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Lenovo stands up rinky-dinky new Yoga tablet

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Re: they really have nothing

Well played, professor! Well Played indeed!

Project Loon won't blind radio telescopes

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To Richard Chirgwin, for working in the link to the Smithsonian article. I just spent a very fruitful 25 mins on the intertubes.

Five... friendly, free Android apps

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@ Richard Lloyd

App 2 SD does not offer a choice when clearing the cache. It just sweeps away the entire cache. App Cache Cleaner actually provides a list of apps using the cache and you can pick and choose which apps' cache should be cleared. Slightly better functionality, in my opinion.

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Llama +2

I discovered Llama when I was looking for a Profile Manager to replicate the profiles I had on my Nokia E61i. Turned out to be quite a successful discovery, at least for me. I use Llama for managing my Bluetooth and WiFi when I am at home and office. Works like a charm.

Of course, it struggles when I am in a different city and it is daytime. But it could just be that I am a lousy teacher.

Smart TV shootout

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for your inputs on Serviio. Installed it on the Home PC yesterday (Windows XP) and my LG TV found it in a jiffy. Everything running smoothly now.

Nokia pitches cheapest voicephones yet

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Re: Nokia Dual-SIM?

Nokia, Samsung and other major manufacturers have several dual SIM models available in India. As for no-name chinese ones, the models available here go upto 4 (four) SIMs. You probably have been shopping in the wrong markets.

Ubuntu 'Natty Narwhal' breaks the surface

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Rajah of Dungarpur - This is today's title

HOWTO Reinstall all of your current packages if you do a fresh Ubuntu install


Please also ensure the point made by pepemosca in post #13 on Page 2:



I might add that you need to check on the bottom: "Save full state, not only changes"


Computer glitch opens un-staffed supermarket to happy Kiwis

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Nawab of Travancore - This is today's title

Well played, Sir. Well played!

End of the line for mechanical typewriters

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Nawab of Travancore - This is today's title

For non-fillable PDFs there are several free solutions available (NitroPDF is one example) that allow you to add text boxes to any PDF. You can even save the PDF with your data in it.

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Grand Vazir of Pune - This is today's title

And then there's the biggest Indian conglomerate of Reliance - unfortunately split into two conglomerates by the brothers. They too make nearly everything, except cars and other vehicles.

Lasers set to replace spark plugs in car engines

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And over here in India ...

The situation is similar to continentatl Europe in that diesel is markedly cheaper than petrol. At one point in the past, diesel was priced at 50% of petrol.

Milk is cheaper than petrol, but not as much compared to diesel.

Energy crisis over - for 250 years?

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Maharajah of Vijaywada - This is today's title

In India we already run a lot of our cars and buses on LPG / CNG. The infrastructure for that is available, at least in our cities. Makes for much cleaner air as compared to petrol / diesel engines. And much cheaper than petrol.

Oh! And you don't have to modify the engine to make it run on LPG / CNG.

Twitter off-limits for cricketers

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

"passing handfuls of used notes to match-fixers"

I always thought a white envelope handed over in the parking lot was the standard procedure?

Famous 'Silhouette' Flash illusion unravelled

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Preferably both

and at the same time too!

Laptops heat up your balls

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Simples, really

Less laptops, very little spread of the internet, thus less time spent cooking your spuds.

Oh yes, that also means more time spent doing the right things!

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Best suited for India

This is precisely what India needs. More laptops!

Got to get that 1 billion under control. Less babies. Yes!

Sorry. Time for my medication, I think.

ITU congress: where Kabbadi meets telecoms

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Just offering a thought that Kabbaddi is actually quite popular in India as well. Calling it a Pakistani sport would be bracketing it too narrowly.

On the other hand, the image of middle-aged men playing kabbaddi made me run for my mind-bleach.

I, for one, welcome our kabbaddi playing, chairman hailing, ITU permanent representative overlords.

Bollywood 'recruits DDoS hired guns to fight movie pirates'

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Specific Audience?

Yes, very specific target audience, size of one billion only.

I, for one, welcome our Bollywood watching, industry and country judging overlords.

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'Tis not enough

to gargle at the fountain of entertainment, one must drink deeply. That would cause one to lose all objectivity and start enjoying the happenings on screen.

Dell Streak causes user fury

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Ehh? Boil an egg?

You actually boil an egg? I buy mine that way.

Next you would be asking if we can make an omelet?

E-voting critic released on bail (finally)

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14 hrs drive?

He could take the bus, or even the train.

India has aeroplanes too, just in case you hadn't noticed.

Sumo scandal gets iPad relief

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Inspired stuff

That line really made my Friday morning.

PARIS in hot glue gun action

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to read this with a wooden face!

Reg reader applauds World's Crappiest phish

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I, for one,

welcome our emergency shortlited varified problem stupidiously retrieving overlords!

Wireless wee detectors hit Aussie grundies

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Well Played, Sir!

Well played.

BOFH: Forgive and forget

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I like it...

When stuff is turned up to 11.

Pity about the smoke though.

Spies caught plundering secret Indian docs

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Indian civil servants are not savvy enough to leave USB keys / laptops on trains. Hence all this effort to infiltrate networks.

I, for one, welcome our Network Infiltrating, espionaging, shadowy overlords.

