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What on earth do you think you are doing, Darling?


It is worse then the government is telling people

It is much worse then people and the government can imagine IT wages have gone down, the cost of living in the UK is amongst the highest in G8 . 10 years of Labour government has created a overtaxed, overdependent society. The sad reality it will take many years to repair the damage that Labour has done to this great nation.

Lastly taxing the rich is a grand old socialist dogma sure it does sound fair but what about the ones that own business and factories. What happens if they say screw it is just to expensive to do business here I am going somewhere else.

This is just a terrible government !

Businesses will postpone Windows 7 rollouts


I do not see the reason to go with either

I run Linux Ubuntu it is safe secure and easy to use, Microsoft is just one big expense. With the new system companies would have to upgrade hardware and even software.

I would like to see a major company take the Linux plunge and see the difference .

MS blames non-Redmond apps for security woes

Gates Horns

Give me a break

I have left all Microsoft products and run Linux Ubuntu reason tired of the security issues tired of viruses .

Microsoft systems are bad they are bloated and full of useless code, the last great Microsoft OS was probably Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Microsoft can blame whoever but the in the end it is there product they should secure it better.