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Street View nod prompts call for privacy watchdog reform


It is useful but...

I'm not against StreetView per se. It's a nice little tool and I've used it a few times.

What I would say that is that it wouldn't have hurt Google to have announced that they were going to do it - how much would it cost them to take an ad in the local paper? Good PR is never money wasted.

True, they could argue that if they did that you'd get more Googabisionists staging things for the camera but hey, it's good to laugh :)

Virgin Media sticks with Phorm

Thumb Down

Hello Phorm =

= Goodbye Virgin

If they decide to adopt this (or any other "behavioural ad targeting system") then they're going to get dumped.

Given the strength of feeling against this you do have to wonder what's in it for the ISPs to go along with it - are the backhanders and suchlike worth the lost customer revenue?

Or they may be relying on the majority of their customers being of the kind that think "The Internet is a blue e" and they'll happily sleepwalk into it?

Does make me wonder though if there's another agenda behind this other than just money (and Old Boy Network handshaking) - once they've got profiling in place "for advertisments", what's to stop them (or say, the government) using it for snooping on the public? Not that this is the kind of government that would use serious anti-terror laws to check up on people putting bins out on the wrong day or anythng..... oh wait...


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