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Opt-out is the right approach for sharing your medical records with researchers


Re: aggregated and securely anonymised

Why even bother to try when its based on date of birth and postcode.

There is 3 houses in my postcode.....

Google says Australian pay-for-news code means it can’t quit the country


Re: Typical Google

Have you read the proposed law at


I don't see how there is any misinterpretation in it.

It reads as if it was written directly by NewsCorp. Its an abomination of a proposal that will have far reaching implications for the internet as a whole

Australian regulator slams Google ‘misinformation’ in pay-for-news-fight


Has anyone read the proposed draft?

I see a lot of people wanting to lay the boot into google but i'm not sure people understand what is potentially being setup as precedent here.

I recommend everyone read the proposal at https://www.accc.gov.au/system/files/DPB%20--20Draft%20news%20media%20and%20digital%20platforms%20mandatory%20bargaining%20code%20Q%26As.pdf

Some interesting bits being

Section 5.5

News media businesses would also

have more control over user comments made against stories they post or publish to digital

platform services, with digital platforms required to provide flexible moderation tools that


- removing or filtering user comments;

- disabling user comments against individual news items; and

- blocking user comments or accounts.

So NewsCorp (and others but i'll just group them in together) would be able to get control over comments you post on other sites and have the ability to remove them or disable comments! I'm sure that articles pushing NewsCorps agenda won't be moderated at all.....

Section 5.4

The code’s minimum standards would simply require digital platforms to provide news

media businesses with 28 days’ advance of algorithm changes that are likely to affect their

business models.

So Google need to give a months notice of any internal change that may affect NewsCorps business model. The scope creep potential for this is immense.

And also this free advice doesn't apply to the smaller players so NewsCorp get a competitive advantage here....

Section 5.5

News media businesses would be able to ‘opt out’ of having their news content featured on individual digital platform services against their will

So i'm guessing this will apply to individual articles rather than the site as a whole. So once again, if there is an article about something they want kept quiet they just 'opt out' that article.

Section 4.5

This mentions that Google Search is also included rather than just Google News. So once again massive scope creep potential.

Section 6.1

A decision by digital platforms to place more reliance on international news and lower the

ranking of, or cease carrying, Australian news content on the basis of participation in the

code would also be considered discrimination.

Slippery slope here, if the Aus Govt starts restricting or manipulating stories (Current government is very much in bed with NewsCorp) and Google starts using international reporting then they fall foul of this.

And for all of this, can someone explain why if Google is killing news and not providing any value, why the news sites can't delist themselves through robots.txt

Google are pretty crap these days but this sets a lot of precedents that i'm concerned about.

Also, if there ever was a company that would use this to push their own agenda i'm pretty sure its NewsCorp

As Red Hat prepares to become part of Big Blue, its financials look as solid as Linux kernel 2.4


Re: Kill Innovation?

Not my speciality but a couple of years ago our virtualisation guys moved 200 VMs from one physical ESX cluster to another with no interruption so i don't think its that uncommon

Shocker: UK smart meter rollout is crap, late and £500m over budget


Capita gets a big piece too

Don't forget that to make the SMETS2 meters only work because all the data is centralised at Data Communications Company (DDC) which is owned by Capita.

Why would anyone trust their information to it if they didn't have to?!?!?

RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer


Re: Well, that's a nicer eulogy than the Steve Jobs rant

you don't automatically get all the shitty things you've done in life (Not talking about Paul Allen, just in general) ignored simply because you've died! This doubly applies to how they've interacted with others.

If you care about your future legacy or that of your descendants then you should maybe think about while you're still alive and can do something about it.

If we sanitise asshole behaviour then it becomes more acceptable to be an asshole. There is enough of them around as it is!

Open plan offices flop – you talk less, IM more, if forced to flee a cubicle


oh god this.

My open office now has white boards tacked to the end of every row of desk, infringing onto the walkways.

Every morning, all the teams have their daily standup and completely block the walkways.

The general chatter is so loud I need to wear headphones to focus on a task and there is always one person within 20 meters who likes to loudly talk about what they did on the weekend/had for dinner/what their cat threw up etc.

I don't think anyone actually believes in the whole increased collaboration thing. It is just a thinly veiled excuse to cram people into the smallest space possible.

