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TomTom Go 550 Live


If my memory serves ...

... we drive on the left hand side of the road in the UK so driving to London on the right hand side, as illustrated, might be a tad dangerous.

Unless it's the London in Ontario, Kentucky, Texas, California, Ohio (and so on and so on) in which case you're OK.

Virgin Media switches to Gmail


@dreadful scathe

"Slightly confused aren't we? Telewests broadband was called "cableinet", they rebranded it as "blueyonder", they then merged into VirginMedia"

Telewest's original cable internet offering was Cableinet and was, IIRC, brought into Telewest as part of the acquisition of Cable London. Cableinet was rebranded as BlueYonder long before the Telewest/NTL merger and subsequent rebranding as Virgin Media.

I was a Telewest customer for 8 years before Virgin Media and my cable internet was always called BlueYonder.


@Camilla Smythe

"I'm sure Virgin will sort stuff for you....???"

Oh thank you, that's the best laugh I've had all week.