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Windows 7 lessons - the must know before you buy

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I've been using WIndows 7 through the beta, RC and the RTM version. It's a much better operating system than Vista and XP. The biggest difference for me is how much more responsive it is. I'll be upgrading the rest of my company asap.

By the way, you failed to mention that to use XP mode you need at least the Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions

Vodafone's Access Gateway denies access

James White

Not all bad

We used to get no reception at all in our office, so the 90% of the time it does work is better than none. I think Vodafone should be applauded for this pioneering move, even if there is some initial teething troubles.

Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover

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example of a filter


James White

Not just home users

We get our leased line and colo space from easynet and its filtered there. I saw this on Friday when i tried to edit a wikipedia page. I must read our contract, if they are redirecting this traffic through their "filter" then what about our hosting traffic....

It sets a dangerous precident.

123-Reg takes weekend off

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Our website/email went down for a while but luckily I found this great free (with good reviews) DNS server backup. everydns.net enables you to use them as secondary (or 3th and 4th) DNS servers and they copy the zone file from your primary so you dont have to update the records in more than one place.

I'm moving all my domains away from 123reg anyway, a hosting company without proper DNS servers is an absolute joke.

Pandora shuts box on users outside US

James White

Surprised its not been shut down altogether....

There are plenty of bits of software out there that save the unprotected 128kbps mp3 files that the pandora streams to you, leave it on for a few days and you have a sizeable number of free mp3s. Too low quality for my use tho ;)


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