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Memo man Damore is back – with lawyers: Now Google sued for 'punishing' white men


"James Damore, the software engineer fired from Google after ironically firing off a neurotic memo about "neurotic" women"

Oh come on, that's just complete bs. Try reading the memo.

(I'm making no judgement about the merit of this "case" btw)

Birmingham sperm bank pulls plug after just a handful of recruits


heh heh. Birmingham, well i'm surprised. Back in the day if you lived near brum, a common saying was:

"Why did God invent the orgasm"? - "So people from Birmingham would know when to stop"

Twitter trolls are destroying democracy, warn eggheads


"Twitter", "Tweets". I never heard such a load of infantile rubbish in my life. How old are people? 8?

Hey, folks. Meet the economics 'genius' behind Jeremy Corbyn


Re: Corbyn is barking, but ...

No, what happened this time was

a global crash was caused by massive lending at silly low interest rates for overvalued property caused by massive over-lending at silly low interest rates to anyone who could scrawl and X on a bit of paper.

so the govt got kicked out and the torys came in... and immediately began rebuilding the economy by continuing massive lending at silly low interest rates for overvalued property caused by massive overlending at silly low interest rates to anyone who could scrawl and X on a bit of paper (and have now got the country in 100's time more debt)

lol, and you dont think a huge crash is coming?


Re: Bonds

or you could have paid the guy a proper rate.

all you're doing is whining that you didn't get the guy you want which was because you wanted to pay him the rate for immigrant cheap labour - as you yourself actually explained, giving examples of OTHER companies hiring in immigrants to pay them the cheaper wage you wanted to pay! - & he was told "this guy wants to pay you the crappy immigrant labour rate", so he f*cked off elsewhere to someone who'd pay him properly.

and now your moaning "i couldnt get the guy i wanted, meh meh it's the unions fault"

yes you could have got the guy you wanted if you paid him properly! it was your choice at the end of the day, all you had to do was up the wage and bingo!


All i can say is this, there is absolutely without ANY doubt an actual full blown conspiracy going on now by the press and media to do everything it possibly can to prevent ANY change from the HYPER-NEO-CLASSICAL system we've established or are almost done establishing (I've never heard of 'neo-liberal economic theory' b4 btw).

Even the Guardian is enraging it's readers by smearing Corbyn almost daily; and you'll note even in the Daily Mail comments the readers are disagreeing in the majority with the paper's stance on Corbyn... it's all backfiring, and hence now skulduggery is being proposed at labour HQ to keep him out.

The voters are to get ONE choice... for continuation of an absolute corporate/banking hegemony & coup of all democratic process. Thats the plan and the 3 main parties are all for it.

I've never voted Labour, but would if Corbyn gets it & his proposals become labour's manifesto I will, and so will a huge percentage of british people who are all seeing their lifestyle being destroyed & who see ZERO hope for their children.

The establishment and all the tax dodging newspaper owners are absolutely cr*pping themselves that an alternative appears because they know damned well the majority will go for it!

For a great 101 on 'globalism' economics (you've prolly seen it, but if not):


have a nice day. But seriously Register? even here?


ha ha ha

even Corbyn bashing in the Register. priceless!

Apple's 13-incher will STILL cost you a bomb: MacBook Air 2015


You try telling that to the kids today!

All this endless drivel about the resolution! It looks fine, and what possible use would such a high res be on a 13" screen, you'd have to use a magnifying glass to use the damned thing! The Air is hands-down un-bloody-beatable! It's light as a feather making every other laptop look like a breeze-block; the backlit keys are a total joy, it sleeps for weeks and wakes up in about 2 seconds with plenty of battery life should you not charge it... for portable recording work it runs logic pro x fine giving plenty of plugins (25/26 Evans stress test) and is fast as lightning for everyday tasks; and i mean VERY noticeably nippier than my old mac pro 8 core... on top of that, plug it into a huge TV via HDMI and it'll deliver full HD movies all day as a media playback unit. Just add a usb3 external drive (which for 80 quid gives speed & space like my old 1000 quid e-sata rack) and what more do you want? Kids today! Cha! I've still got an old dell lappy with 16mb ram! Try waiting 30 seconds for a simple .txt file to open, lol... Jog on with your ridiculous 'But that 1440x900 resolution is dead in the water these days"

How HAPPY am I on a scale of 1 to 10? Where do I click PISSED OFF?


