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If I pedal faster and feed it spinach, my robot barman might pull more pints

Alex Wilson

Re: Step away from the spinach

I rediscovered the joys of 6X in the dank depths of a Birmingham Goth Club a couple of years ago, wonderful beer (that I thought had disappeared in the 80's at some point!)... Great to see the homebrew crowd making beer with flavour instead of insipid lagers these days!

When a robo-barman offers the same sympathetic head nodding and budget therapy my regular bar jockeys provide I'll pay attention.

Sun welcomes vampire dating website company: Arrgh! No! It burns! It buuurrrrnsss!

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Re: This was a customer, not an interview...

I'm an old goth... believe me...we are EVERYWHERE.

From Soviet to science fiction icon, the weird life of Isaac Asimov 100 years on

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My dad read me Aldiss, Asimov, Blish, Norton and many others as a small child, so when I learned to read for myself I voraciously devoured all the scifi I could get my grubby little hands on... as a 10 year old I read everything EE Doc Smith wrote and begged borrowed (and even stole!) to complete my collection.

I'm a fast reader so I've always struggled to find enough to read, even now I still read up to a book a day (thank god for ebooks!).

I mostly swing between Fantasy/urban fantasy and military scifi these days but still sample freely across the whole spectrum of modern scifi, I rarely re-read or re-watch anything... there's always something newer and shinier in scifi!

But its Asimov and Clarke that really formed my tastes and I'm eternally grateful to them for the things they taught me, the sense of wonder, wanting to know everything...

'Evolution of the PC ecosystem'? Microsoft's 'modern' OS reminds us of the Windows RT days

Alex Wilson

"Your Phone" improvements?

I can't even get "your phone" to work through a VPN and they want to add "features"?

Can't view memes on London-Southampton train? It's the worst line for mobile coverage

Alex Wilson

I'm in Ryde right now... and yes that's our crappy train! Oddly, we have the most on time trains in the country and the fewest train cancellations!

So its not all bad...

O Christmas wreath, O Christmas wreath, thy potent skunk's in bunches

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Re: Our hallway...

Buy em a carbon filter....everybody wins! :)

The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY

Alex Wilson

Incidentally, the best degreaser with a full english is a pint of good ale... a tea or coffee is lovely, but just doesn't cut through the grease like a beer...

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Re: Proper Full English

I was with you right up until 'tinned tomatoes' and brown sauce... fried tomatoes are vile, but tinned? Surely an abomination?

A mans choice of condiments is between you and whatever deity floats your boat (brown sauce is nasty though)...

Please do not scare the pigeons – they'll crash the network

Alex Wilson

Once dealt with a broadband install where the cable ran past a pigpen, broadband dropped offline every day between 9am and 7pm and nobody could figure out why... turned out a dodgy sodium lamp ballast in the pigpen was screwing with the signal every time the lights came on...

Amazon slashes mobe prices to get more eyes on lockscreen ads

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Re: What's the true cost of a Moto G on this

Sign up for a months trial, order phone and anything else you need. Root phone and change rom or just block adds. Cancel trial... Job done.

Forget about Brexit – let's talk Orbits, Digits, Robots

Alex Wilson

Ok I'll bite....what DOES the internet of things have to do with the IOW ferry?

(Curious because I live there...)

Did Spotify hire Alan Partridge to run its Netflix-style video push?

Alex Wilson

Newsnight Cagefight... for once we forego the verbal sparring and just get down to business....

I'd pay good money to see Ann Widicombe in a headlock.... maybe Hunt getting kicked in the....

Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive

Alex Wilson

And they came down from the trees for these?

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year

Alex Wilson

Pretty sure people are misreading this 'free for the first year' thing. All they mean is you wont get a free upgrade after the first year.

The subscription model applies to features like Onedrive and Office 365 etc that aren't part of the OS but they'd like us to treat them as if they were...


Other Cloud storage systems and Office products ARE available!

Have to say that from the information available (so far!) I'm looking forward to it.


Alex Wilson

minor issue...

