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MoD prays RAF disk thieves aren't data savvy



'T was the Deep ones...

The office could obviously be accessed through a hatch, leading to a watery tunnel.

RAF-personnel will now start disappearing under mystic circumstances. Some, but not all will be found again. Alas, all found will be raving mad.


Office 2007 fails OXML test


@Just to make this a three-way fanboy fight:

I agree, LaTeX is wonderful :).

The only problem is that the learning curve is a bit steep, so people aren't too happy in the beginning... A it hard to introduce to new persons, if they aren't writing something *highly* technical.

*Also a geek*

Pirate Bay-probing cop on Warner Brothers payroll


@ AC @ michael

"eg I can download series 2 or 3 of a U.S show and not yet buy series 1 on dvd."

Perhaps you meant "eg I can download series 2 or 3 of a U.S show and *still* not yet *be able to* buy series 1 on dvd."?

Your sentence indicates that this is a choice made by the person... :D

Move over Storm - there's a bigger, stealthier botnet in town


male-enhancement techniques

"male-enhancement techniques"... a wonderful euphemism :D

Oz organ recipient changes blood group

Dead Vulture

No, it wouldn't kill her

I also find it highly unlikely that this is a simple mistake, but would like to point out that the mistake (if it existed) wouldn't have been lethal.

If I'm not quite mistaken, a person with O+ can accept O- blood, and since she had/was believed to have O- before, this is what she would be given.

Well, there is blood on the pic.. :-D

Gene Simmons blames college kids for ruining music biz


Piracy = more people on concerts

I truly love the music of Nine inch Nails, but currently I wouldn't dream of paying for it because:

1. DRM. Why pay for a worse product than I can get for free?

2. The general hussle of paying for stuff over the net

3. I want the music on my computer/ipod, not on a disc.

However, I will happily pay to visit a concert/festival where Reznor plays (done both, eminent concerts both :-)).

Lords investigate 'unconstitutional' surveillance society


Use google, or possibly wiki...

Quote from Wikipedia:

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety", is an often misquoted phrase commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

The quote is taken from, "An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania," first published anonymously in London in 1759. The quote is an excerpt from a letter written in 1755 from the Assembly to the Governor of Pennsylvania.

Benjamin Franklin did publish the edition printed in Philadelphia in 1812, and most likely the original, but denies writing any part of it. The quote, however, may have originated from Franklin and been excerpted for the book by the author.


|333173|3|_||3, well hiding behind a mask of some kind might be an idea, but it's quite possible to recognize patterns in the way people walk. That is, theoretically there is no real need to see your face either :D.

I guess the only rational thing to do is to buy a Burqa, and then apply to the department of Silly Walks for a grant...

Dell's dance with Ubuntu: True love or farce?


Easy, yes, but why should they?

"As far as I see there is no market for a big box shifter like Dell sticking Linux on its PCs. Given how easy it is to install Linux in the first place I really don't see the point. Ubuntu installs in about six clicks of the mouse and providing it finds all your hardware (which unless it's really exotic it will) almost anyone can do. Linux is still far too much of an unknown quanity for Harry Homeowner to order sight-unseen. People need Windows preinstalling because for amateurs it can be difficult, Ubuntu on the other hand is a no-brainer. If I really need Dell to click the mouse to install Ubuntu then really I shouldn't be running Linux at all."

Yes, it's easy to run Ubuntu (even though I have spent quite a lot of hours modifying my xorg.conf...), but the amateurs are hardly likely to shift to it, especially after paying quite a lot of money for windows.

If they instead can buy a computer with it from sctratch, which logically *should* be cheaper than the windows model, don't you find it more likely they will?

But also as a person who runs Ubuntu of my own free will, I would appreciate to buy a machine with it pre-installed. Since I run an ATI-graphics card on my current computer, getting OpenGL to work is a bloody nightmare, and I don't really fancy buying a laptop with the same problem.


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