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The new, new Psion is getting near production. Here's what it looks like


A great idea

A few years ago a company selling retro handheld game machines had an idea to create an 'ultimate' machine. Eventually Pandora delivered was late, over budget with various manufacturing / QC issues.

It was a brilliant little ARM based *nix box - capable of running Quake, full featured but very hobbyist and the only time I was an early adopter that paid up front.

The group is doing another called Pyra and they are much more realistic about managing expectations.

Boffins bust AI with corrupted training data


Badnet? Pfft!

(which they dub a “BadNet”)

Why not Skynet?

Brace yourselves, Virgin Media prices are going up AGAIN, people


After being a zombie customer I finally came to my senses and got shut of the TV last year .

They 'let' me keep the tivo, I guess hoping I'd be back.

I used to find VM's broadband reasonably solid but it has dropped off a cliff over the last month or so with some websites regularly failing to load altogether.

"with some websites regularly failing to load" ;)

LHC finds a new and very charming particle: the Xicc++ baryon


Re: Awe

- I "read" this article and frankly, haven"t a clue what it's on about.

- I am honestly in awe of these people that understand this stuff.

I'm definitely putting Quantum Dynamics as my religion / "belief system" on the next census.

At least scientists can prove what they believe even if the rest of us can't understand it.

btw - They got me confused with scientologist last time ;-)

Lyrics upstart Rap Genius blacklisted by Google for Justin Bieber SEO scam


They just flipped the coin and changed the game

Now instead of 'How do we get our rankings higher?' it's just become 'How can we blacklist the other sites?'

I'm guessing it'll shift the game to insert bogey links in other sites; then a swift report to Google (Sir! Sir! Have you seen what Smithy has done?) and one less competitor to out rank you

Looks like a short time of blacklisting fun can make a difference to revenues

Valve uncloaks prototype Steam Machine console specs


"[Coomer] also said that photos of the prototype boxes would be coming soon, but that for now they're still in too raw a state to share with the public."

And if it doesn't look like a Portal Sentry Turret I'm not interested

Boffins: Tireless star spurted deadly jets for half an hour at a time


1 billion miles?

Shouldn't that be one beeellion miles?

Voyager 1 arrives on ‘magnetic highway for charged particles’


Re: Far enough...

> But seriously, I would laugh my pants off if it hit a massive black wall full of little white lights.

Sounds to me like it did .. entering and reentering the magnetic field ...

If it does manage to get through and out: Is it insured for crossing the galactic super highway?

Arctic ice shrinks to ‘smallest in satellite era’ - NASA


I'm no longer sure whether I'm looking at typos or sarcasm

Deadly domino effect of extinction proved by boffins


too simple a study

In this one predator/one prey scenario I see how it works, but to scale that up to the plains of Africa and fish in the sea where many predators eat many prey is ignoring many other factors.

Publicity driven science seems to have all the simple answers

Door creaks and girl farts: computing in the real world


Re: Can you still get Spangles?

Why not phone up the factory and see if they will give you the source -erm recipe, etc, etc

UK.gov proposes massive copyright land snatch


so could I ...

With this legislation could I register myself as a company and say "Suuure I tried to contact the rights owners of my media collection, but no-one was home." Then sit back and watch lawyers fight it out between themselves. In a cage preferably. With water pistols. And baboons

Minecraft maker plots ultimate videogame for coders

Thumb Up

I'm thinking that his will do better than R-Pi for getting the kids into coding.

How long before someone releases it has hardware? Oooh! Big Trac with DCPU interface ?!?



It is the game I bought my first PC for :)

Google rejigs search bar (again)


know what i miss?

I miss the little loading thing.

Google now loads stuff in the background and you'll never know if the connections halted or someone tripped over the wireless or switched on the microwave or stood a brew on the server or ...

Threesome ends in arrest as wife struck by pair of TVs

IT Angle

Pictures or ... never mind. It was in Florida. I'll keep my imagination in LA

Pandemonium as Microsoft AV nukes Chrome browser


In this modern era of cloud computing and choice who is still locked into just one browser/OS/w'ever

Multiple redundancy is a known fix for many IT errors

Lincs bloke fined in deceased hedgehog outrage

IT Angle


Henceforth I shall refer to number twos as 'covering a hedgehog'!

DARPA shells out $21m for IBM cat brain chip


you need tittle tattle

I'm waiting for one of them to come up with something they can call positronic.

And promise they are "three laws safe" (tm)

164XXX jubs shake Middle England



Yeah the son was disgusted that Mom nearly caught him with a stiff one in his hands.

Or maybe when he ''sneezed'' because he had a cold and mommy cleaned him up.

I'll wipe off me coat

Elite coder readies £15 programming gadget for schools


online virtualisation would be better

>How about a virtual machine that speaks machine code and does groovy retro things, connected to a social networky thing so that kids can incentivise each other through achievements, challenges, contests and what not. The BASIC, Pascal, SmallTalk etc interpreters could be unlockables...<

Computers are already out there, but the hardware is hidden behind layers of libraries that makes coding a high level exercise. And this runs *nix which hides the hardware behind layers of libraries and perpetuates the high level paradigm.

What's needed is a virtual hardware with LEDs, keys and buzzers and training for educators to enthusiastically teach it


This is a solution looking for a problem

The people here who really want this are already experienced bit-shifters and not used to a teaching environment

The 8bit computers were a futuristic marvel in their time which got kids interested. Now they're museum pieces with no sense of wonder cause they can't watch cats falling over on youtube with them.

8 colours? 16 pixel sprites? Bleeps? This is an iPod world and the kids need something to WOW them.

