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US state bars sex offenders from 'social networking sites'


Worthless law

First of all unless you can secure an IP 100% of the time there is NO way you could even track a person using these sites. So yeah its basically unenforceable. There as simply way to many ways a person can hide their tracks if they so desire.

Microsoft offers Windows 7 early and cheap to volume customers



When i got word of the requirements of Windows Vista i built a new system just for it. I had no problems with compatibility other then they screwed over my sound blaster lol.. I use both Vista and XP and i like Vista better. A software company doesn't have to tailor its OS to the current user base. I mean when a state of the art video game is released and you have to upgrade the video card to play it full on you don't hear people whining and crying. They either upgrade to the required specs or play it at a lesser setting. The same really applies to operating systems. Heck there are still windows 95 users around the world if not windows 3.2. Did Microsoft make a mistake from a general marketing perspective with Windows Vista. Yes for those with systems that couldn't enjoy all it had to offer sure. I'm from the DOS era and i remember with every new OS comes a i won't buy it 30 gazzilion resistance is futile nay sayers.

Opera to 'reinvent the web' in four days


Still won't be mainstream

No matter what Opera does it will still remain a small niche market similar to those who use Linux. It doesn't really matter who got what from where as long as its the best browser available. Currently the best browser available is IE8 <<< former FF3 user for many years. Regardless no company is going to change or reinvent the web in 4 days.

Look at Google, they pretty much own it and well small companies like Opera can't compete with monsters like Google now can they. The next powerhouse browser to keep an eye on is Chrome and it's future advancements. They have all the money.

Microsoft takes hard line on Win 7 hardware

Thumb Down

I wouldn't worry

All my periphials are Logitech. They seem to work flawlessly on Windows Vista. People read too much into a story. I doubt its even remotely legally possible to per say all you can use is a Microsoft mouse or keyboard as hardware manufacturers can write drivers to work with any operating system. Microsofts biggest failure in Vista was killing off fantastic sound cards. I built a new system just for Vista ;)

Nork nuke quite a lot less powerful than Hiroshima


Don't they realize the United States

Could at any time wipe The People's Republic of North Korea off the face of the planet in the blink of an eye. It amazes me that they do not understand that simple fact. Would we? I would hope not but its the truth that we have the capability to do so and they do not should we ever be pushed to that brink. We have subs not far from North Korea that are per say Nuclear Armed and Ready at all times. North Korea really has no allies no matter what they may claim not even China who condemned the test. We could probably take out their entire military machine by conventional warfare means in a few short days if we as a nation/world chose to. Those are the facts. WTH they can't feed their own people and once crap hits the fan those forced to be soldiers would be on the defect ship out.

US military shows off hack-by-numbers battlefield gadget


First thing to go

Anybody with any military background at all knows that your enemy's communication network will always be first hit targets. Its easy to take out and entire wired/ wireless/transmitted network with conventional weapons. Generally speaking all that will be left is portable sat communications as wired and cellular will be destroyed. Any mobile communication operations will quickly be taken out as well. AWACS for the win! The best communication of your opponent is no communication at all. It's really pointless to then try and hack a non-existant network.

Windows 7’s XP Mode — Virtually worth the effort



I figure if you want to have new toys you need to buy the new toy. Thats Microsofts problem in trying to be a do all. It's really simple. If you want to continue to use XP programs then keep XP but don't blame anybody when a developer writes a program that will only run on Windows 7.

I find it stupid that they are even doing this VM thing with XP. One word "Upgrade* or stick with the old and out dated OS you've come to love. I love Vista, I will love Windows 7 even if i have to upgrade to enjoy all that it has to offer. New is good, New is fun. Life is about experience even if its a new shiny thing like Windows 7.

Microsoft gears up for Windows 8


Already ;)

I installed Windows Vista on day one release. I actually built a system just for Windows Vista so i had no problems at all with it. I think its the best OS so far. I will upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as it comes out as well and verson 8 whenever its released sometime in the future. Though upgrades may not offer tons of new features they always offer many new featrues and when it somes to new features i like them ;)>

Recession takes chunk out of game sales


Not because of recession

It's because most of the games produced in the past several years are crap. I'm playing DAOC. Why since its a very old game? Because its the best of the best and you are going to find that people who demand more will not pay for recently released crap titles as of late..

Texas senator wants to ban Vista purchases


Reminded me of those silly "Don't Mess With Texas" road signs

I've been a windows vista users since day one release and i haven't had a single issue with it to be honest. If Windows 7 requires the same modern day hardware that ticked off XP users then their will be more crying once it's release as well. I'll be uprading to Windows 7 as soon as its released because i enjoy the new experience even if i have to learn a little more.

LG fu**ed off with swearing


Gotta be kidding

What are they doing about the brain pollution of modern day TV filled with glorified violence. Profanity is pretty much harmless. How about focusing on the real issue and making TV family orientated like it used to be. Shock and Awe television is out of control. Thankfully there are actually TV stations that provide good family entertainment like TVLAND. Something of focus. Try watching a televison program that entertains. When was the last time you were entertained?


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