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Apple releases moving pictures of Steve Jobs keynote

Andrew Bassi


What are you using? A BBC micro? Quicktime installs on windows and mac, making a very large percentage of 'almost all other computers' compatible with Quicktime. Seriously, you need to join the 21st century ....

DARPA gives Cal Tech boffin $6m 'to save Moore's Law'

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Moore's Law ....

@Rob Dob

Not looking to rain on your parade (you clearly dislike the idea of 'Moore's Law').

Moore's Law isn't about increasing processing power or speed whatsoever. Moore's Law simply states that :

the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit has increased exponentially, doubling approximately every two years.

Which is (within acceptable limits) true.

Whereas there may not be a designed 'doubling' of transistors, plotting the number of transistors on microprocessors over the last 51 years since Moore coined the term shows that it holds true.

As with almost all scientific 'laws' it is an observation. Until it is proven to not produce an accurate prediction, it stands.