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Hacked flight sim site in catastrophic crash and burn


just done a bit of reading up on this..

and it looks like the hack was (unofficially) made by a lad named "Phil".

It would seem that a month ago they hired this guy to do some upgrades on their system, giving him root access. Then, a week ago while upgrades were ongoing, spam started being sent to everyone on their mailing list, advertising a rival company ("Simfly"), which Phil apparently has some connection to. The owners of the Avsim accused Phil, Phil denied, owners fired Phil. The next day their website is obliterated.

Here's the forum post



@ Sampler

So your more likely suggestion is that 2 separate HD partitions failed at the same time?

DARPA AI will trawl petabytes of UAV vid for enemy cows


Project Pigeon

To avoid the impending Skynet disaster, they could simply employ trained pigeons pecking at cows on the screen

I hear that works.

Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'


This is the cancer that's killing El Reg

The fact is the original claim was that Apple is purchased for the "cool factor". You then go on to compare two setups from the very highest end of the price range, a place where you'd expect "cool factor" takes a decisively small role compared to the internals of the computer, and the price. If you had compared mid end machines there would have been far more variety (the defining feature of Windows based machines) and I'd bet my house on Windows machines coming out cheaper.

Call me a fanboy if you like, but if you do, make sure to give some examples of mac coming out on top in the mid-range (i.e. majority of the market) price range. Oh and don't go comparing Dell's XPS all in one to the iMac, just because Dell is overcharging on a machine it produces, doesn't mean that Apple isn't.

You're basically a troll, and it's disappointing to see this drivel have a top spot on a news outlet I usually respect for producing balanced reporting.


This isn't balanced reporting.

Other peoples stupidity is no excuse for your own. Stop intentionally playing stupid, PC's have a cheaper low end, because they are cheaper overall.

Being more popular means more competition, higher production numbers, cheaper production.

If this is El Reg's way to prove to the world it isn't Anti-Mac, it's really, really, stupid.


Fairer Comparison

Ok if you want to play the biased game, I'll have to do the balanced reporting for you. For this example we shall use current available purchases from the Apple store in the UK, and the Dell store in the UK.

The Dell Studio slim is a fancy looking PC with one of Dell's best price to component quality ratios. With a quad core 2.33Ghz CPU, 3Gb RAM and a 20" display you're looking at £598.

Apple's offering is difficult to find an equivalent. The Mac Mini is similar in style, and starts at £599. However, it comes with a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, and NO display. It seems this is supposed to be a media PC, and they only give the option to ship it with a 24" cinema display, for £650 extra (which is ridiculous).

So, the mini is a pretty bad idea. How about the iMac. Well they start at £949, with a 20" display, 2.66Ghz Core duo processor and 3Gb RAM, which is pretty comparable I'd say. Er, so it's not so much that the PC is cheaper at the low end. It's that this cheap low end PC from Dell gives the same components as the Apple equivalent for £350 more.

I'm sorry to say, but from a cold hardware point of view, you'd have to be stupid to buy a Mac.

Yes I realise Dell's all-in-one offering is overpriced. I don't care, Apple doesn't offer any cheap alternative to its all-in-one. Dell does.


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