just their chance to push their hardware. Btw I own Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 Keyboard and I love it. I care less if it has MS logo or not, it just works great. But it's just a dam keyboard, nothing more nothing less.

Hitler kicked off iPhone

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to @Mectron

you might not like Apple, I might not like Apple, but please leave comments like "Job could very be hitler's son" out of this discussion

12 of the best... mice


MX Laser

I was getting pretty bad pain in my wrist few years back ... Logitech MX Laser solved my problem, but dam it was a pricy mouse, of couse out of like 25 buttons it has I use 2+wheel lol

we should start a discussion "what was your first mouse", mine was Genius http://www.atarimagazines.com/startv4n5/genius_mouse.jpg

Microsoft guns down 13 unlucky products


to @chris

"Vista came pre-installed on my HP Pavilion dv9260nr (top of the line notebook when I bought it)."

Doesn't HP have a stake in your issue? As I said before, MS Vista works great of fast laptops. It was MS big miscalculation to hope that everybody would buy 3GB+ ram super fast PCs, people didn't. Instead of saying how Vista sucks, people should say that it's much slower than XP

"The last time I checked, all versions of Windows based on NT were operating systems -- the piece of software sitting between the applications and the hardware"

assuming you talking about KERNEL. Vista has significantly enhanced kernel than old NT and Windows 7 is like different universe. XP is much closer to NT4 and yes that's why has so much more viruses than vista




I love never ending posts about MS VISTA by users who never bought it and yet complain about it. MS VISTA is great product if you have very good hardware, it's pretty bad on old hardware. Try to put Snow Leopard on 6 years old MAC ...

I'm sad that Flight Simulator is gone (it was discontinued few months ago), the rest... eh who cares.

I hope they won't let go too many developers. Seattle has pretty high unemployment already.

Windows 7 to ship October 22


to @Colin

I've been using it for past 6 months and it rocks. I did not find any program so far which would not work, my hardware is 3 years old $350 ACER tower with 1GB ram and Win7 is really fast

yes linux is good, if all movies would play in full screen all the time and I could use iPhone as a remote control for playing music in my whole house (using remote speakers), I would switch to linux. Because this is not possible and because OSX is 2x more expensive, I will stick with Windows and will roll to Win7 after RC expires.

Apple plugs QuickTime and iTunes flaws

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thank you Apple for blocking OGG proposal in HTML5 .... that could possibly eliminate need for Quicktime (on sites like SFGATE.COM) and AdobeFlash everywhere else in the near future

Acer: Android netbook coming in Q3


why ?

Why is every so excited about Android on Netbooks when we can put Win7 or Ubuntu on almost every netbook out there, enjoy thousands of applications and still have 8+ hours of work?

The only possible reasons I would see is non-intel processors support and super small screen support (screen so small that standard desktop menus get really weird in size) ... but let's be honest, can you really do any work on anything smaller than 9'' screen (and call it netbook and not smart phone)?

Linksys router ripe for remote takeover


default password

it's very said that CISCO uses default password. I was always puzzled why they don't create unique password for each router and put a sticker on the bottom of each router as some other home routers do (this applies to both admin password as well as WAP password)

when I was using linksys routers (before I moved to Check Point AV Firewall) I was using TOMATO firmware http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato_125

Microsoft breaks Windows 7 three-apps netbook handicap


to @Manny

"Netbooks do not have an optical drive - why expect the operating system to have DVD player support?"

ahhhh, maybe 6 months down the road you will get DVD player, then what? You will have to pay extra $50 to get DVD player software?

"Netbooks do not have TV tuners built-in, so what's the point of media centre?"

ahhhh you can plug most of the netbooks to your TV and use it as a cheap video/music streamer

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why do we have like 2,000 versions of windows 7?


2. BUSINESS (same as home plus bitlocker, XP-mode and 64bit option during installation)

how hard is that?

Google Wave - interwebs idealism in real-time



Lars, you might be really smart, but you have some serious ego issues and really bad sense of humor. I would love to see your 360-review.

Palm Pré plays nicely with iTunes



"not to mention all those bit-torrented tunes imported into Apple's media player"

Did you really have to mention this?

