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iPhone's Wi-Fi problems cause heated speculation


reply to Anonymous Coward

Anonymous Coward, sorry for not having english my native language. And what I wrote there is correct. Some routers connect, perhaps because there is no full information or at least show connected. Of course the effect is the same: no internet connection.

I have tried more than 100 different wifi spots and they all give the same error.

What part make you laugh?


to DR

No I don't want apple to point the files to delete lol!

But some "dev" people who know macs well which files keep these settings. Like temp files in windows...just a guess :p

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it's a problem with ALL the routers

chort, it's a problem with all the routers and not just the one I set up home. So far the only idiot in this topic is you commenting on something you have no clue what is all about.

Someone must know which files are affecting this to delete/edit them. Apple doesn't care. WE have to find the answer..


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