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GPS, swipe cards to monitor Welsh school kids

Kevin Farquharson
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Proportionate use of technology!

I have been following the STAR system from Geptec for some months and believe a system like this can make school bus transport safer, more attractive to use and more efficient. I am sure we all want to see more children taking the bus to school (or train, bike or foot) rather than lots of individual car journeys. More effective planning, management and tracking of services will encourage more children & parents to use the service. If there is an issue with bullying in Wales, then that as a local priority which needs to be addressed and this technology can help.

This is an innovative solution which is easy to deploy and can help reduce congestion, save fuel use and save time. I wish the trial well and hope they start to realise the other benefits for the community.

For other technology in this sector - go to www.scnf.org.uk


PS the system can display a photo of the kid to the driver when they present their card, so swapping cards is not so easy. It can also be their school card, but that's another debate!


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