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Google ordered to destroy Oz Street View data


Re: That's nice. Facebook rebuffed similar action by taking data offshore.

Re: Has "The Australian Privacy Commission" noticed that California based google is completely out of their jurisdiction?

We have (Google Australia) headquarters here in Sydney AU.

Google Australia Pty Ltd. Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, NSW 2009. Australia.

It's unclear if the street view wifi data slurp was sanctioned by headoffice in USA or AU headquarters.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

IMPORTANT: to know & think about 'FACKBOOK bypassed some of its USA privacy laws and legal issues' by taking its Users data offshore where their privacy/data retention laws are more lax.

FB User data is stored in Ireland. See further link: http://europe-v-facebook.org/EN/Objectives/objectives.html

Google could possibly have some unknown offshore datastores, where they could have encryted duplicate stashes of all the worlds streetview wifi slurp tucked neatly away! and feel they too; may be above the law.

Hopefully the law takes this into account when drawing up its final compliance draft.

Just a thought! ;-)

Google expected to cough measly $22.5m for Safari privacy gaffe


Re: Cost vs Reward + 5hrs pay $20 million

Right on cue there! that's chicken feed to what they get in return for what should be 'our private data' obviously sold for a hefty return. Re: statement by the WSJ, Google racks up sales of over $20m roughly every five hours.

Typical Google board meeting: on todays agenda we have 'Spying, Privacy breaching cost offsets' [show of hands to breach privacy of our user base? raise your hand; all say [I] for additional pay bonus!

On a serious note: take your security n privacy into your own hands, block all that crap out: with host file edits, block-lists/filters, ABE custom rule sets. the 'Do not track' setting in your browser won't stop tracking either.

They're using bypassing methods either in .js, cookies, php logging etc.

We've even got super cookies now that really never get deleted, they stay hidden & can be called upon even after deletion :-( I've been researching nefarious cookie syncing & ever/super cookies for almost 2 years, with some very eye opening results. The webs playing dirtier based on our use of ad blockers. They've gotta get one up on us.

Aus cyber-safety unit loses punters' info in the post


AusCERT should know better! Read expanded info ;-)

Ikr. ;-/

I'm pretty sure this is another case of AU Gov cost cutting at it's best!

Let us Aussies in InfoSec - now bow our heads in shame!

Especially if the blunder really did come from AusCERT.

Aussie Online safe practices!? definatley don't pracice what they should be preach'n! o.O

That DVD was an irrespondible privacy breech, sending it via Australia post.

Private systems information should have been hand delivered by a systems admin or team member i.e. special delivery and upon receipt; require a signature declaration document for the Data DVD, they could have also choosen to store the Data-Dvd info on a network ready for transfer with details for sFTP/SSL/VPN tunnel transfer to new appointed system owners. At least that would be encrypted and a safe transfer method.

Note how they state: there's no privacy breaching here!? as the passwords where hashed.

Many of us in this forum know it doesn't take much to rainbow table/brute those password hashes

Should that data fall into the wrong hands, or get leaked.

I'm sure if an interesting name was found on that Database list: like - say 'Senitor Steven Conroy' we'd see that one get special attention to bruteing and leaking; to prove a point that privacy & Infosec should be taken seriously.

I'm doubly sure if our very own telecommunications minister's accounts got pwn'd they'd soon start making privacy/Infosec etc. High on their agenda for funding a new policy amendmant ;-)

Computer error triggers mass rocket launch


USA's 'Premature Ejeculaunches'? On July 4th ;-D

They've always gotta get to the big Bang fast.

Re: Virus in our software. Pfft please! lol

Next Excuse will be: We've had specialist analysist's concluded that we've indeed been Pwn'd by a Hacker!

El Reg in email address blunder


Wot a eMail-Cock-Up!

Sure we can all make mistakes "but this is a wh00per"!

I find this announcement rather flimsy to say the least! - with no other excuse given other than "Someone was in a hurry and something was overlooked" I was one of those unfortunate people on the list and was notified by the email below and sent to this linked article. Not Happy Reg!

EMail notice Paste here --> Hello,

This morning the name and email address you used to register for The

Register was mistakenly sent to 3,521 individuals, also readers of

The Register.

We've contacted them asking them to delete the email and respect your


We are of course terribly sorry for this error and have reported

ourselves to the ICO. Our initial statement is here:


You are free to edit or delete your account details here:


If you have any questions or would just like to rant at us please

send emails to mailto:data@theregister.co.uk

Best Regards

The Register

Popular FTP package download tarball poisoned


MD5 hashes Pplz ;-)

Run the hash; for Checksum changes; doing MD5 hash comparison would have given away any nasty re-packing efforts.

I run the Hash check on everything I download. There's many neat little programs/apps you can use to do these checks.

You can't loose; Always match MD5 to check for file changes.