"you can get any result you want by massaging the questions." Sarah Harding polling expert, To Play The King (House of Cards Trilogy)

Too 4K-ing expensive? Five full HD laptops for work and play


nah... i'll stick with my macbobok Air... all these look like house-bricks by comparison. Also tbh what's the big deal with higher res screen? I mainly use a samsung monitor and i dont have the res' set at max or i'd need a bloody telescope to see what i am doing from my chair.

VINYL is BACK and you can thank Sonos for that


Re: Vinyl introduces a lot of failings

actually studios used to use sony video decks as a cheap dig' second backup to the tape version master, but the sony's recorded at 48k, HHB in london started modding the sonys to 44.1 for studios. studio dat's were initially 48k, like my denon i had imported from japan, again it took time until 44.1 dats appeared. This was long before people commonly had consumer cd players and when vinyl was still king.

From John Watkinson, The Art of Digital Audio, 2nd edition, pg. 104:

"Video recorders... were adapted to store audio samples by creating a

pseudo-video waveform which would convey binary as black and white

levels. The sampling rate of such a system is constrained to relate simply

to the field rate and field structure of the television standard used, so that

an integer number of samples can be stored on each usable TV line in

the field.

Such a recording can be made on a monochrome recorder, and these

recording are made in two standards, 525 lines at 60 Hz and 625 lines at

50 Hz. Thus it is possible to find a frequency which is a common multiple

of the two and is also suitable for use as a sampling rate.

The allowable sampling rates in a pseudo-video system can be deduced

by multiplying the field rate by the number of active lines in a field

(blanking lines cannot be used) and again by the number of samples in a

line. By careful choice of parameters it is possible to use either 525/60 or

625/50 video with a sampling rate of 44.1KHz.

In 60 Hz video, there are 35 blanked lines, leaving 490 lines per frame or

245 lines per field, so the sampling rate is given by :

60 X 245 X 3 = 44.1 KHz

In 50 Hz video, there are 37 lines of blanking, leaving 588 active lines per

frame, or 294 per field, so the same sampling rate is given by

50 X 294 X3 = 44.1 Khz.

The sampling rate of 44.1 KHz came to be that of the Compact Disc. Even

though CD has no video circuitry, the equipment used to make CD

masters is video based and determines the sampling rate.

Pixel mania: Apple 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display


looks great! but few need 4 or 5k display. I will say though that the 27 imacs generally are bloody superb. Just a great, silent, powerful-enough computer which beats my 4 year old 8 core mac pro on all fronts (power, rendering video using compressor, noise, clutter-free, simple). They are great for video editing or music studios (65 tracks of 'evans stress test' on mine: 3.4ghz 8gb ram).

As for people saying they cost too much, i bought two 27's a month ago, and with a 3 year lloyds business loan for 3k, they cost 90 quid a month over 36 months and are warranteed for that 3 years of course. No brainer!

Microsoft should have seen this business model which they DID get right with xbox.

the other joy with mac is app store; simple, instant & cheap hassle free s/w purchases, not going uptown and bringin back final cut and logic in huge heavy boxes for 800 quid in a wheelbarrow... now those apps are so cheap it's ludicrous.

I groan when i have to go back to windows for certain apps & server access stuff.

btw i can edit 1080 video from an 86 quid usb3 2tb mybook, so don't worry about expensive thunderbolt drives... again, i wince when i look at my 4 year old mac pro with its 1000 quid e-sata raid rack to do the same job. iMac's re just unbeatable value machines!

Stop bullying SUPER FAT GODZILLA, urge movie stars


yeah but lets face it.. the original one had a 'fat bird in the queue at Greggs' thighs & arse

Kiss goodbye to quiet skies: Now FCC ready to OK in-flight cellphone use


the amount of punch ups on costa del sol flights will be astronomical!

BBC abandons 3D TV, cites 'disappointing' results


Re: "Dances with Smurfs"

in 'the trade' i beleive they referred to it as 'Smurfahontas'


why did they bother?

why did they bother? It was obvious ages ago that 3d was a total failed format nobody wanted.

