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West Antarctic ice loss overestimated by NASA sats


Data suggests loss was slightly overestimated.

but I suppose that dosen't make such a dramatic title or give people a chance to shout that climate change is a bunch of crap and or that humanity rapidly altering the chemisty of our atmosphere has no effect.

@AC 10:25

Perhaps you should metion that it the last 50 years more of the ice shelf has been lost then in the previous 19500 years.

Helpdesk Heroes or unappreciated geeks?



Insert the CD in to PC. They work better that way.



You haven't worked on many CMS based websites have you? Making a comparison between a picture of a car and a dynamic website shows a stunning level of ignorance.

What type of snapshot of a page are you going to get when there's no database to tell it were to get its images from or were its style sheet to tell it what to look like or where to gets its contents from?

Try saving this page and then browse it locally and see what you get.

If you had at least made the suggestion that a stand alone server could have been setup on a live CD to demo the website instead of a snarky comment, I would have though of you being less clueless.

Most expensive RAF aircraft ever takes to the skies

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Nice and balanced

Not anti-british military, anti-MoD which is always a worthy cause.

For the cost of one of these giant flying white elephants the RAF could double its Chinook fleet, which is a hell of lot more useful than AEW platform in the desert. Hell MoD can't even supply the right camo for Helmand and its spunking money on something that probably won't work right anyway .


P8 is based on new 737-800 airframes which is 10 year old design, the nimrod has 40 year old airframe based on a design from the 1940s

E-cars are a dangerous myth, says top boffin


More Pike's past

Lets see Dr Pike has a 25 year carear at BP, followed by a few years at Gaffney, Cline and Associates (energy consulting outfit) where he worked as a consultant for petrochemicals and power production firms.

Also according to Dr Pike we will never run out of oil, he dosen't like most biofuels or teaching about climate change and global warming in schools.

So this completey unbiased source says electric cars are bad, well I'm convinced.


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