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles Part The Third

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Welcome Back,


Associated Newspapers, GMG to pool newsrooms

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Good Work. I especially liked the computer generated proofs!

As TeeCee said, be careful what you joke about.

I, for one, welcome our common editorial producing, "new authoritarian", copy tailoring software overlords.

Enjoying El Reg's view on 1st April.

LHC particle-punisher in record 7 TeV hypercollisions

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Top Stuff, Sir!

"Tinfoilclad doom prophets around the world - fearing some kind of planet-imploding black hole mishap, planetary soupening or custardisation event etc - no doubt found it a trouser-moistening moment"

All of this goodness, packed into a single sentence.

Give this man a beer, or two!

Brum DJ canned for cutting short Her Maj

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Re: Sitting on dry ice until you get frostbite is ...

I think the word you are looking for is numb-arse!

Iraqi insurgents hack US drones with $26 software

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@Steve Hive - Typical

"...that you can crack on an abacus"

You Sir, owe me a new abacus!

A Deadlock Holiday

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Toilets? In India?

Imagine the same scenario at some highway stop in India.

You ask for directions to the toilet and the desk (?) points you to the wide open fields behind. What do you lock? How do you protect?

Paramagnetic nanodot smartstuff offers 1TB micro-SD cards

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I, for one...

Welcome our electron-wielding, super-hot car driving nano-memory overlords.

Average Brit shags 2.8m people

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Which survey is right?

The current one? Or the one mentioned last month:

73% of Brits too shagged for a shag (10 August 2009)


What this means that only 27% of Brits are shagging each other and that amounts to 2.8m? Serious chances of in-breeding there.

Custard Creams can kill: Official

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@ Sarah Bee

In India, Bourbon is a chocolate cream biscuit marketed by Britannia. Ties in very nicely with this article.

OTOH, I do agree with Phil Underwood. Never too early to start on the real bourbon.

Japan gets battery swapping electric taxis

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A title is required

"We need to find a better transportation energy platform...one that does not depend on magic liquids bubbling up from the bottom of our oceans and spews the carbon so neatly stored in the ground back into the atmosphere."

Thus, we conclude that we now have a magical way of obtaining electricity for charging those swapped out batteries that does not depend on magical carbon storing liquids or solids. Or without even inundating vast tracts of land under water.

Certainly, this would clean up the air in the cities. But I disagree with the founder's sentiment there.


Bill Gates: Tough US immigration stance a 'huge mistake'

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What could possibly go wrong?

India's national ID database running on Windows servers?

Nothing could possibly go wrong there!

This page has been left intentionally blank

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Outsourcing, anyone?

Any chance of this getting outsourced, then?

Like, I mean, to India or China? Very little duff man juice over here.

BOFH: Hammer time!

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Windows ME!

For the love of all that is holy!

Please nuke the site from orbit. That's the only way to be sure.

Pub time already.

India plots 1.2bn user biometric ID cards project

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Bureaucratic Black Hole

Like that! That is so true.

The number of people without any valid identification in India is truly astonishing.

No birth certificate. No schooling, thus no records. No recollection of date of birth, or even of place of birth.

Plus, the issue of having identical names - how do you tell one Babulal from another?

@Scott Broukell:

Sadly, inflation has caught up with this part of the world as well. A handful of rupees no longer provides any relief.

@Mike Richards:

From what I read on this site about your former Home Secretary, we might end up sending her to our neighbouring country. Much better for everybody.

I, for one, welcome our bureaucratic, ID card bearing overlords.

iPod fingered in car inferno

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Had always heard ...

the Apple fanbois say that the iPod is hot!

But I had no idea it was this hot.

Don't need my coat. 'Tis warm enough in India - and raining.

Russian's Bulgarian airbags burst mid-flight

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Pictures or ...

Errr, in this case, considering she's 45, I think we should pass.

Rebrand ahoy for tainted Satyam

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Satyam == Truth

In Sanskrit.

But the logo does not seem to match any ancient symbols for truth.

Indian politico's webmail hacked to punt lost-wallet scam

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Re:crap by AC 13th June 2009 09:13 GMT

And how is this different than Sarah Palin or Jack Straw having their accounts compromised? Wouldn't that mean that Americans and British people are also not very secure?

I would think that this makes a point about the kind of people we get as politicians all over the world.

German lad hit by 30,000 mph meteorite

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Physics doesn't add up

A pea sized piece of lead, traveling at about the speed of sound, leaves people dead.

And this one, traveling at 30,000 mph, leaves only a nasty gash?

Or did I miss something?

Hindus take divine mace to Sony Playstation

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@Prashant Kerai & @Gopal Patel

Totally agree with you. All the fuss seems to be from way across the seven seas.

Have not heard any protests here in India. In fact, we have ads for the game on kids' channels. And yes, from what I have seen in the ads, the game certainly could do with a lot of improvement. Looks like a game for kids, by kids. Expected much more from Sony.

Jacqui whacks shock jock crock

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AMFM is slipping

I could understand almost the whole of his post.

Or maybe I need to adjust my dosage.

Fans decry tennis gal's breast-slash plan

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I for one ...

welcome our protuberance encumbered overlordesses!

BOFH: Snout, meet trough

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One for the excuse book

Sympathetic Access Recombinant Software.

Has a nice ring to it.