At #guardiancoffee, we can now taste the future through a PRISM!


the guardian lol

what a load of crap the guardian is. They posture all over the place about how they are the voice of educated reason, but their stasi moderators rabidly ban all but the most innocuous speech, while their rag seems to weekly evolve more and more into some cruddy 'womens-issues' nonsense as they desperatley scrabble for more daytime click-bait. The other hilarious thing about the guardian is they almost daily have some 'keen' young girl or bitter old hag, spewing forth about some injustice or other aimed at women, while if one analyses their writing team, the women ONLY get to write articles about womens health/fashion of feminist-related issues. lol

I was banned from their rag for daring to criticise melanie phillips. I had the temerity to point out that her raving speech on QT last week consisted ironically of her forwarding the exact same deliberate mis-translation of the Iranian president's comments about israel as is used by the edl, bnp and all white power nazi groups to forward their hate agenda against Muslims.

Oooh they didnt like that, lol.

funniest of all to show what a bunch of sad so-and-so's they are? they published a rivetting 'article (yes, of course written by a female) on the topic of Female Wanking!! The reader comments of course ripped the article to shreds while delivering a slew of jokes, puns and double-entendres.

apart from that there were tons of posts by people saying how much they also liked to have a good wank.

So I commented (I thought humorously):

"So the rumours are true then! Guardian readers ARE a bunch of wankers!"

and this comment, posted into a discussion riddled with endless crude 'wanking' jokes... was banned, ha ha ha

so anyways, HATRICK! I am now banned from the Guardian, Telegraph AND the Independent! lol

time was people used to like a good joke *sigh*

Microsoft honcho pleads with media: 'Stop picking on us!'


any grown man who actually expressed a 'cola preference' wouldnt be running my company. what is he? 16?

YouTube's hilarious cat videos could soon cost you $5 a month



"YouTube could start charging for such content as soon as this spring, apparently, and is likely to split the subscription revenues 45-55 favouring the filmmakers - this is similar to how money from advertising on free-to-watch videos is divvied up between the web giant and its content-uploading users"

well i bring millions of 'views' to youtube, never seen a penny, despite my stats showing 'earnings'.

Google sinks millions into plush new £1bn London HQ


are the prices quote ot exaggerated somewhat? 1 billion quid value for an office building at kings-x? no way. that many many times more value than the most prestigeous sites in london (knightsbridge, chelsea barracks, battersea power station.)

kings-x is a total shithole, yes even now after lots of development.

Oi, don't leave Cymru in broadband slow lane, MPs warn


say what?

I'm in the welsh mountains now at my mums, on her 6.5 meg connection - which is better than my connection 400 yards from Sloane square in Chelsea where i live!!! So let's get some perspective.

Facebook deletes hacked Pages, destroying years of work



really? so you can show me a google search for a cheap hotel at any location on the planet which returns facebook pages in the results?

Apple's new Final Cut Pro X 'not actually for pros'



perhaps the plan is to release app upgrades to add-on required pro features? after all why include them all when additional pro-user specific features can be bought and added-on almost like plugins?

could be the way they intend to go (?), I'd be down with that, cos it makes alot of sense to do it that way. NOT paying for features you DON'T need and then being able to buy additional features as cheap add-ons would be awesome



yes, the fcp experts have spent ages smugly telling anyone who finds something crappy in fcp7: "You are making a fuss for nothing. It'snot that fcp7 is crap at doing many things in realtime; it's simply that YOU need to work out the workarounds and fixes and cludges", and it's all about the 'experts' ability to do workarounds, making them a sort of secret society almost.

now the shoe is on the other foot, and the 'pros' are screeching from the rafters the EXACT same complaints they previously sneered at. You gotta laugh

i can't see why they are so het up, this is the first release. Give it time. Also i think everything is changing. We're pushing towards more web video and web & tv gradually merging. card/disk based cams taking over, etc.

Google sued over – yes – Android location tracking


i dont get it?

I dont get it? I recently lost my phone which caused havoc, and a freind with an iphone showed me how her phone can be tracked as part of a mobile-me account, so that should i lose it, i can see it's location (or last location when switched on), and i can then send a message to the phone and even wipe the memory remotely if the location shows the phone is stolen and at an unrecognised location.

Now how could this work if the phones location wasn't tracked?