If they actually cared about collaboration, everyone would have an office/decent cubical but there would be a large amount of meeting rooms or gather areas where people could work together when needed and actually get work done in peace when they need focus time.

LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance


@ST So you ask for metrics to back up a statement.

Metrics are then provided and then rather than dispute them you shift the argument from LGBTQ to race and throw in an ad hominem attack to boot.

Your argument also struggles because its not the majority that are asking for quotas but the minority groups.

Leaving aside the argument as to the benefits of reverse discrimination in the first place, can it still be justified when the group(s) it was setup to benefit has exceeded the desired result of equality?


well a very quick google reported:

7% of Facebook identified as LGBT in the latest survey. https://www.cnet.com/news/facebook-diversity-stats-show-lgbt-numbers-for-first-time/

Githubs recent survey also reported around 7% LGBT https://www.wired.com/2017/06/diversity-open-source-even-worse-tech-overall/

According to the ONS around 2% of the population identify as LGBT



Re: Good point but .....

"Unfortunately, there are victims to this stategy but it is for the long-term and greater good as all these things tend to be."

i'm sorry but anytime someone starts talking about 'The greater good' claxons and and flashing red lights should be going off!

Also you need to be careful when the victims happen to be majority group that will eventually push back. Trump and co are the result of a disenfranchised majority.

Careful with the 'virtual hugs' says new FreeBSD Code of Conduct


geek feminism code of conduct. Are you fucking kidding me?

God this shit annoys me. Had a quick look through the Geek feminism code of conduct this is based on and came across this gem


COMMUNITY NAME prioritizes marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort. RESPONSE TEAM reserves the right not to act on complaints regarding:

‘Reverse’ -isms, including ‘reverse racism,’ ‘reverse sexism,’ and ‘cisphobia’

Reasonable communication of boundaries, such as “leave me alone,” “go away,” or “I’m not discussing this with you.”

Communicating in a ‘tone’ you don’t find congenial

Criticizing racist, sexist, cissexist, or otherwise oppressive behavior or assumptions


So basically it boils down to we can do whatever the fuck we want because we are special and you dirty whiteys don't get any rights.

Do people really not see that this kind of shit is just going to increase hate against minorities?

They are not even trying to hide their bias by mentioning 'privileged' peoples comfort versus marginalized people’s safety

How about you prioritize treating people equally and fairly and not encourage people to get upset at perceived in injustices? yeah I know, rhetorical question

Black Horse Down: Lloyds Banking Group goes TITSUP*


Except you know it wont be offshore bods thrown under the bus because that would mean that they have to admit that offshoring causes issues.

Its more likely to be blamed on one of the few remaining guys as a justification to move the rest offshore.

Never let a good crisis go to waste and all that

Google sued for paying women less than men


Re: Equal Pay for Equal work....

This is what i'm struggling to understand from what i've read.

The brief seems to indicate that people get placed in specific teams when they join. I'm guessing it can't be graduate placement because of the reference to 4 years of previous experience.

So does the recruitment process at Google mean that you apply to work there for a non-specific role and then they find the best spot for you based on your skills/interview/education?

I'm personally not sure i'd apply for a job at any company when the role wasn't well define before hand.

Google to relieve HTC of its phones biz – report


Re: My G1

I loved my Desire Z but ironically it was the phone that turned me off HTC as they stopped updating it pretty rapidly while other phones of the same HTC range were.

It also had several annoying bugs that were never ironed out and I never got a response from HTC about.

Google and its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week in full


Re: Reasonable Trolling

ah the equivalent response of jamming your fingers in your ears and going "nanananananana".

You know who else denies things without addressing the argument? Trump. Why are you such a Trump supporter?!?!?


Re: Casual Racism in The Register?

OK, but what if the facts you stated were true or positive? is it still racist?

You only have to look at the result of most marathons to see a host of Kenyan names. I think for all intense purposes you can say that Kenyan people do excel at some sports. I've read (skimmed) papers that talk about them having higher oxygen levels in their blood due to the altitudes they live in and the cultures of the villages there.

So do I get struck down for saying I think Kenyan runners are amazing? I used to do long distance running so I genuinely do think they're amazing!

This is where it gets interesting, If we are going to admit that there are differences between Kenyan runners and others, we have to admit that there potentially *average* differences between other races/sexes/demographic groups.

