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Epic Games gets itself epically banned, launches epic Fortnite death match with Apple over App Store's epic 30% cut


What about PS and xBox stores

Come on chaps, what about PS and xBox, they both also take 30% cuts for anything bought in digital stores, no different to Apple/Google.

At end of the day consoles are no different to iOS/Android just that bit more mobile.

Dell buys out EMC in mega-super-duper $67 BEEELLLION deal


RIP Compellent/EqualLogic

Can't see Compellent or EqualLogic surviving this, or will VNX be the one that gets put out to the pastures.

Going to be some hard decisions to reduce the storage platforms all owned by Dell now.

GPs slam NHS England for poor publicity of data grab plan


Another Aspect

Been reading a lot about this and have opted out, you ask GP to add a code to your your records.

But reading further you can't opt out of the police accessing the information that leads me to think, that even if you do opt out your data is still being sent to the central DB, it just has an additional field that flags that you do not with your data to be allowed for the commercial use.

Microsoft no longer a top Linux kernel contributor


UK Contribution

If you sign up and read the report, Reg seemed to miss the UK contribution of our very own Wolfson Microelectronics being with the big companies, especially as they beat Oracle, Nvidia, AMD and ARM!

Dell: New storage dish? Nah - we'll just mash up EqualLogic and Compellent


Compellent iSCSI

We use Compellent gear for last 3 years and are moving it all to being 10Gb iSCSI, got to say it just works a treat. Dell have a bit of an issue here that Compellent can equally do iSCSI or FC just as good and then they are trying to push EqualLogic with iSCSI only.

Now Windows 8 goes into the ring to face Apple's iOS

Thumb Down


Tad bit of FUD here, as you can do all that you say with an iPad, check out iPad Mobile Device Managment software looks like it will cater for what you are talking about.

Apple ejects FT app from iTunes

Thumb Up

Apple Web Apps

Was this not the originally idea that Apple wanted everyone to do initially with first gen iPhone when there was no such thing as native Apps, Apple wanted all the apps to be web based, next came native toolkit and now we are going to revert back to Web Apps with HTML5 all good for the consumer not sure how Apple is going to make money though.

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader


HTML5 Angry Birds next??

Is this the swansong for iOS?

next up all the current native apps in iOS could be recreated in HTML5 version's. And that lovely 30% cut that apple takes disappears.

Dell's storage vision: From reseller to innovator



They do, currently looking into there kit and were looking at going the iSCSI route.

Dell takes x64 micro servers mainstream


Micro Servers?

Are these not just blade servers, looks like it.

Why call them Micro Servers, don't see the diffrence.

Amazon confirms the terms of its declaration of war on Netflix



Amazon does have ps3 player it's called LoveFilm.

They just need to extend the brand over to states, already got the tech in website and apps for iPhone as well.

HP cans EVA clustering


Days are numbered

Is this the first nail in the EVA coffin, think its days are numbered, are HP even going to release another generation of EVA?

VMare floats April date for cloud launch


For Real?

hmmm, it is 1st April after all.


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