Put it on tracks with sensors and let them write a maze solver - an educational tool not just a fancy box.

Japanese nuke meltdown may be underway


final straw?

I guess this is a deal breaker for clean energy in the future.

Windmills are here to stay

'Poo-powered' Volkswagen astounds world+dog


McFly - pass me that banana skin

Does this mean that portable powerstations fired by *ahem* organic matter will soon be fitted behind the seats of deLoreans?

It's bad enough following chip-shop smelling fat-burners

I'll get me coat coz I'd rather walk there

Approaching space object 'artificial, not asteroid' says NASA


put the truck into overdrive

drain all the fuel and head for the island .. with an AC/DC soundtrack

Mechanic drove three miles with angry bloke on bonnet

Paris Hilton

once again the police go after the little man

... literally in this case. Were they intimidated too?

Most browsers leave fingerprint that can ID users


only nerds?

Does this mean that granny who doesn't add any plug-ins or fonts is less trackable than the tech-savvy?

Does this also mesh with target market?

I would've thought that the larger/more lucrative market is the casual email/shoppers rather than tech-savvy cynics

Herschel 'scope peers into 'truly empty' space hole

Paris Hilton

It's evil

Pure and simple and black and it will absorb everything until Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich can fall in love to stop it

Google hits back on privacy record


buzz buzz a diddle it

Way to bring back memories of an anthem from .. oooh .. 30 years ago!?!

Rockabilly & Matchbox FTW

Sampler ...


Boffins snare swollen 'excited giant' in forcefield prison


I read that while sagely nodding

Then I realised I hadn't taken in a word and was singing along to the radio instead.

But in Quantum Physics I can do both.

Pfft! I no kwantum fizzicks, me.

Boobquake fails to destroy planet


Am I too late?

Why weren't we warned about this *before* it actually happened?

Then I could've been prepared in case a flesh-flasher was wandering in front of me.

Broadband boss: 'The end of freeloading is nigh'


I don't get it

Is he saying that broadband is overvalued or tv is overpriced?

'R2' robot to join space station crew, says NASA


Why not make it tin-can shaped?

did they make it humanoid so it would fit in a EVA suit and then be able to go outside?

Ash cans flights for another day


cancel the election!

By my reckoning this will turn into acid rain and lung burning fumes just in time for May 6th.

Gordon will be forced to cancel the election and declare himself PM-for-life

Wii Fit fall woman turns into nympho


pass me a wii and stand back

what the title says

Cartoon Law goes live


what next?

you'll be asked to close your eyes in Toys 'R' Us when passing the pole-dancing kits

tin foil hats at the ready for when the though crime detector vans appear

LHC particle-punisher in record 7 TeV hypercollisions

Paris Hilton

does this mean

a black hole really did swallow us whole and spat us into an identical parallel universe?

Bill Gates goes (mini) nuclear

Thumb Up

I'll have two

one at the house and one at work, so I can juice up a leccy car

Oh and one in the middle of nowhere for when I run out of go

LHC boffins crank beams to 3.5 TeV redline


One thing I'm unsure about ...

These protons whipping round and round gain angular momentum from the surroundings .. Earth

Not to question where the dump is located cos that may make things worse!!

Doom Gloom and 48hour days!!

Study shows gaming can hinder reading, writing progress


re: moral maze

So .. what you're saying is ban research - think of the kidz?

But this made me :/

"boys who received the video-game system immediately spent more time playing video games"

Google borgs online photo editor


This [st/applic]ation is fully operational!

I, for one, welcome our new web based empire overlords.

... I just wish I could think of a relevant Caprica quote - but there are none ;)

Extreme pr0n suspect has his internet access suspended

Black Helicopters

I want to know: what crime this was tagged onto

What else was he doing to have his HD looked at?

Or is the law now able to enter your home and check all your computers, back-ups, C64 & Spectrum tapes ... ?

Vote, vote, vote for Barbie the computer engineer

Paris Hilton


Playmobil (de)construction may be required

Who plays Barbie?

LHC pulverises previous record: 2.36 TeV surprise collision!


just trying to pre-empt the next story, but ...

Another night's sleep broken ... what power did it get to, then?

trains crashing into nuclear storage casings, fireworks exploding, icecaps melting ...

Nightmare machine indeed!


Another high energy run from the nightmare machine

Another night's sleep ruined ... Lights in the sky, dreams of clowns with custard pies; and Augustus Gloop

Will the nightmares never end? Switch it off now!


LHC smashes Tevatron record: Humanity enters the unknown


There's something strange happening

Is this why I couldn't sleep last night?

Although I wasn't aware of the terror being induced in the matter being spin-dizzied in the caves of France, my sleep was broken by strange dreams of swatted flies, traffic accidents and *ahem* fluid leaks.

Investigations must be carried out of the possible implications on our collective psyche!

Appeal Court: Mod chips infringe game copyright after all


Paid by the word?

What a load of ... erm ... 'hot air' ... to recognise that a mod chip allows counterfeit products to be displayed!

It's funny* that only in the last sentence common sense is mentioned.

Maybe if that was applied at the start a whole load of money & time could have been saved...

The start being ... ? 1984? 1973? 1066??

* Funny; being peculiar, worthy of note and not at all amusing

Boffins 'write directly to memory' of living brains

Big Brother

Uh, wait .. What?

Does that mean we'll all have a flickering box of light in the corner of the room giving us implanted memories?

Uh, wait. What?

Doctor investigated for posting inkblots to Wikipedia



miffed coz they're exposed as not scientific

Riot police raid birthday barbecue for 'all-night' Facebook tag


A helicopter for disco lights in the sky?

Who invited the strippers?

They were a bit too realistic. And early!



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