This certainly doesn't mean that if you were a coach putting together a track team you would discard all non Kenyan athletes but it does mean that even after you do proper selection trials it means that your team is likely to have a skew towards Kenyan athletes

There would be a number of athletes of other nationalities in your team who excelled and earned their place legitimately but if you said that I had to have only a certain percentage of Kenyan athletes so that I can be diverse then you are not going to win a lot of championships.

Your roadmap to the Google vs Oracle Java wars


Re: Oh dear...

lol as soon as I saw the title of the article, I knew who would be the author and what it would say before looking at it.

At least he has stopped quoting Florian Muller!

Can you ethically suggest a woman pursue a career in tech?


Re: "We need to promote women disproportionately, pay them equally or better..."

And that study doesn't take into account the role.

It is based on picking 100 random women and men and comparing the average wage.

It doesn't take into account pretty important factors such as job, experience, education etc.

Can we at least compare apples with apples please?

If we are going to pull random stats out of the air we can say that men are 20 times more likely to die at work so maybe they deserve an extra £1.30 an hour


Masterful malvertisers pwn Channel 9, Sky, MSN in stealth attacks


nation state

I can't be the only one thinking this level of sophistication is likely to have originated from a TLA agency.

Definitely think its time that Ad networks start taking on legal responsibility for what they distribute, this is becoming all to common!

Fleeing Aussie burglar shot in arse with bow and arrow


Re: Recurve or Compound?

Depends on the recurve bow.

I used to have several single piece wooden ones (15+ years ago). Not as powerful but with a much more ye-olde feel. They were stored unstrung but could be restrung in about 30 seconds including removal from the case.

Had a couple of long bows too but they were ridiculously hard to string and it would be better just to whack someone over the head with it!


Re: Bloke was lucky

I understand the reasons behind it but I really hate that you can't defend yourself against 'minor' crimes.

Instead you are meant to let the cops handle it which basically means that they will take a statement and then throw it on the too hard pile unless you happen to be rich and/or know the right contacts to get it properly investigated.

Anecdotal story: A friend of mine has his garage broken into and had several motor cycles stolen. 12 months later he is advised that the police knew the culprit (licence plate of the van used was seen in the street), did nothing about it for 8 months before bringing the owner in for questioning and then deciding that too much time had passed to secure a conviction.

British jobs for British people: UK tech rejects PM May’s nativist hiring agenda


but if the Frenchman is as good (or close enough) to the Brit but is cheaper then you are going to hire the Frenchman.

Furthermore if you know there is a steady stream of French that are all prepared to accept lower rates then your subsequent job postings are going to be based on that.

Lets face it though, most of the debate isn't about the levels of western Europeans in companies. People from similar economies are always going to have similar expectations and therefore more even competition.

The only way that companies aren't finding skilled labour locally is because they don't want to pay for it. They are used to a cheap, good enough workers and don't want to accept that skilled workers are expensive because they are skilled.

Dirty diesel backups will make Hinkley Point C look like a bargain


Re: Wind power in South Australia

"One of the many blessings of Brexit is that the UK wont be forced to adopt EU mandated energy strategies, but will be free to pick what is tried tested and proven to work instead."

You mean like Hinkley C which is using an untested design?

Non-doms pay 10 times more in income tax than average taxpayer group


Re: Fuck the poor then

In tax accounting terms yes the poor are worth less as tax generators, but the poor then get their revenge by absorbing more than they can ever repay from the tax streams that others pay.

The problem is that its only the middle class who end up paying the full tax rate.

The poor get lots of 'help'/subsidisation (yes i'm aware this is debatable) and the rich have the resources to find all the loop holes.

As someone who is likely to remain middle class and had to work hard to get there it does annoy me that changes to tax normally affect me in a negative way.

I am grateful that I am where I am but human nature is always going to look enviously at others getting handouts or avoiding responsibilities.

Having offended everyone else in the world, Linus Torvalds calls own lawyers a 'nasty festering disease'


Re: So, to sum up...


attention grabbing but misleading headline, check

half the article then converted into a hatchet job, check

obvious author bias, check.

basic click bait article designed to stir the pot. Pretty poor from El'Reg

Facebook, Twitter and Google are to blame for terrorism, say MPs


Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean its not there

There are numerous reports of reports of very high quality movies being released.