I thought it was a wonderful solution to a lost or stolen phone problem, and that's why i'm now waiting for iphone 5 to buy into the technology. You can also get this feature with other phones if you signup to a 3rd party "tracker-plan" in advance.

surely tracking is to allow the companies to offer such a facility?

Portsmouth stretches the Olympic-sized swimming pool


lolz britain

It reminds me of that classic from Sir Les Patterson's "The Travellers Tool"

"I went for one of those foot massages.. I got it out.. she said: 'Thats not a foot!'.. I said: 'It's near enuff love, now get on with it!'


iPad 2? Let's be kind and call it iPad 1.5


htc? iphone? ipad? tablets? decisions decisions!

jeez. surely we all know how marketing works? "new"? not "new"?

I remember a very old cartoon from MAD magazine in the early 70's - Thomas Eddison is in his workshop with a freind; the friend is admiring a 'seperates' hi-fi system on the workbench

"What's this thing for Thom?" he asks

Eddison is standing next to an old wind up gramaphone and replies "Oh that. that's something I'm working on, but THIS! This is what we need to push now!"

ish i could get a copy of that cartoon, but anyway...that's life. and as for the argument about whether it is 'new' or not?; also remember with the yanks we have to re-define English words.. "FREE" for yanks means: "download it, install it, then find out you must pay for it to work" - Well it seems to whenever i try and find a simple "free" app to do an odd task on a windows machine.

BTW; briefly skimming the comments i must i was gobsmacked to read a man was planning to use the camera on this iPad device to capture the one-time only event of his daughters birth!! - Why not get one of those disposable cardboard tourist cameras eh and go the whole hog? blimey!

Also i have to say the idea one would use a 'camera' (the iPad) bigger than the best compact you could get circa 1910 is amusing. Can you imagine standing holding one of those bloody great iPads in front of you like a camera? Lol, it'd be like being a video-cam tourist from 1980.

i dunno anyway, i'm dithering what to buy having held out for a good 12 months on any tablet or new phone - a mate came round today with an HTC Desire and Samsung tablet - plonked the HTC by the windows as a wi-fi web connection device (gingerbread), connected his Tablet to the web via wi-fi on the HTC and he was off and browsing on the tablet in about 30 seconds!! Then we logged my iPod touch into his HTC and that too was online (and quiet fast actualy)!

All in all that was quite impressive, and i beleive this is not possible with an iPad and iPhone together?

Fort Wayne officials refuse to slap Harry Baals on public building



there is a Wankum in germany in the n/west

best one i know of is a chinese restaurant on the old coast road nr Denia in Spain called... Wan-Kee-Long


lol, re: this story, it's prolly funnier to yanks cos of their pronunciation. I remember when i was at school stateside as a kid and there was this kid called 'harry' in my class.. i remember the teacher repeatedly correcting this pronunciation in our class.

"No Todd!! (or whoever said it) his name is HARRY, not 'Hairy'... is he covered in hair?"

and we'd all roar with laughter.

'Big Four' lose filesharing case against Irish ISP

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ouch!!! lol

Little Chef in 'I ♥ Charlie' t-shirt outrage



well if anyone remembers (and maybe they still do) they used to sell a desert called 'Purple Haze' lol - the name of a variety of LSD i beleive

Battle of the US super-soldier robot suits hots up with XOS 2.0


eh??? who here has done heavy manual labour?

one slight problem tho - the artist-impression pictures show the unit being used to lift weights too heavy for a regular unassisted person to lift. well if you have a weight held in outstretched arms which is heavier than what can be supported by the vertical axis, you're gonna just topple over forwards everytime. Guess thats why those things are shown soley by artist-impression drawings.



also when the guy punches thru the wood sheets they are setup in the vice with the grain horizontal ;) i'd like to see that done with the grain going vertical, lol, no chance! you couldnt even do it with a sledgehammer weilded with full force if it was setup vertical-grain

Alleged pirate fingered for filming film at Harrow flicks



if that's what he was caught filming he should simply plead insanity

UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech


It's a load of old crap let's be honest...

i've been thru the whole thing & gave up. The truth is, Teacher Training & the ability to qualify for teaching is simply a process to eliminate anyone who has the wrong PC mindset. They want good compliant dweebs with a degree.

i mean i'm self taught, and i'm way ahead of degree level, but can i teach the subject? nope.

