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Nikon Coolpix S1000pj


missing something

why so many pictures of the photos taken, not one of the projected images?

Sony Ericsson confirms Android Xperia



I'm guessing the Rachael is a reference to Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Apple Magic Mouse



What you plebs don't realise is that this mouse built to match the new iHand which comes out in January. A brilliant white, perfectly smooth appendage that supersedes your pathetic meat digits. The surgery will only be available in apple stores, and you will need to purchase top level apple care if you want cover for your body's immune system rejecting the iHand.

The bog standard iHand will feature two digits while the iHand Pro includes an opposable thumb, in case you were tempted to use the iHand for non-awesome activities - ie those that don't involve other apple hardware.

Nissan ponders Pré-like cordless charging for e-cars


bumper cars

What would be better is a lattice of wires suspended above the roads like the roof of a a bumper cars ride, and give the cars a connector on a stick to link up. In fact, why not just give everyone bumper cars as well! Even kids can drive them, and they're the safest vehicles I've ever been in.

Blu-ray to boom despite downturn

Thumb Down

blu-ray - what's the point

If I watched my second favourite film on blu-ray and a 10k telly, it still isn't as good as my favourite film on DVD on my laptop.