Lost laptop exposes thousands of pension records



well MS Access is Database. You might have strong objections against MS Access (I do as well), but it is still a relational database

if it was MS Access 2007, then it could be encrypted using decent ACCDE format (please note word decent, I did not use word good).


to @Aitor

"In spain, it is explicitly unlawful to use confidential data in test, development, etc. And it also a nobrainer"

sorry, but that's pretty silly law

we use in special cases live production data for QA, it is in very controlled environment (special QA environment for live data) and has full production policies and controls. Sometimes it is almost impossible to use dummy or obfuscated data if you want to do really good overall QA and/or there is data backfill being done.

it's not about not using live data in development, it's how it's controlled. Clearly they did not have good policy in place.

Non-beta Google betas may lose beta tags


not sure

I think GOOGLE's intention was to be cool "we are always in beta because of quick releases" ... not sure, but it's silly in general

Google Oz coders crossbreed email with IM

Paris Hilton

what is this for?

I'm probably a bit slow, but what is this for?

a. kill facebook

b. kill twitter

c. kill exchange

d. kill sharepoint

e. kill GitHub

f. kill them all

Google toys with plug-in free YouTube

Jobs Halo

to @Rod

just to add what you mean by "other people".... APPLE are "other people". Who would expect move like this from loving caring friendly Apple, right?

Chrome feels the need - the need for speed



I get 83.7 in IE8 and 208 in FF3 .... but still who cares? Both IE8 and FF3 are very fast on my laptop and I really don't see that much difference. It all boils down to features and FF wins (at least for me).

Paris loses her BlackBerry in Cannes hotel


come on

if there is one thing BB does the best, then it's security of the devices .... i guess she is that dumb and did not use complex password, encryption and remote auto-erase ....

Worldwide GPS may die in 2010, say US gov



does this mean that crackheads won't be stealing GPS from my car anymore?

Google makes breaking up with Hotmail, Yahoo! easy to do


dam ...

I'm old school Yahoo Mail user since 1999, but I have to say Google is pushing pretty hard and might win me pretty soon...

Creating portals with Office Sharepoint


kinda agree...

we use heavily sharepoint and although I kinda do like it as a user, it is painful for admins to manage it. I agree with @Sharepain comment about network share ... this is really really weak in Sharepoint. I wish they would go more true web route and offer something like google docs. Sharepoint Wiki is still pretty painful.

At the same time, there are not that many easy to use corporate out-of-the-box solutions which cover what sharepoint does. Not saying that sharpoint is the best....

"Its not easy to find resources in Sharepoint because the data you're looking for is almost always obscured by being hidden inside a document so the search never finds what you're really looking for."

this is not true, you can search content of the files as well

Google suffers international outages, slowdowns


yup ...

I had issue wiht main google.com page for about an hour in the morning. Kinda hard to believe that main portal would go down like this.

Google inks biggest ever apps deal


to Trygve

well majority of companies with 45,000+ are running their own email servers, I work for large bank, show me one single bank who let's anybody manage their email servers ....


well ...

I guess the only thing I can say is good luck and sleep well knowing that all your data are in Google's Hands

yes it's more work to keeep MS Exchange + MS Sharepoint Up and running, but you gain a lot more ... especially when you develop for 45,000 employees

Iron-pumping Microsoft SQL Server due this summer



"Oracle RAC/Exadata - Rac not suited to DW implementations hence Exadata now on the scene"

we have 6 nodes RAC 10.2 with 100TB data.... works pretty dam good as DW (yes Exadata is better because of SQL aware Kernel, but still RAC in general is very good for DW)

problem with Oracle is that they aquired so many BI platforms that they cannot get a good grip around it. I wish Oracle OLAP would work at least half as good as ESSBASE


interesting ...

Microsoft is doing interesting moves in BI world ... I really like how they try to integrate Excel and Sharepoint services.

I love Oracle Database, but to be honest I really don't think they have unified approach across their products (it's been 3 years since they aquired Hyperion and so far except few logos I haven't see any strong hyperion (essbase, intelligence, ...) integration with oracle database nor Oracle OLAP.

Apple releases OS X 10.5.7 update


to Geoffrey

IE is part of OS (bad thing, but it is - this should be resolved in WIN7) thus the update, SAFARI is not installed on my PC and I don't want it yet I'm being asked to install it every time

if you did not steal MS OS, then you should not worry about WGA, what does that have to do with anything?

