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Bank of America demands thumbprint from armless bloke

Stephen Lacy


So the bank broke the law, how are they being punished?

Labour calls for free Wi-Fi on trains

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Nicely put

"following the tradition of parties not in power of calling for impractical, but populist, measures."


NZ woman sacked for SHOUTY EMAILS

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Careful now

I can't believe they didn't warn her before firing.


Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo! to join anti-Googlebook war

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This isn't a monopoly issue

People complain about google monopolizing the web but there is no lock in, their percentage control over the market is solely based on the quality of their products.

There is competition, they just aren't as good.

London to become Europe's e-car capital, says Mayor

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If he sticks to that..

If he sticks to that then it will be an example to the whole world as to how to fight climate change and deal with upcoming oil shortages.

Mozilla to breed prepubescent add-on developers

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But what about performance?

That's all very well, but when are they going to work on the perfomance, its still the most bloated browser.

Intel braces for billion Euro fine

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Stop making irrelevant points

Did Intel break the law? Yes

Is this law an EC specific thing? No

Are AMD in any way responisble for this law being broken? No

Ireland bucks trend with anti-blasphemy law

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My 2 cent

You have to intend to offend in order to break the law. So having another religion could not be proven to be blasphemy.

This is most likely to protect against a denmark (mohammed cartoons) situation especially given that no one wants to piss off iran now that Obama has openned communication than to protect Christianity.

Criminal and libel law are still important in a recession so bringing up the ecomony is pointless.

This law probably won't get through anyway because its likely to be unpopular, unconstitutional and ridiculously difficult to enforce.

Personally I think this law is a bad idea politically, if it could possibly be put in place it wouldn't do any harm but all it will serve to do is make the nation, the government and the politician responsible look ridiculous.

Researchers release Win 7 rootkit exploit code

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I feel better

Its a good thing they released it as an rc beforehand, finding stuff like this gives me confidence in the community of Win 7 testers enough to use it when its released.

Ireland scraps e-voting in favour of 'stupid old pencils'

Stephen Lacy

A bit of Background

To give a bit of background to this:

A Fianna Fail (Political Party pronounced 'Fee'ana Fall') and Progressive Democrats (Political Party) Government buys the evoting machines.

College students point out how easily abused the system is and recommend that paper records be produced by electronic voting machines alongside electronic ones.

Fianna Fail ignores the criticism and during the debate evoting gets a bad name.

Evoting machines are then left to rust, no one notices the government are wasting lots of money as per usual (see Irish Health Service) until Progressive Democrats are voted out in the new election and the Green Party now headed by Gormley takes over.

Luckily with the recesion Fianna Fail are unlikely to survive the next round, unfortunately the greens will probably go down with them as FF are masters of wafting the stink of general incompetance toward the nearest party.

The reason this is generally allowed to happen in the country is because in Ireland the average person spends exessively so this doesn't seem unusual to us, again the recession is hear to save the day as spending is down massively.