The video of that poor airman (at work so don't want to look up his nationality) that was burned to death in a cage was apparently professionally done.

Chances are that we are not the target audience for this stuff so we are unlikely to see most of it.

That Daesh spend so much time and effort on social media stuff says that it's seeing results from it.

Reports on Brit kids that have gone to Syria etc often show that they have been groomed through social media contacts.

This report is a load of crap and is just being used to further the govts desire to run a police state but I think its wrong to dismiss the effect of Daesh propaganda based on anecdotal evidence.

Osborne on Leave limbo: Travel and trade stay unchanged


I keep hearing people say that we will still have access to the single market but i'm yet to actually see anything that will confirm this. Boris mentioned it again in a column today.

I know that the Swiss (and others?) have access without being members but they have do all the things that the Brexiteers don't want to do such as payments and agreeing to EU rules on a lot of things etc.

Is there an agreed method by which we get access to the single market without all the conditions attached? It would be appealing if there was but it sounds a bit like wishful thinking!

Energy companies aren't going to slurp your personal data. Honest


Yes i'm sure consent will be 'explicitly' stated somewhere at the bottom of page 19 of the terms of conditions.

Energy companies are pushing too hard for this for it to be in anyones interest but their own!

Either that or the only way to get the best tariff will be to agree to it

Why Oracle will win its Java copyright case – and why you'll be glad when it does


Re: Florian Mueller

Yes why would anyone believe anything that Florian says after the clear bias he has towards Oracle.

I wonder if his bias has something to do with him being paid by Oracle for 'consulting'?

Hey you – minion. Yes, IT dudes and dudettes, they're talking to you


Re: Yeah, but no, but..

People may be happy doing the role and I have no issue with that. The problem is that a lot of these roles will be automated eventually.

We are only just starting the see the start of it with PaaS etc.

Systems are made to be automated, I can push a button at work and get a VM provisioned, it will have an application automatically installed (i.e. Tomcat/Websphere/Apache/Oracle/ELK/Mysql/Cassandra) with a basic configuration. We only use it for dev environments currently but there are plans to expand its use. The various middleware teams have seen their work tickets reduce by 20% since this was implemented.

This is only going to get more widespread once docker and co start to pick up steam. There will be administrators for the Docker platform (unless devops people have their way!) but it will be less than there would be for all the individual application areas.

The administrator role won't be going away any time soon but it will start compacting.


Re: Utter tosh and drivel

I agree and I think a lot of the issue is that the term engineer doesn't mean what it should. There should be a distinction between administration, engineering and architecture.

Anyone that doesn't think they need architects doesn't work in a mid to large organisation with multiple technical teams all pulling in different directions and using competing standards/technologies


Architects should be providing high level guidance on what tools to use and what direction to move in in line with the business plan.

The engineers then take this, design a platform and put it all together into a working system.

The administrators are then responsible for keeping everything running.

What often happens is that there isn't an actual engineer role but you get talented administrators doing the engineering work, and architects that want to be engineers but like being paid architect rates.

This creates a massive shit storm in the engineering space and everyone hates each other.

Make engineering a proper title again, pay it well, stop the mail room staff from being called correspondence delivery engineers and ensure that people in engineering role have the relevant skills/training to be able to do their jobs.

Google open sources Thread in bid to win IoT standards war


Re: Not sure I get the point...

yes, its called motion and its bean around for a long while.

I use it for home monitoring/security and doorbell type system.

If there is movement in the house during the day when i'm at work it records any movement, sends it to an offsite location and send a push notification to my phone.

If i'm home and someone approaches my door it sends a push notification to my phone with a link to the live stream of the door cam. That way I don't have to go downstairs to answer the door for another window salesman etc.

Cost a hundred pounds and a good few hours to setup but all using common components and open source software

NZ Pastafarians joined in noodly wedlock


Re: Bunch of tosspots

Its not a protest against religions, its a protest against the preferential treatment that religions receive in day to day life.

Why do certain beliefs get accepted? Why is the FSM any more or less disprovable from anything else?

Linux-fight! Dev's plan to bundle kernel patches sparks debate


Re: Good on him

The update process should be able to handle this unless you're saying that you think security only patches will follow a different process without regression tests etc.

I guess if you have an emergency patching procedure that skips or reduces the amount of regression testing done then it would be beneficial to be able to only update the security fix in question.