WMP is optional update and at least on my PC was not checked by default when new version was out

Paris Hilton

to Kevin Bailey

"like Windows users who can't comprehend that an Ubuntu machine gets updates for every single installed program from the same place"

Windows gets updates from the same place and actually works better than Apple Update ...

btw MS Update Manager does not offer to install crap I don't want like Apple does (I have iTunes and Apple Update Manager offers to install SAFARI every single time there is iTunes Patch, I have to uncheck it every single time).



Here is Apple and Microsoft comparison.... as you can see even Apple tells you that there are situations when you need it (the problem is that you have to pay for it).



Zune phone specs spied


well ...

some of you might disagree, but I think Zune MP3 players were much better than iPods. I'm not saying better looking but better features. The desktop app was really nice and I cannot believe it was coming from MS hands. Their monthly subscription service is way more interesting than Apple iTunes model. I personally like more then menus on Zune.

Robin, as a developer.... do you really think iPhone is the best development platform? Really?

Netbook demand dropped 26% in Q1


price ...

I was one of those who wanted to get netbook but didn't.... I got much faster Gateway dual-core 13'' screen, 255GB HDD and 3GB ram,. DVD burner for $499 ... I'm still big fan of netbooks, but I think laptop market is catching up and offers pretty interesting prices

it would be interesting to see laptop/netbook graph for at least 1 year to supress seasonality, as both Richard and Torben pointed out, Q1 is very higly seasonal. I also think some users are waiting for Win7 which is coming in Q3/Q4

Oracle buys Virtual Iron


well ...

all big software companies had and some of them still have lot of cash on balance sheet ... now is THE best time to snap and buy cheap

Microsoft to spin out more non-update Windows 7 updates


to Trevor

totally agree, I wish we could vote on posts and less popular votes would turn gray or small size font ... or even better the guy would get electric shock from his keyboard

Oracle 'faster, cheaper' with VMware



I don't really get how you can replace RAC with VMWARE ....

1. if I have a query in data warehouse and fire it with PARALLEL (4,4) - 4 slaves on 4 nodes Oracle really spits the execution into several nodes and slaes, how can you do this in VMWARE?

2. there is alot going in the interconnect communication, you cannot just start 4 instances and connect them to the same datafiles (unless it's readonly transportable tablespace).

can anyobdy comment on this?

Researchers release Win 7 rootkit exploit code


to Roger

if I understand it correctly, LOCAL vs REMOTE is not where itexecutes how how it initiates. Rootkit virus which does not need any hard drive footprint is dam scary thing

Google buffs Chrome with security update


to @David

there should be "like it" vote on Register... I would click on your comment for sure, pretty funny


New Kindle: Wider, but still no broadsheet


to Edward Kenworthy

really nice summary, I cannot agree more (I don't own kindle but had a chance to play with it a lot).

One big issue people don't talk about is the fact that you can re-sell books - for example book for $20 you can resell for $10 when you are done reading. you can even buy a book on one airport and return it on the other. This just means that comments about much cheaper Kindle version is not 100% accurate ...

I was thinking about this and got crazy idea, I really think Amazon could do the same. Why they cannot let you sell it back to Amazon for let's say $5 and delete it from Kindle?



"Also, Amazon's shopping experience is pretty painful."

I live in California and the the shopping experience has been the best I've ever seen so far... I got maybe 50 things on amazon over 4 years and I was always happy. Their costumer rating system works great and I use it all the time.

Google confirms FTC probe over Apple ties



Google's Code of Conduct says dont be evil ... yeah right maybe 8 years ago


Lame Mac 'email worm' limps into view



Tony, 200% agree. The best part is that Apple products are one of the buggiest products. Just two examples to illustrate....

1. yesterday's post on Register about Web Browsers shows that the web browser plug-in with most issues was/is QuickTime

2. There was Pwn2Own web browsers competition few months ago, Safari went down first and actually 2x for two different bugs

Safari, Opera browsers patch-shy, says study

Jobs Horns

Apple Update

The Author forgot to mention special Apple Feature in their auto-update.... I do not have Apple Safari installed, yet every time I update iTunes, I'm being asked to install Safari.

US prosecutor orders Craigslist 'erotic listings' shutdown



it's really crazy what is still illegal in US in 21st century ....

I recommend this book (not the best I've seen but pretty good) Eric Schlosser: Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market