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Bidding war breaks out for T-Mobile UK

Lewis Watson

Oh no!

The last thing we need is less competition!

I use mobile internet a lot but dont tend to text or call that much. However its impossible to get a plan with decent data without getting lumped with "free" minutes and texts that I dont need or want.

I recently bought a G1 outright so I can have the flexibility of a 1 month sim only contract in the hope that soon a plan would come out that doesn't force me to buy minutes or texts that I never use. It looks like that might take a bit longer now that T-Mobile is on the rocks!

Public rejects Time Warner metered-bandwidth tests

Lewis Watson

Lesser evil

Conspiracy theories aside, the sooner metered bandwidth charging becomes the norm the sooner the broadband market will become more transparent and competitive.

I hate all this arseing around with unlimited* (*as in not) broadband bullshit.


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