Australia toughens cybercrime laws


Oz Cybercrime efforts highly confusing and largely inaffective.

Im not sure that they know what they are doing. To start with; let alone passing Warrant-les bills.

This is a total violation of peoples privacies and can be abused by authorities. Im all for Counties sharing information when it comes to Nabbing the bad guys. But mostly the bad guys get away with their crimes. It would seem the small cyber criminals are the ones that get caught, while the large Cyber Criminal rings go unpunished; due to lack of Funding, Lack of White hat skill; Lack of Sites for people even knowing where to report these crimes.

I sadly see our Cyber Crimes Units in OZ failing. They haven't even got all their departments properly worked out. If you go to the 'Australian High Tech Crime Centre' www.ahtcc.gov.au it just bounces of the The Federal Police Website; Then there's a large list of what The Federal police will and won't handle. Not clearly outlined.

Then there's the NSW Cyber crimes task force - I don't know where thats gone, because when you go to that website, there's no real reporting there either its just basically a police site. Then there's the ACCC for Scam reporting, they are largely overworked, lack of funding to do anything really concrete. They have no jurisdiction to overseas scam's. To enforce anything. But keep the public aware of such scams etc.

Mostly all these departments just pass the buck and nothing gets fully sorted due to chaos.

I think our Country needs to work out how they are dealing with Cyber crimes and have there correct channels sorted out; before any bills are passed; with other countries.

Re: More than 40 countries have either signed or become a party to the Convention, including the US, UK, Canada, Japan and South Africa.

I wonder if that includes India? coming party to the Convention.

Because the scamming thats coming out of those Indian calls centre's is beyond a joke!

One of India's largest call centre's is rife with Cyber Crime syndicates. Money Scams, Software Antivirus Scams, Bank and Social Security Scams, Tax scams, you name it; these dudes are doing it.

Because we allow our Comms to be outsourced to these people. Therefore they have our client databases, to make those nasty scam calls too.

Wake up Australia. Lets get Cyber Crime working constructively!

First Australian ISPs launch Interpol internet filter


ISP 'Voluntary" filtering OMG what next to get this passed?

I agree with both Steven & Peter's comments above:- This is a small baby step to edge in the real thing because Filtering has been apposed so defensively by us Australians for some time now.

And using the Child Pornography card is quite a strong start to tricking the uninformed to allow Filtering to be passed.

I will always be in opposition for Filtering. There are other way's to stop bad guys and protect our children, without ruining it for everyone else.

I'm all for trying to cripple these Child Pornographers and Pedophiles - but these voluntary or mandatory ISP filtering moves won't stop a thing.

Those in the know are fully aware of the Sicko's use of P2P and VPN, Invite only sites with Password Access only, These dudes are Tech savvy; They're already Underground in their Private forums and Communities - Invite only VPN's [Virtual Private Networks] etc.

These steps are just pushing those nasty sicko's further and further underground and no filtering is ever going to reach there.

At least with some transparency comes arrests and seizures. And then comes the plea bargaining to hand us the ring leaders to lesson your time. 'So to speak'.

I don't know - I just think it's crazy to push these sicko's further underground. Where they can be virtually unstoppable! It seams this where we are heading?! If we don't stand up and fight.

NoScript 2.0 beefs border patrol

Thumb Up

Awesome! NoScript - Voted Best addon in my book :)

I agree totally Giorgio Maone has done a great job with NoScript; more pplz should donate! he puts a lot of time and effort into this project.


Re: When will MS copy this kind of functionality? It's a compliment that they haven't tried to yet but they also can't confuse the masses.

I don't think they ever will - functionality to the masses is key to MS. Mostly only advanced users know how to use NoScript effectively.

Besides if MS implements content/script blocking technologies; it would upset the balance of business; can you image how Adobe & Sun Micro systems would feel if MS blocked it's content? ;)

Secret Aussie blacklist leaked


Leaked List = March 2009 Link HERE!

Hi All,

I am new around here - :) Live in Oz, though - was born in England.

I have been a Register viewer for many years and [yeah – funny; now I decide to comment on this topic].

I have a link for those of you who want to see the said leaked list below: It’s back up for grabs on wikileaks after the raid.

Hopefully the Government think long and hard about this one - I don't think Senator Conroy realised What a can of worms he was opening, guess he's getting more than he banked for here! - I hope this @ISP Level Filtering Censorship will die a fast-sorry death! - it's not the way to go. We are trying very hard here in the OZ to fight it. There's better ways than this - to try to stop the child porn etc.

If, anybody is Interested? Here is :The leaked list.

http://www.wikileaks.org/wiki/Australian_government_secret_ACMA_internet_censorship_blacklist%2C_18_Mar_2009 Scroll further down to list see all the entries.

YouTube is going to be happy if they get misflagged/blacklisted – due to false positive or scripting engine malfunction due to a few YouTube Vids on that list.

Have a gr8 day!



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