Doesn't support 64bit windows 8.1.... great start :)

FCC boss: I get knocked down, but I get up again. You're never gonna keep net neutrality down

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Re: I remember that Yes song

It wasn't a YES reference (thank the gods!), it was Chumbawamba :D


Facebook gets a 'trending topics' box (just what its cluttered pages need)

Alex Wilson

I've been using FB Purity to turn all this crap off for years!

Facebook is surprisingly useful once you turn all the crap off...

The guy who develops the addon is pretty good, regular updates and some pretty clever features.


Now THAT'S a sunroof: Solar-powered family car emerges from Ford labs

Alex Wilson

So...8x magnified sunlight. Bet thats hell on the paintwork! Imagine the inside would be quite toasty too!

BT doles out measly 2GB to customers in Dropbox-alike BT Cloud

Alex Wilson

Is there any software out there that aggregates all these paltry cloud drives?

If it could be done seamlessly there's quite a large capacity available...

I smell a business opportunity!

Here's the $4.99 utility that might just have saved Windows 8

Alex Wilson

I tried a selection of both free and paid for start button replacement programs, so far I've found 'Start Menu 8' (from iObit iirc) to be the nicest to use and has the added bonus of being free:)

It takes a while to get it configured (ie get rid of metro etc) but I'm rather enjoying Windows 8 for the moment...

Licensing snafu leaves Windows 8 open to PIRATES

Alex Wilson

Tried on 3 different email addresses and got the 72 hours dialogue, 48 hours so far and nothing yet.... anecdotal evidence shows people receiving their codes in a couple of hours at most (some sooner).

Looks like MS have panicked a bit at all the publicity and frozen the promotion?

Android apps now playable on Windows PCs

Alex Wilson

No luck so far...

Having no luck getting this working, just dumps a folder full of java into my /program files/minibar folder. No .exe?

Alex Wilson


Tried installing again and it worked fine....alpha software for ya:)

Out of this World science fiction exhibition

Alex Wilson


PMSL! My mum bought me that same encyclopaedia, and I remember that section very well!

Have to admit I'm contemplating making the arduous journey to the capital from the Isle of Wight for the chance to see Ian M. Banks or William Gibson....guess I'm still a fanboi even at this age!

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

Alex Wilson

Stainless Steel Rat

There was a brief moment in time when SSR and Dan Dare almost made it into pre production in the 80's when a lot of 2000ad stuff got optioned, sadly we just ended up with Stalone in judge Dredd:(

Alex Wilson
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Mindstar Rising -Peter F. Hamilton

Or any of the Greg Mandel series....based in the UK...post apocalyptic....fun science...what's not to like?:)

Failing that there's still a goldmine of lesser known comics to pillage, just about any Garth Ennis stuff like Preacher(post apocalyptic western chaos) or Gravel (SAS combat magician...awesome series!)....or the mini he did about the british getting all the german scientists post WW2 and winning the space race...that was amazing!

TiVo calls time on ageing set-tops

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sad day:(

As someone with TWO tivos, both with LIFETIME subscriptions I'm rather irked to say the least....

For a ten year old piece of kit its still FAR superior to the sky+ boxes that replaced it!


Amazon Kindle 3 e-book reader

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson

You forgot possibly the most useful feature!

If you have an existing library of ebooks/word documents etc, the Kindle comes with its own email address that you can send stuff to in various formats....which then quite miraculously arrives on your Kindle in a readable format! I found this incredibly handy as I had around 300 books floating around my PC in various formats.

I did have to download a 3rd party converter to convert .lit files to .HTML or .doc format before sending them in batches to the email address, and there's still no easy way to convert epub format books so there's still plenty of room for improvements.

Another niggle is the 'collections' method of organising your books, it can only be done manually on the Kindle which (with a large number of books) is VERY time consuming! Surely there must be a way to sort this out from the PC?

Overall I'm really happy with the Kindle 3, it's a pleasure to use once its fully set up and so far I've actually been reading more than usual, lets hope that lasts!

'Soon soldiers will have 3 tiny choppers in their pocket'

Alex Wilson

micro assasin?

'deployment of special payload'....compressed air curare tipped dart gun anyone?

No need for line of sight, or noisy firearms, or Eastern European gentlemen wielding sharpened umbrellas.......how the hell would you protect someone from one of these?