I called some colleges to see about getting some papers so i can teach... they asked me what I do... i told them... they said: either i should be teaching at their college or i should be doing a phd

but can i teach in a school? nope

i already did a 2 year community education teachers course and during that course, due to admin cock-ups, I ended up teaching 30 classes alone and un-aided in a secondary school... I'm pretty sure thats more than a person gets on a real teacher training course. Plus we did 2 years of educational theory full-time, not just one year like on a regular teacher course.

So I have a total of 2 years of a degree (left to start my own business). 2 years of teacher training... and 20 years of experience in PC hardware and internet design (Intranet design etc, not making stupid web-pages with dreamweaver, lol). But still i cant teach legaly in a school!!

how fucking stupid is that?

on top of that my kid did a degree and frankly while he now has a degree he knows very little about the subject he is qualified in, cos education nowadays is about MONEY and that's it.

They pass degrees out to all and sundry simply to sustain their funding.

For example; on my kids course one of the teachers spent an entire term teaching the wrong syllabus!. When they found out they just passed everyone, even tho they hadn't even done the work!

So those people with those half-assed degrees are then able to qualify as teachers for god's sake! That's just madness!

'The internet's completely over', declares petulant Prince



Prince is the one who is "over". His 02 show was a complete & utter joke! - and the free album I got? Pah! even tho it was 'free' i have never ever listened to it (since the first and only 'listen' confirmed that it was also utter shite of the type that can only be given away in a newspaper) He should shut the f*ck up and retire gracefuly the little god-bothering twerp.

I know his game, he thought: "i'm not relevent to pop now, and i cant switch genre or i'll look stupid... hmm.. I KNOW! i'll become a jesus convert and then i can sell any old crap I record to stupid christians for the next 20 years!" i bet that was it.

DVLA off-road system seriously off-message


yes the dvla screwed me too

I am still waiting for the 'results' of their enquiry into my SORN from 2 years ago - they sent a letter telling me I was being fined for not declaring SORN, and an order to pay the fine. I pointed out that the vehicle had been scrapped the previous year, and if it hadn't been, then where was my SORN from that previous year, and if there wasnt a SORN decleration from the previous year then why hadn't they fined me for the previous year for NOT declaring SORN?.

To this day I still have never had any follow up to cancel this fine. They also have never confirmed the date they have added to their database as the scrapping date of my vehicle. They agreed to list it as scrapped (the year after i had already scrapped it) but when i asked them to confirm the date of scrappage they added to their database was the previous year they refused - so their database is false.

Secondly not all scrapyards have the system to provide scrappage certificates. The DVLA aknowledge not all scrapyards have this facility cos they didnt roll it out to all scrapyards, while at the same time persuing fines on people who cant provide a scrappage certificate - I did however have a receipt from the garage stating they scrapped it, but they said this was 'invalid' - thats the same garage that can legaly issue MOT's without any checks!

what a pile of shit the dvla are

Finaly, hilariously, once your details have gone to the prosecution dept in Glasgow (probably sub-contracting ballifs in reality), you are then no longer legaly allowed to talk to the DVLA in Wales, and the DVLA dept in Glasgow has 'no access' to any records in order to process any complaints or appeals

it's just money grubbing bullshit, and it wasted months of my time being continualy threatened and worried for doing the legal and right thing!

Man coughs to sex with donkey and horse



reminds me of that other report some time ago - remember it? the guy was caught shagging a ripe pumpkin in the usa? the report said that the police arrived after a complaint of a disturbance in a garden plot, and the Police said the guy was so engrossed in stuffing the pumpkin that he didnt notice them approaching - the officer said:

"Sir, are you aware you are having sex with a pumpkin"

and quick as a flash the guy looked up and retorted:

"Is it past midnight already!?"

ha ha ha classic!

UK mobile networks line up to bash net snooping plan


al nuttah

well me an my evil Al Nuttah terrorist ring have already switched and we now only communicate with each other by snail mail letter, so do we care? nope.

