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Ex-sperm-inate! Sam the sex-droid 'heavily soiled' in randy nerd rampage


"Humanity is doomed."

There's a 68.71 percent chance you're right.

End of line.

Cortana expelled from Windows 10's new school editions


Can I "upgrade" my own windows 10 to "Education"?

I don't use those features anyhow (have them disabled as much as I can). I would love to put them completely in the bin.

*pokes Microsoft*

Hook a guy up!

Verizon peeps gobbled by Frontier enter week two of crap internet


Re: Guess I'm a lucky one

I'm just north of Dallas (Lewisville) and the only issue I've had with my FiOS is the Verizon.net account. It lost track of my account number and then I couldn't access anything except email. That went on for 9 months while 7 different departments couldn't find their brain with either hand. Then I re-upped my service (the service never had issues) and they blanked my on-line presence allowing me to re-attach my account to my username and BOOM! Everything worked. That was a month ago... so now I'm a "new customer" and apparently I have no issues since I'm a later in the month billed customer. Seems most of the people on the news (and at work that have had issues) are first of the month billed users. I also only have internet service and use my own router connected directly to the ONT. I even have a UPS on the ONT's battery backup just so I can keep my internet up. When the ONT's battery backup is in use, it drops all service except voice, so since I don't use that service, UPS on the UPS so the UPS won't shut off for at least 2 hours (actually tested due to a power outage that lasted about 6 hours) and preserve my Internets so I won't use mobile data for that time. My UPS that my router is on will stay up for 3+ hours if I shutdown my main beast that's also on it.

So meh. "I dunno what all the hubbub is about."

Mine's the coat in a coat from the Department of Redundancy Department with the USB battery booster connected to a USB battery booster in the pocket.

Ground control to Major Tim! Brit's spacewalk halted after NASA 'naut takes unexpected leak



We're gonna need another Timmy!


WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg



These articlessss aren't even worth a ssssniff, much lessss a byte.

WIN a RockBLOCK Mk2 Iridium sat comms unit



Nicely Integrated Controls Kicking Experimental Radio Signals

Winamp is still a thing? NOPE: It'll be silenced forever in December



Winamp is the only media player that will sort the playlist by path AND filename that's I've used thus far. (Will check out foobar2000.) All other media players want to sort by metadata instead and have no way to sort really old stuff that is simply a file (comes up "unknown" in the list and won't use the filename). Sorting my stuff with those shows about 30-50 unknowns. I'll stick with Winamp in Windows and Audacious in Linux. I may switch to Audacious all around if it's stable enough.

Makerbot vows to plonk a 3D printer in every one of Uncle Sam's schools


And my experience with Macs in school drove me to IBM PCs

Yeah, it'll work for turning the kids to them IFF (if and only if) they work without issues. All the Macs in the schools I attended had no end of issues and would crash at the drop of a hat if things were not done in JUST the right order. They did have Lunatic Fringe in AfterDark that wasn't available on the PC version that was full of awesomesauce, but other than that, rather a turn off working on that crap at school.

500 MEELLION PCs still run Windows XP. How did we get here?


Windowns 98 still living large

All this noise about XP and we're still using Windows 98 on 3 systems at work because of the attached test equipment and the software to run it will not work on anything newer. Why are the XP machines not being upgraded? Same story. Systems without this hangup have either been replaced or are slowly being upgraded to Windows 7.

And then there's this OS9 system (nothing related to Apple and everything related to Microware) that's almost 20 years old now and still running. Upgrade stuff? Someone want to provide 200K to 3 MEELLion to upgrade the equipment to be able to use the newer OS, sure, but until then...

No touchy, no touchy!

FTC slaps TRENDnet with 20 years' probation over webcam spying flaw


TRENDnet skimping on product?

Tell me it ain't so!

oh wait... I have yet to find any TRENDnet product that isn't corner cut to almost being nonfunctional. I avoid them almost as much as I avoid plagues.

Nasty BOFHses. It burns us! It burns...


That's the STUFF!

/coat - mine's the life vest

Look, can we just forget about Snowden for sec... US-China cyber talks held


but when I check the fail2ban logs of my server...

all I see is Korean and Chinese IP addresses. Very rarely will I see a European address (3 so far IIRC). And even more rare is a US address (only 1).

Just stating facts. I am located in the US and using a .us address which may attract more foreign fire as it were. Thankfully, no actual break-in has been noted to date, though there's really nothing worth breaking into that system for. It's just a picture dump for sharing stuff with friends/family. In fact, it gets so little traffic now days, that a RasPi is more than enough to handle all the traffic.

Apple granted patent for ebook page-turning


think of the children!

mobile device... oh... that gameboy (enter favorite portable video game player) back in the day had games that mimicked this as well.

total rubbish.

