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Unlucky for some: Sex.com sold for $13m

Dennis O'Connor

Plot twists?

There are surprisingly few plot twists in Debbie Does Dallas. Except that she never actually gets to Dallas...

Apple, Google, world+dog named in mobile patent suit

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Not bad for a company who hasn't had a product since 1999...

Aussie smoko-proofing drug prevents ill effects of cigs

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Now we know what the next set of additives to cigarettes will contain - and I imagine the accompanying advertisements will espouse the health benefits therein.

Intel pitches Atom storage platform

Dennis O'Connor

...except Atom IS an X86 processor

Yep, same instruction set as the big boys, just lower power and performance.

German electropulse energy drill bitchslaps lasers

Dennis O'Connor

Sure it works on metal, but...

The article didn't discuss the efficacy of EMPs slicing through human flesh vs. a traditional laser. Doesn't the EMP require a ferrous metal to truly be effective?

In the meantime, my sharks will continue to be fitted with conventional semi-futuristic armaments. And jet packs.

Hackintosher Psystar to pay Apple $2.7m in settlement

Dennis O'Connor

Out of stock?

Drat. I just went to buy a Psystar system, and they're unfortunately ALL out of stock!

However, Rebel EFI is listed for $0.00 - a bargain at twice the price!

Porsche bites back at e-car proponents

Dennis O'Connor

108 years later, same problems...

Funny, these are the exact same reasons for slow adoption of the electric car cited 108 years ago by Ferdinand Porsche...


Google buffs Chrome with security update

Dennis O'Connor


Not completely silent. This morning the 'Google Chrome is not your default browser..." prompt popped up, which somehow slipped into the security update...

Dell sues Tiger for reselling old boxes as new

Dennis O'Connor

See? No infringement here!

Today on the tigerdirect.com it's now "Dell with 3rd Party Support" instead of "DELL".