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LOHAN to straddle meaty titanium rod


Re: alu plate/sacrificial pad?

Agree with the lack of need of the allu plate - that way you don't risk melting the structure of Vulture 2 with the any exhaust reflecting off the plate as well as not risking melting a plate? Plus you then remove mass from the end you want to be lighter in case of a downward slide launch...

Is there some possibility that the v-tail could become entangled in the truss, if it rotates about the the rod? A possible way round this would be to have a predator drone style v-tail (upside down)...

PARIS threatened by the bends


Only Shrink using the dope?

If water shrinkage plus dope shrinkage is too much shrinkage, can you not just dope it, and go for only one lot of shrinkage -or am I missing something ?

Europe won't pay more for Windows 7. Really!


System Requirements

Nice to see that Amazon are clued up on what you need for Windows 7:-

Windows 7 Home Premium E (PC)

by Microsoft

Platform: Windows XP / Vista

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System Requirements

* Platform: Windows XP / Vista

UFO fleet menaces east London



Fortunately however the bloke in question was persistent with his love of the spycar so can be found in the next shot down the road still going for it....