Techie accused of snooping wife's email cleared of wrongdoing


This whole fiasco is a...


Pretty well screwed from every angle except one... there was apparently no marital relations actually happening.

FunnyJunk lawyer doubles down on Oatmeal Operation Bear Love


... and world+dog just shake their head

then laugh at both parties for the humor (Oatmeal) and the lack there of (FunnyJunk).

FCC: Let's kill analogue early, fob diehards off with converter boxes


You still have analog TVs?

oh... right. Those are the ones used with the old game systems that need a curved tube for the light gun (and that slow 24/30Hz refresh rate).

The Atari 7800 is on the big flat panel in the main room.

/coat Mine's the one with the Nintendo Light Zapper in the pocket.

'Zombie bullets' fly off US shelves after wave of undead attacks


Re: Sod this for a lark

problem with that is you will eventually be surrounded... then what?

Tablets are the future of the PC, says researcher


Of course tablets are the way of the future

you see it on every episode of Star Trek.

Google Drive stalls on LAUNCH DAY


As a computer user...

I'll continue to use a thumb drive and external hard drives.

What's this? Sharing files with people around the world?

FTP or upload to my own web server. meh. Old school... just gets it done.

Anonymous crashes Formula One site over Bahrain protests


oh... it's only formula one

and not one care was given

Nokia's older mobes infringe IPCom patent – court


blood from a rock?

Nokia's about dead already. How will they get any money out of them anyhow?

Techie stages 'strip down' protest at TSA 'harassment'


Think of the children!

shoulda just left the shorts on... then the cops wouldn't be so inclined to grasp at my title here.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?


all this and no mention of...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

ok... I guess bad taste does not a bad movie make.

I'll nom...

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004)


Disaster Movie (2008)


just because they look horrid by the cover and the editing is probably about as bad.

and of course... anything on IMDB's bottom 100 is fair game


Microsoft 'yanked optical drive from Xbox 720'


Re: @ Haku, Re Cars

no old bangers? define old.

I'll say 15+ years would be old for a car.

my "new car" is a 93. My old one is an 82. lots of old bangers driving round these parts.

AMD uncloaks (more) next-generation graphics cards


But can it fold?

mine's the one with the nVidia shopping list in the pocket.

Crap mobile networks shamed by Carrier IQ API

Big Brother

typical big business

we want all the info... users be damned.

though, I wouldn't mind having a peek at that info now. cell site loading would be the main one I'd be interested in seeing.

Molesworth and the New Latin

Paris Hilton

Re: As bad as ICHC

more like around 2 paragraphs... after that the ADHD kicks in and I'm ...


/Paris for the distractions of course

Ford intros tech'd-up B-Max mini-MPV


It's a Mazda 5...

with the B pillar moved from body to door.

Still has useless visors.

TRENDnet home security camera flaw exposes thousands


TRENDnet has problem with kit

slow news day? None of their stuff works right, or can be broken by the slightest sneeze. When you're using bottom rung kit, don't expect it to be really capable.

I gave up on TRENDnet when I went through 3 KVMs inside one week. I went from a hard switch that I've had since before TRENDnet was even around to a soft switch. Worked like a champ. Then bought a softswitch with TRENDnet's name on it to get extra systems connected up. well, the old Tandy 1000 PS/2 keyboard port was just too much for the TRENDnet switch as the switch went into insane rapid fire mode after that. 2 more switches later and I think I had it figured out. TRENDnet uses absolutely no margin for error in any kit connected to theirs. I have a theory that the old PS/2 port on the Tandy puts out a little more voltage than spec. I've never had any issues with any keyboards connected to it, so it's not enough to right home about, but TRENDnet's kit couldn't handle it. I have not tested this theory since everything else has worked like a champ since I binned the TRENDnet kit. I chalk it up to a company that has set themselves up as low price with lower cost (read: cheap) parts and are not worth my time and frustration. TRENDnet is an industry example of FAIL. They might do well to know about that electrical component called a resistor.

Google goggles with Terminator HUD 'coming soon'


Adblock Plus for Google Goggles?

Billboards? I don't see any billboards... just open sky! I now enjoy my scenic drive to work. no buildings, no billboards, just blue sky and roadway (granted, the ton of cars are still an annoyance, but we're still working on that issue).

The Pirate Bay torrents printable 3D objects


best use of 3d printing

replacing those small plastic car parts that are made of unobtanium... molding clips, short-run blinkers, old school tail lights, knobs, etc.

Ten... boomboxes



now they make boom boxes. Stereo 8 inch woofers... that will BOOM from that box.