Testing bandwidth is one of the biggest constraints that I have to deal with so I do get the appeal of only deploying kernel patches when they are needed but for us they would still need to follow the exact same path as the standard update process

Swedish publishers plan summer ‘Block Party’ to thwart ad blockers


unfortunate effect

Moral discussions aside, it is unfortunate that add blockers are doing paid white-listing because it is allowing the advertising companies to make a lot of noise about racketeering etc which is distracting from the issue of why people are using add blockers in the first place.

From this they can build a platform, stand some politicians/lobbyists on it, push the whole innocent victims of extortion routine and then get some stupid legislation rammed through.

They must have rejoiced when they heard what adBlock et al were doing.

Elasticsearch cluster in a jiffy: Step by step


ELK not dev ops

I use ELK a fair amount and have absolutely nothing to do with dev ops.

I wish this article was better written and wasn't under the dev ops category because ELK is a really nice open source product (Paid features available but there are open source plugins that replicate) that can really help you understand what is happening in your environment as a whole.

Beyond the basics, it does take a bit to setup and you do need to understand the data its handling but its a good product that scales really well.

We use it for both high level dashboard type analysis as well as detailed troubleshooting.

From a single platform I can:

See any servers that have been stopped/started

See any exceptions that have been generated, broken down by cluster type

get application response times for individual calls or the average as a whole

report any transaction timeouts

track a user transaction from end-to-end across multiple different systems

long term trend analysis reporting

VMware axes Fusion and Workstation US devs


cognitive dissonance

Note: This is the one time in history I'll be complimentary of an Oracle product.

Oracle producing a good product that is open source.... just feels wrong!

I had to read and then re-read the license information before I would believe it

Pentagon fastens lasers to military drones to zap missiles out of the skies


Re: Isn't there a standard defence against lasers?


maybe for a couple of watt laser you get in a store, not for something military grade in the k/w range.

Actually the mirror would need to be perfect, a single spec of dust or abrasion would be enough to dump a load of heat into the surface to destroy that section of the mirror.

A laser pulse rate is at least 50Mhz so that spec of dust is going to get numerous pulses of energy no matter how fast its spinning.

The laser doesn't even have to destroy the missile completely, it just has to create just enough damage (hole, warping) that a missile travelling at > mach 3 will tear itself apart.

You haven't mentioned how you are going to get an extremely polished mirror to actually survive the stresses of being attached to an ICBM either.


Re: Isn't there a standard defence against lasers?

There is no way you are going to get a mirrored surface perfect enough the withstand a laser of any significant power.

Especially considering it needs to be resilient enough to withstand the forces of re-entry/high speed travel/launch stresses.

The slightest imperfection is all it is going to take to stop reflecting and start absorbing.

Asda slammed for letting vulns fester on its cyber shelves


horrible sign up process

I created an account with them a couple of weeks ago to do an online shop and noticed some issues with their sign up page.

They wouldn't accept my perfectly valid site specific email address of asda@catchall.XXXXX.com

The password was limited to 12 characters!

The had disabled copy/paste in the password fields so that my usual habit of using a password generator and then copy/pasting the password in was difficult.

I should have bailed but I was lazy and had just spent an hour putting stuff in a basket so signed up anyway.

I sent them an email highlighting my concerns with their signup page and got a voicemail (Indian accent) a few days later saying that they could see that I managed to create an account in the end so what was the issue?

They obviously don't give a flying fuck about security.

I won't be using them again and have since invalidated all the details I submitted in.

You, yes YOU: DevOps' people problem


I wish I could believe in the promise of Dev Ops.

The problem is that the developers think that Dev Ops simply means that they are now the Operations/engineers/architects.

Governance and strategy simply goes out the window in the rush to get the latest widget into prod. They don't care that they are building on extremely shoddy foundations and that while it works now, once you start extending the rest of the platform onto it, it's either going to come crashing down or require huge amounts of infrastructure resource to keep it limping along.

I'm sure that at its core that's not how its meant to work but that what all the developers I work with think and management goes along with it because of the promise of rapid delivery.

I've checked the deployment logs before and found instances of 22 deployments in a single day to a microservice! WTF!?!?

I would be interested to hear the experiences of others (Non developers) on their experiences on how they work in Dev Ops environments.