Tesco iPhone priced, dated



well i signed up for the 'alert me news' but look at the two account options - 60 quid (too much) for 'unlimited' (but actualy limited by a fup) or 20 quid (good price) for not quite enuff credit - what a let down

Filesharing laws to hit websites and newsgroups too



funny how every law they come up with seems to be created so as to use our taxes to support corporate business interests... at no advantage to us the taxpayer whatsoever

we now are paying billions to support the failing business of mostly USA media corps

we pay billions to support US military contracting firms

we pay billions to privitised infastructure corporations even tho they are supposed to pay for it

then the banks

what next? why dont they just fucking tax us 50% a year and just hand it out to a lottery of corporations. i mean when are they going to spend some of OUR tax on US!! THE BLOODY TAXPAYERS!!!

time to fucking riot imo, but the sad fact is we all know now that we will just be carted away never to be seen again before we even got to that stage cos they have such a clampdown on survaillence & laws to just cart you away with no trial - and we are all actualy starting to be scared of whats coming arent we!

admit it - it's a pushing very fast towards a nazi state - the glorious 4th Reich! they said they'd be back.

UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files


britain is getting worse

that is so sad. the lawless society (for anyone in position of authority/power) trundles on - they can do anything they want now and we all know it.

Home Office mum over mad March at the CRB


Um... is this the hand of Capita again?

surely the CRB is CAPITA? like every other department? When such 'bodies' go wrong they talk about these Gov't bodies in the news as if they are part of the state but they are all privatised out to mostly Crapita arent they? THEY run the country, not the government. And this is the result.

BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked

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typical muswell hill

All BT needs to do is just start a rumour in the area that fibre connection increases your property price and the muswell hill brigade will be baying for 6 meter tall cabinets outside their property, trust me on that :)

An American Werewolf returns to London


I used to be a werewolf but i'm not one noooooooooooooooooow!!

heh, the best bit in AWIL is the brief porno cinema on-screen skit, a total classic. and also the Naughty Nina SUN 'revelations' advert

and the brian glover 'Chucks out the mexican' plane joke

lol - i remember how scary the deserted tube was late at night after seeing that film, gulp!

it's not that remakes are a bad idea per-se - it's just that they always make them for retarded american teenagers iq levels... and dont even get me started about the current out of control penchant for 'wobbly' camera work.

Pirate Bay sells out to Swedish software firm for $7.7m


arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. but wait!

i think you guys arent thinking straight & jumping the gun - why would someone pay 7 mill for a site that in theory cant make money, and if it's format is changed "will die"

think about it? no-one throws 7 mill around for no reason - there's more to this than meets the eye.

Pirate Bay launches encrypted private network


legal p2p subscription would make money

exactly - just 100 million subscribed p2p users globaly at 5 euros a month gives the industries 500 mill A MONTH in revenue (after a deduction for the site which garners the signups - they need a commision to make them come onboard any such legal scheme, and for some reward for signing up people to start with.

and that's just the potential revenue that 100 million users would yeild, it'd be more if legal p2p subscription was launched globaly with access thru any participating torrent search site. and it'd yeild way more revenue than the labels schemes can muster with their daft tactic of spending all their money chasing a few downloading families now and again. This isnt about downloading imo anyway for the labels. this is about controlling a monopoly for the 4 labels. They are afriad to lose control

Kanye West doesn't have a f***ing Twitter, OK?


i know the feeling

yeah, some twat's taken my company and domain name on twitter - wrote to them, got back a non answer email telling me "if this isnt an answer, write to another department" - morons, thats my company and trade name on the www for 15 years ffs!

Govt powers up electric cars with £5k subsidy


Yer avin a laaaaaaaaaaaaarf

well so much for getting clean air by complicated methods. In London they could reduce emmissions overnight by just banning the hundreds of rancid 'London Tour Buses' which befoul the air and make massive noise polution while usualy carry about 10 passengers. These vehicles aren't part of the transport system and are soley a bunch of private companies persuing profit at the expense of Londoners air and noise quality.

Secondly get the bloody river Thames working! with a river that size running right thru the city from east-to-west it should be full to the brim with river busses which could handle massive amounts of communter traffic while freeing up the roads - the infastructure is already there to suport it and it's a criminal waste not to use such a superb virtualy cost free & pollution cutting resource. And it'd make for rather pleasant peaceful journeys

Politicians have no creativity at all