Windows 8 hardware rules 'derail user-friendly Linux'


Meh... this is why I build my own kit

granted... the non-portable kit for the most part. Though when I do buy pre-built portable kit, I make sure it's been out for a while already, price has stabilized, I find a sale (hopefully), and it conforms to my current needs and potential future wants (which include the ability to do my bidding after the warranty is up... whether that's just me being able to fix it endlessly or install a different OS or really getting down and dirty and modifying the hardware to accept additional kit). Typically, it's not that hard to find something that fits my criteria. I have yet to buy an OEM system other than a laptop. I've always built my own desktops/towers/servers/etc. This always gives me the best options for price points and typically ends up being about the same price as an OEM system with much better upgradability since I don't have to deal with using OEM kit should something take a dump.

The Register to publish other sites' blacked-out content in SOPA protest


Don't forget about the small guys

xkcd is also blacked out. http://www.xkcd.com/

Toyota teases next-gen Prius styling

Thumb Down

The FCV-R looks like a pissed off fish

wide mouth (grill) and gills (air dam vents below the headlights) with almost closed eyes typical of most angry squints.

It amuses me how some designers think styling cues from low slung sports cars will actually translate well to a bubble car. If that front fascia was half as tall, it might look decent. Right now, it just looks to me like a large mouth bass from some fishing show.

Volkswagen catches electric Beetle


Put the engine from that monster Porsche in the back...

(fitting appropriate cooling vents) and that would be an awesome car.

as is... meh.

Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’


A learning experience...

next time, there will be a bigger berm to contain the wayward projectile (not to mention that the spray of dirt would make for good footage).

Naked vegans target Prince Harry over meaty 12-incher


The steak was great! I opted for the soup.


Wife tried vegitaian once...

she about passed out on the 4th day due to anemia. She requires red meat. she can't even do the poultry or pork foods. And since my body is allergic to lettuce/cabbage/etc, I can't eat salads at all (well... pasta salad is fine *grin*). So all of these "oh so nutritious" foods that vegans like to rant and rave about for the most part include some form of some plant that my intestines like to explode over.

Beef... it's what's for dinner.

tl:dr - everyone has a different requirement for nutrition... some people require the amino acids from animal based foods, some people do not. but when you try to force your views on someone else... you get the big F-OFF. PETA can F-OFF... I'm going to the Saskatoon Steak House.

Don't know about that place? Check out the billboard...


SCC11: Meet Team Texas


The racks definitely won't...


/coat It's the one with WD-40 in the pocket.

Mobile scaremongers want warning stickers on EVERYTHING



wise? really? MobileFUD more like.

Why GNOME refugees love Xfce


all this banter about GUI

CLI FTW. Headless server with SSH for control. have a nice day.

you can't get any lighter than command line.

/coat mines the one with the embedded web server in the pocket.

BBC iPlayer to require TV licence


proud to be a merkin

wow... having to pay a yearly fee just to watch broadcast TV. I knew the Brits had to pay to use damn near everything... but TV? That's harsh. I'd rather have the crap ton of commercials we have than have to pony up more money just to watch the morning news. The advantage with having commercials is you get a choice... you can mute... you can watch... you can actually buy into the advert if you want... but there's a choice there. Sounds like the UK has no choice to begin with other than TV or no TV.

Two iPads put a hole through man's wallet stomach


Ben Heck... bindun


Jaguar recalls over 17,600 X-types in the UK


Cause it's a Jaaaaaaag

wow... an automaker that fixes something as soon as they discover it instead of making the consumer find it.

I almost feel refreshed.

now if Jags didn't cost so much (some of the lower models don't... but the desirable ones do)

/coat Mine's the one with the service manual on CD in the inside pocket for my old beater

El Reg in email address blunder



so that's where all this new spam is coming from today.

Mine's the one with the can opener in the pocket.

Hands on with the Motorola Razr


no removable battery

if the hardware locks up... you can't reboot it without a reset button (serious lock where even holding the power button won't turn it off). I've managed that a couple times with my own android phone. Trying out apps and running games... sometimes the thing hard locks. I have to take the battery out to reboot the silly thing. Without this option, power users, some devs, root types, will probably pass it up since waiting for the battery to totally drain out will be majorly annoying. Plus... what if the consumer is like me and likes to keep kit for 3-4 years. the battery will probably crater in 2 if not sooner... and even then, a two year contract means you're stuck for 2 years unless you pay extra for "upgrades" and getting a replacement battery for phones with removable batteries is easy and pretty cheap. Takes 5 seconds to swap out with fat fingers that all work like thumbs and gives the phone new life.

I'll stick with the one I've got.

AMD 'unleashes' unlocked FX processor family


not exactly clearing the way

as the name would imply.

TomTom ties up traffic with Top Gear


Portal game voice... GLaDOS

actually available already for several brands. I prefer my robots to sound like robots. no fleshy voices thanks.

/coat Mine's the one with the turret eye in the pocket.