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Toshiba brings out terabyte laptop drive (yes), miracle enterprise-grade TLC

Geoff Lamb

The Tardis?

On The Register? Do you actually think that there would be a reader who would not know what the Tardis is?

'Silent' staff stood by as £100m BBC IT project tanked – DG

Geoff Lamb

Re: Management don't want to know ..

As someone who has worked in the UK and a number of countries around the world - this is a VERY UK class structure problem. Management & Upper class don't listen to the workers and the workers don't feel it is their place to tell management as they won't listen anyway.

RBS Mainframe Meltdown: A year on, the fallout is still coming

Geoff Lamb

Re: Porting Apps? Downtime.. Eh

YES +1

A mainframe is one of the EASIEST systems to upgrade. Most banks (if they pay the IBM tax) run on pretty much the latest kit while still running decades old code. All completely virtualised - decades before VMware came along.

Oh, and the idiot who thinks you can swap a banking system with a google cloud - no one cares if your google search returns the answer that is not quite right. See how many customers you have if you do that with a couple of accounts !

Fedora cooks up new Linux for Raspberry Pi

Geoff Lamb

Re: @Cliff

And you will find vi navigation and commands in so many on-line and browser apps. j & k work for up and down navigation in so many pages - like Facebook, google reader. /f brings up find in most browsers.

Netflix shares jump as outfit adds 10 million subscribers in 2012

Geoff Lamb

Re: Netflix is good but ...

Which is illegal. So why don't you save the money and illegally download it?

Why would you pay money to break the law?

Optus trumps Telstra in war for digital PVR freedom

Geoff Lamb

But you will need to have foxtel at home. This allows Optus to 'tape' the shows that are only on foxtel to people who do not subscribe to foxtel (sky equiv)

This breaks the pay tv model

Just seven solar cars reach Adelaide alive

Geoff Lamb

No test track

Darwin to Adelaide is one of the furtherest things from a test track! Which is why the race has been going for so long.

I am not some of the entrances know what they are signing up too.

Think PCs will drop in price? Think again, warns Intel

Geoff Lamb

You don't get it

You just don't get it. 99% of the worlds population don't do, or need to do excel spread sheets! That is the market ARM (and iPads) are going after

Nokia puts hive mind to work on Best Phone Ever

Geoff Lamb

A phone that you care about for more than 6 months?

How about commitment to a phone. At the moment it is all about the very latest bells and whistles phone. If you have the bells and whistles phone from 6 months ago it is all but abandoned. My 5800 has dozens of 'things' that need fixing from a usability point of view but Nokia's view seems to be 'fix' it on the next model.

Aussie ISP beats Hollywood on 'copyright' rap

Geoff Lamb
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AFCT got what was comming to them going after an ISP that could not afford to defend themselves.

They went after the biggest ISP that would probably not be able to afford the legal fees.

Now they have to pay around $4mil in costs plus their own legal fees.

MSI brings ultra-skinny laptop to Blighty

Geoff Lamb

And heavier than a mac pro as well

And heavier than a mac pro as well (13" one anyway)

So an extra £100 gets you a lighter, skinnier 13" mac pro with a 7hr battery life

Microsoft names Windows Mobile 6.5 release date

Geoff Lamb

Re: I've had a Windows Phone for the past 9 years

>I've had a Windows Phone for the past 9 years

Yep, probably the last time they updated the browser and interface :-)

Child protection groups undermine Aussie Firewall

Geoff Lamb

Why can't they spend the money on shutting down the sites on the list?

Why can't they spend the money on shutting down the sites on the list rather than just trying to block them?

Webhost denies poor passwords led to catastrophic hack

Geoff Lamb


"the concept is flawed anyhow. Much better to have a dedicated server." --- WHAT?

I don't need (or want to pay for) a 16 core dedicated server to run a little proxy (to get round BBC's iplayer restrictions) and some tools for work (external host to check defenses etc.) I run a couple of scripts. So you would rather we have 100 individual servers running at 1% utilized using all that power and generating heat rather than 2 boxes running 100 virtual servers?

I have been with vaserv for a while now and they offer exactly what I want - cheap, small linux box.

Microsoft's Google challenger is not a search engine

Geoff Lamb

Bada Bing


The strip club in the Sopranos.

Didn't they google it first?

Aussies get gov-backed uber-broadband

Geoff Lamb

Re: city dwellers while the bush is left to rot

You decided to live in the bush knowing the consequences (like people buying a house under a flight path and then complain about the noise.)

It has been the appeasement of the bush that has held broadband speed back for the rest of us. For a country with one of the highest proportions of the population living in cities we have one of the the slowest networks.

The other issue is the pipes to the rest of the world - local speeds are almost irrelevant if the speeds to the rest of the internet is the bottleneck!


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