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Firefox 4.0 developers granted year of living dangerously

Paris Hilton

@AC 8/09/09 18:22

The address bar *should* be under the tabs, it doesn't make sense otherwise. The way it is at the moment (with the address bar at the top and tabs under) is saying "here's where you are, and in there are all these tabs". Having it tabs then address says "you're on this tab, and the page is at this address". Much better!

Paris for the whole on-top/underneath indecision.

Explorers unearth cat-sized rat


Reminds me

of The Princess Bride...

Oh dear, I'm admitting to having watched that trash...

Swedish bloke attempts lactation


Why not?

Science for science's sake I suppose, but I don't object to that. I'll be interested to know if it works. If I'm ever cursed with a crapping, pissing, snot-dribbling oik (i.e., child) I'd quite happily hand over a nipple to shut its whinging up. If it got some milk from it, good for it (although possibly not so good for me; see previous breast-cancer comment [Greg Fleming Posted Friday 4th September 2009 14:57 GMT]).

"All hands man the pumps" hahaha

Microsoft warns of 'irreparable harm' on court's Word injunction


I may hate m$oft

but this case was nonsense; both the arguments made and the ruling. Of course customers will have alternatives, and to claim they wouldn't, publicly, is nothing more than a sales pitch (and false advertising?).

Wasted billions of government IT spending exposed


Civil servant's response to Sir Runcible Spoon


MP asks UK.gov: Why are you still using IE6?

Gates Horns

@Firefox with IETab

Except sometimes PCs in government depts are "locked down" so much that you cannot download Firefox (more accurately: anything), or bring in CDs/pen-drives, to install it from. Any new software wanted on the network has to go through testing before it'll be allowed and rolled out. I'm not sure what the testing involves, but it sure is expensive.

With regards to IE6, I suspect it would be worth the price...

Scotland strikes national Oracle deal


Re: Hail the customer lock-in!!!

Existing systems using other DB technologies won't have to switch to Oracle. Redevelopments might be pressured into doing so, but they aren't especially common (probably systems pertaining to the Scottish Census will be replaced each time at the most often). There are systems in Scottish Government using MySQL, HSQL, Ingres (ffs), MS SQL, and of course Oracle, and probably more. They will continue to do so.

Data Centers get 'black box' flight data recorder


Slightly confused...

"Axxana says the result is ... no data loss whatsoever. It won't however promise 100 per cent data protection."

Is this not a contradiction?

Mine's the one with the "Data Protection for Dummies" book in the pocket.