BBC risks wrath of android rights activists with Robot Wars reboot


Re: Big hammer

The flipper robots weren't the most exiting to watch granted but by the later seasons there were some fantastic bots with spinning, weighted discs and crushing jaws.

Razer was my favorite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Razer_(robot)

Many bots also 'evolved' righting mechanisms that effectively rendered the flipper bots toothless.

Typo in case-sensitive variable name cooked Google's cloud


Re: @ ben edwards

Yes, let's just throw away the correct way of doing things because people today are too lazy to bother to learn how to do things correctly.

After we get rid of the scourge that is case sensitivity, lets target other punctuation marks next. The semicolon is surely the work of the devil anyway.

I'm not too fond of vowels either, 95% of words will still make sense without them and think of how much keyboard space we could save wtht vwls n thm!

Per-core licences coming to Windows Server and System Center 2016


Re: Oh Joy!

I ended up spending 30K to rip out existing 12 Core CPUs to replace them with 6 Core CPUs (of a higher clockrate) for my Dev environment.

Ended up saving close to 1 Mil in licence costs.

There do seem to be a lot more CPUs coming through that run less cores but at higher speeds, suspect the chipmakers are realizing how people are trying to scale back on their licence costs.


Re: Oh Joy!

This is standard for pretty much everyone these days. Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, RedHat (for Jboss etc rather than RHEL) etc all use the same model

I do a lot of work with per core licensed software.

Run a VM on a 64 core host using 2 cores. Pay for 64 cores.

Run 2 VMs on a 64 core host using 4 cores. Pay for 64 cores

A rip off but if you're smart and have a big enough business requirement you can run 30 VMs on a 64 core host using "120" virtual cores and still only pay for the 64 cores.


Run 2 VMs on 2 x 64 core cluster using 4 cores. Pay for 128 cores even if both VMs are on the same host!

This is apparently because it is a cluster and there 'could' be a situation where each VM is on a separate node.

This means that we end up running many different clusters with each cluster dedicated to a specific licensed product. We cram in as much as we can because as soon as we add a new host to the cluster we have to pay for the full underlying hardware used which is often over 500k per server.

UK's super-cyber-snoop shopping list: Internet data, bulk spying, covert equipment tapping


Re: It's personal data

and how many of the above points would Talk Talk have addressed?

I'm so glad that companies with massive proven records of not being able to keep data secure is going to be handling so much more of it!

Europe fails to ban web 'fast lanes' – what now for Euro net neutrality?


Yes but what happens when you spend big bucks for your Porsche and then you try and drive down a road that is 'sponsored' by Toyota.

Suddenly you find that your speed is limited to 28 MPH, your cruise control wont work, your radio automatically switches to a station playing only ads and your cup holders fold themselves away.

That is what a two tiered internet offers.

4K catches fire with OTT streamers, while broadcasters burn




Thats my concern too and not alleviated by the comment from the Sky guy about needing to reduce the bit stream.

I remember when I went from Virgin to Sky TV and the difference between the HD channels was amazing. Virgin must use a bucketload more compression.

I've recently upgraded to a new 4K TV (a lower range Panasonic) and the difference between my old 1080i is astounding.

The biggest frustration is watching some of the UHD content on Youtube and knowing that UHD content as standard is so far away :(

Why the 'Dancing Baby' copyright case is just hi-tech victim shaming


yes because we often hear of all of those pesky small people who files millions of automated DCMA take down requests that get accepted by default without any consequences of mistaken fillings.

Oh wait....

I know, lets move into a world where every single possible combination of notes/words/thoughts are held under copyright and without any of that fair use malakey.

That way nothing new can ever be created without someone else getting a cut (see the recent decision where the 'feel' of Robin Thickes Blurred Lines was enough to trigger the lawyers)

That way big corporations (and lets face it, it wont be ordinary people owning anything) can get a cut for every thing that ever happens with the usual last minute extensions to copyright terms in perpetuity.

Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why


Re: Those of us who haven't "upgraded"

I had kinda accepted the system tray icon sitting there as it wasn't really interfering but the new popup behaviour is fucking* ridiculous.

Any vague intention of actually upgrading to 10 is now gone owing to the spamming way Microsoft is going about it.

*I really don't usually swear in public comments like this but I am well pissed off about it.