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Ex-Sun CEO sees rosy future in health

Iain Curtain


"Former Reg writer turned New York Times journo Ashlee Vance ..."

I believe it should read:

"Former Reg hack turned New York Times journo Ashlee Vance ..."

Geek tech firm loses Jedi credentials

Iain Curtain

these are not the ...

... company names you are looking for

US Army trials Iron Man super-trooper exoskeleton

Iain Curtain

two kiwis have made bionic legs already


Alright they grew up in Scotland, but now they're kiwis ;-)

Vodafone sticks universal mail in shredder

Iain Curtain

i had to laugh

I got the same text asking me to check my vodafone.net email for some "important information", however my login and password wasn't accepted, neither could I get it sent to me . . .

fail all round, where's my iphone 4 free of charge as compensation ;-)

IBM-free Sun unwraps Nehalem EP servers

Iain Curtain

ultra 27 must go like the clappers


mines the one with the flaming hot ultra27 in the pocket ;-)