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WIN a RockBLOCK Iridium satellite comms module

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Rockblock Addon Quashing Unwelcome Equipment Landing. (Seems to me it should have a nice feminine, and Spanish(!) name)

Curiosity's new OS upgrade ready to go live

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Re: Looks like Earth

Nice to know, but I don't find it surprising. It does point up that we don't know light level and exposure time time of the Mars photos, and we are perhaps being tricked in seeing earth-like qualities.

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes

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Against EC rules

IIRC, the European Community many years ago passed a law intended to curb monopolistic behaviour by IBM, that said interfaces between separate products from the same company had to be open to allow competition at the product level.

So Palm could complain to the EC that Apple is breaking this law and abusing its monopolistic position in changing the iTunes- to Pod interface to unfairly benefit the iPod.

Hard to imagine it would ever come to court, but maybe it would discourage Apple from continuing the dance to its logical conclusion, where the player has to know a secret key in order to be accepted by iTunes.

Russian schoolgirl invents inertioid-driven Venus rover

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More on inertiod propulsion fraud