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Aussie censors implement six degrees of separation policy

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Steven Conroy

Is a deluded fool. He is the most hated person in the government right now, and first in line come the revolution!

Microsoft's new search - Built on open-source

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With a pinch of salt

Just wait until people start to use their software and services, then listen out for the predictable punchline to the bad joke... "Microsoft will now be phasing out the previous Free service and now feature a Premium service for only $299.99. Compatible with Windows 7 only"

There is always a catch.

US P2P bill aims shackles at browsers, IM

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Lets make all applications like Vista

Hey cool, more popups and dialog boxes

I'm glad that the Americans have used such a great model to guide their P2P security, Windows Vista UAC

I'm also glad that many P2P applications are written outside of America.

Microsoft challenges IBM to Websphere duel

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Predictable Microsoft benchmarks

Great article, good points, picking out the facts and making your own comparisons, showing where Microsoft have predictably skewed the tests in their own favour, yet again.

The problem is, that Microsoft do this all the time. They paid Netcraft to craft a benchmark between IIS and Apache to entirely favour IIS, which it did. The worst part is that some people do believe it and swallow it whole.

The key here is the job title of the Microsoft employee issuing the latest load of twoddle.

"The gauntlet was thrown down by Steven Martin, senior director of developer platform marketing at Microsoft"

if ( $jobtitle =~ /marketing/ig ) {

$load_of_shite = 1;


Google name 'worth $100 billion,' says Strategy Boutique

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The act of swallowing entire, live, cods. I'm sure there's a game show about it, and if not, then there damn well should be!

Or perhaps a swallow (bird) swooping down to catch a cod from the surface of a lake

Will CA's stringent roadmap come back to haunt it?

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Nothing can save Arcserve / Brightstore

Arcserve / Brightstor is the very worst piece of crap product that CA have ever produced, and they are a shit factory the likes of which the world has never seen before

I present to you, the reality

- TNG: regularly crashes production servers

- USD: Unscalable, unintuitive, copy/paste is broken

- Brightstor Arcserve: Released on Linux, fails to perform it's task. Released on Windows, crashes often and backups regularly fail. BAB 11r5 SP3

I have personally faced problems with all of these rubbish products. There is a singular binding mentality at CA, which is to make crap products and outsource everything to junior programmers to implement a fundamentally f..ked up design.

I can only hope that people start to look at the products they are purchasing and see past the shiny demo presented to them by the nice salesmen and ignore the free lunches.

Fujitsu offloads chipmaking to Taiwan

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EOL? I doubt it

Fujitsu have a vested interest in SPARC/SPARC64. Fujitsu have been manufacturing the latest Sun servers such as the Mx000 range

Oracle purchased Sun so that they could control the Solaris OS better, as many DBAs chose Solaris as their platform of choice for Oracle Databases.

Sun and Oracle had a falling out since Sun purchased MySQL, and purchasing Sun means that Oracle now have an entire software/hardware platform for their Database

Windows 7 — It’s like Vista, only less annoying

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"The wow starts now"

Hey I hate to rain on the parade here, but honestly.. After the Vista farce, is rebranding the same OS really going to fool anyone? I for one am considering a MacBook Pro as my next laptop purchase

Two quotes that I found hilarious

"Windows 7 also eliminates a Windows Vista feature whereby every GDI window was held in memory twice, reducing memory consumption and speeding performance." -- What a step in the right direction, congratulations Microsoft for fixing a monumentally large f*ck up! No wonder Vista consumed over half a GB of RAM at the desktop

"the wow starts now." -- The wow never started, the only "feature" was the windows-tab, the UAC was a farce and made the O/S unusable.

I do like the authors writing style, seems to be more unbiased than most Microsoft writers

Microsoft answers EU antitrust charges

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Microsoft has formally responded to European Commission

So what was the response? I'm not seeing any news article here

P.S. People, please gather up your pens and papers and write this down, because this has been thrashed around so many times it is now more than tedious

As AC pointed out @ 29th April 2009 18:38 GMT "Its not so much the bundling "


How many times does it need explaining. Its not about shipping IE, its about how it is integrated into the OS.


The Browser is forced on you, and you can never remove it. Even after installing other browsers, you still can never be free of it. It is integrated to the OS.

Other O/Ss do not force the browser on you, that is the difference.

Microsoft retires AutoRun (kinda, sorta)

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13 years later and they only just figure it out

Windows 95 brought you AutoRun

Windows XP brought you AutoPlay

Both are gaping security holes, firmly cementing the common knowledge that Microsoft have not a clue about Security, and that Windows is indeed a single-user operating system with some flimsy multi-user extensions.

Microsoft's security team are getting better now, but that's like saying a convicted rapist who has repented for his crimes is getting better.

There are a large number of features which should be disabled by default but aren't, and most of these features are very difficult to get to, which is why Windows suffers from so much malware and viruses

Microsoft records first ever revenue drop

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Drop in revenue

Nothing to do with their latest O/S being an unusable pile of rubbish that have caused a large number of potential buyers to switch sides to Mac or Netbooks running Linux?

I would like to see the 07, 08 and 09 profits compared for

- Apple

- Asus / Acer / etc netbooks

- Microsoft

I would bet my left leg that we would see Apple and the Netbook manufacturers rising sharply, and Microsoft falling steadily!

Microsoft gears up for Windows 8

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Sign me up! I'm a born-agian Microsoftie

Woo, with this kind of news it's hard not to love Microsoft and Windows and their perpetual optimism.

Why, just as they leave a trail of rubbish Operating System failures behind them, they are always looking forward to what the next OS will be. It's like they are so brainwashed that they don't realise how awful their products are.

I, for one, welcome our new Windows 8 overlords and their glorious WinFS of doom

Praise be to Ballchin and his goons. Why make quality when you can make quantity!

Isolated Aussies left really isolated

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That's why we all love Telstra so much

They're both on the ball, and have working fail-over systems that we're all paying them a premium for

/end of sarcasm

BMW opens up to haptic car doors

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In a crash? Underwater?

Hey so in a crash, with all kinds of debris around the doors and the driver injured, will the doors open if there's a small stick leaning against the door?

With a broken arm or rib, i would imagine a regular car door being particularly heavy, and with the extra force of the "safety" feature, it could be twice as heavy.. ouch..

What about underwater, if the car goes off the side of a bridge? Will the doors detect that all that movement around is actually the water gushing around and should NOT resist the opening door?

All good reasons to buy the new German Deathtrap-Mobile!

Brocade launches FCoE switch and adapters

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FCoE for the masses!

This is great news, meaning SANs just got a whole lot cheaper to build and extend for mid-tier systems

I would expect most high-end systems would still employ FC of Fibre, but I wonder how 10Gbit FCoE compares with 8Gbit FC.. Anyone?

Acer flaunts first Ion-based nettop

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Hello MythTV box!

Hey this is exactly what I've been waiting for with MythTV.. do away with all the excessive PC'ish parts and overpowered CPU

I guess it will have to use a USB tuner, but that's the way the cookie crumbles