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Microsoft gives away Windows Phone 8 licences in India – report

Noodle Noggin

"**Free Windows Phone licences.....

** For a limited time only."

Gold reading star for you! Janet and John book 3a next?

Ditch IE7 and we'll give you a FREE COMPUTER, says incautious US firm

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Re: I ditched IE in 2000.

"Haven't looked back.

Ugly, ugly, ugly attempt at building a web browser."

So you're ignorant of what it's like now, 13 years later. Did you think this'd make you look good somehow? (Rhetorical question, considering the source.)

Lenovo Yoga 10: Mediocre tech, yes, but beautifully fondleable

Noodle Noggin

Re: Uh oh @Martin Maloney 07:21

"I consider it highly likely that the Lenovo Yoga 10 has exactly the same number of "actual bits inside the case" as every other 16GB/32GB Flash - 1 GB RAM tablet."

The comment was about the quality of the components, not how many there are.

Kettle 'which looks like HITLER' brews up sturm in a teacup

Noodle Noggin

Re: @AC 06:30 (was: I almost peed myself laughing...)

"I said "people as a whole" not "each individual person".

In that post, yeah. However, the generally supercilious tone in your posts makes it clear that you look at things as "you" and "people".

"Individual humans can be quite intelligent. "

Ooh, how charitable of you to consider the possibility.

"Groups of humans, on the other hand, not so much. Look up "mob mentality" to see where I'm coming from."

Generalisations aren't a good argument. Need to look up "mob mentaility", do I? Assuming I need to? c.f. supercilious.

"And then learn to think for yourself. If you are capable."

QED ...

Rampaging gnu crashes Microsoft Store, hands out literature

Noodle Noggin

Re: A little fed up with all the Linux bashing @fmaxwell

"We've got multiple different flavors of Linux boxes at work and some of the most brilliant engineers you're likely to meet (we build satellites, space probes, and rockets) and even they, with degrees from schools like MIT, find themselves perplexed."

In fairness, no reason why they should have to understand Linux if they want to design rockets. They're using it as a tool for their main job, after all. They should be concentrating on that rather than dicking about with OS stuff. Use the OS/apps which get the business's work done in the workplace and people can use whatever the hell they want at home.

Ten... Valentine's Day gifts for her

Noodle Noggin


Well, strictly speaking, pink *does* generally mean it's meant for girls. Doesn't mean it'll appeal to them though. :)

Blue/silver, though? Blerk!

Comet sheds 450 jobs in biz survival struggle

Noodle Noggin

@ KarsG

Cynical? Probably. Sad? Yes, so very, very much so ...

Ballmer email kicks off second round of Microsoft layoffs

Noodle Noggin


Much as I'm inclined to point out the churlishness of wishing people would lose their *jobs*, I have to admit there are very few developers who don't seem to need a couple of 7.62 NATOs in the back of the head for one reason or another. Amazingly, a lot of them (or at least people claiming to be developers,) on the comments pages here. The old-style lobotomies just don't seem likely to be drastic enough to fix their problems.

Linux on the desktop: cheap trick or pragmatist’s dream?

Noodle Noggin

Re: no chance

Damien, with regard to your question, I suggest you read the AC's comment of 8.30. Specfically the last bit. And he's not the first to point out that people like you are probably the biggest obstacle. Do you actually think you're going to bend people to your way of thinking with abusive nicknames? Even Linux evangelists who start with (correctly or incorrectly,) reasoned arguments fall back to 'Well stick to Windows if you're stupid then" if people don't see the light about Linux (or rather how great they are for pointing it out.) Pfft.

You should also bear in mind that the opposing argument is just as often about actual programs rather than compatible programs. If Linux doesn't have something for a given task with all the required functionality then it's not suitable for purpose, is it? That's your Playstation comment invalidated too, by the way. Consoles don't have the games I want to play. "Wine, anyone?" someone will say. Gosh, never tried that. Oh - yes I did. Too slow. And I don't know whether 3rd parties will support their stuff running on it. Thankfully I've kept my Windows install so I truly have a choice.

"More powerful CAD." How so? "Additional extra cool features." Such as? Cool and/or powerful when on Linux, bloat when on MS platforms. Got it.

Apologies to the survey guys for the rant, and to well-adjusted Linux users if you feel included in it. You aren't. It's purely an anti-zealot rant. Which they'll no doubt paint as a rant against Linux, as usual.


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