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Mac update has 3D issues with VMware Fusion, ATI card

Matthew Sinclair
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Well duhhh

ATI has ALWAYS been problematic.

Why the heck do you think they got bought out by AMD?

Wasn't because they "perform better" that's for sure!

Maybe ATI should get off there rump and fix there bloody hardware/drivers for a change.

Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'

Matthew Sinclair

This article is crap.

Im sorry... but the odds of finding a windows machine that actually comes with anything decent as far as programs or software is the likely hood you will NOT get infected with a virus in the first 10 minutes of being out of the box.

"Word" and Excel" are a part of the office suite which cost anywhere from 150 to 300 US Dollars.

People who whine about the price of the Mac should realize that they come with iLife '09 and for a scant 49 bucks you get iWork '09.

That's a fact... not a joke... top that off with Apple Mail.... and other useful applications which make windows look like trash.

If you don't like some of the apps you can actually <gasp> remove them and get your own.

Try doing that in windows.... yeah.. right.

El Reg should stop circling the Apple and start circling Microsoft as there caracass of an operating system starts to rot.

PS: NO apple is not perfect.... but this article is bullcrap. If your that picky... go build a bloody hackintosh and sahdup.

Fanbois will abandon iPhone for Palm, says Wikisugardaddy

Matthew Sinclair
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Palm is a very old person

That needs to have its plug pulled..and taken off life support.

BlackBerry advert sticks it to Apple

Matthew Sinclair


Nothing can touch it eh?

There right... no one will touch the damn thing... its worthless!

We sell im in the shop here..... waste of time! We hardly sell them as it is.

The iPhone is just too damn good anyway!

New-age cyber-attack inflicts major damage with modest means

Matthew Sinclair

Windows has a firewall?

On which planet are you from?

Mac OS 10.5.6 problems? Apple suggests shampoo

Matthew Sinclair
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No problems...

All of the macs in this household are just fine.

You guys must be doing something wrong.



How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008

Matthew Sinclair

Real People play EVE Online

We think WoW is for kids.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSt-b0ksr7A <--- EVE Online Super Trailer so you dont have to download the whole thing.

Man trademarks ;-) emoticon

Matthew Sinclair


Maybe I Should trade mark the


Because every time you use the


I get 10,000 dollars.

I also have a bridge with your name on it in New York.



So sue me.


Yahoo! Messenger! Trojan! false alarm!

Matthew Sinclair


False alarm or not... your out of your bloody mind if you use yahell's msg'r.

Be a real geek and use Pidgen or Trillian.

No Ads no crud no trash no fuss.

: O P

Bots to blame for Amazon.com outages?

Matthew Sinclair


Declined for comment?

Sounds like they frakked up....big time.

Microsoft urges Windows users to shun 'carpet bombing' Safari

Matthew Sinclair
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Wait a second..... don't you mean IE7?

Because that describes it perfectly.


The terror dam of doom that looms over Boise, Idaho

Matthew Sinclair


You really think Terrorists are actually that predictable?

What the heck kind of a terrorist would bother with rationality let alone predicability!!!

I swear.... our country is just flat doomed...and its not terrorism... its our damn stupidity!

James Bond menaced by red hot Chilean

Matthew Sinclair
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Yeah....pride over the fact that they are ignoring a film that took place back in time when it WAS Bolivia (I would assume).


Nice economic hit they took me thinks.....

Hitachi 'collision avoidance' bot does a Ballmer at press do

Matthew Sinclair
Dead Vulture

@ @Pete's

You people are really delusional aren't you?

Obviously this was "pumped" up to look good.

Must be the CNN Fanboy's reading the elReg these days.

CNN = Convoluted News Network

Grow a brain...then read the article... you might see why the few of us disagree with the statements.

Gamer takes Microsoft to court over Halo 3 'errors'

Matthew Sinclair

@ Cameron Colley

Thats like asking why people buy windows vista.

: O )

Xbox girl-on-girl game upsets Singapore

Matthew Sinclair


All I saw was random images indicating something happened...but nothing specific.

@Singapor : Paranoid much?

MIT sues architect for crap computing-dept campus

Matthew Sinclair


Who in there right minds would spend 15 mil for a building...only to not like it after the fact and sue them for 30 mil.

This sounds like a scam.

Oh...and the building looks like crap....so I don't blame them.. other than they where dumb enough to agree to it in the first place.

Hack database, change school grades, go to jail for 20 years (maybe)

Matthew Sinclair
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It took them 3 years to find out?

Guess they don't audit much.

Trojans besiege online gamers

Matthew Sinclair


If people fall for a stupid phising email or some ones stupid little offer and don't have the brains or common sense to realize its a fraud.... they deserve to lose everything they got.

I swear... 99% of the crap I get has IP address's in place of domain names.

Thats a dead give away!!!


Never go to an raw IP address.... no one uses public websites that way.... even then...

Take the monster jobs incident... emails show up and ask for bank account information.

Who the frik would wana do that?

If people don't have brains enough to think things through... can't blame the game developers or programmers for being a brain dead end user.

A lot of what takes place can be solved by simple common sense.

Like never using IE ever again. (Unless you need it for windows updates HAHAH)

Facebook was my idea, says yet another ex-Harvard student

Matthew Sinclair

Waht happened to...

The good ol days when people came up with new ways of doing things and new ideas.

Now they say HEY THATS MY IDEA!

Every time I hear that... I think they are:

Greedy and brain dead....

Ok.. a few cases are valid arguments.... but even then... too frequent this is the trend thats set for the industry.

Kung fu monks battle gobby net ninja

Matthew Sinclair


So let me get this straight... monks.... took the word of some snot nosed idiot and now they are suing him?

Is it just me or does this whole thing seem childish and a waste of time.

RIAA gets some class

Matthew Sinclair

whooooo hooooo!

Harder to ignore an angry mob of people aint it RIAA?

: O P

God appears in eggplant slice

Matthew Sinclair


What a load of....eggplant?

Who buys this junk!?

Geeze...maybe i should grab random things from the house and say these where blessed by god or something!

Net bride Aussie kidnapped in Mali

Matthew Sinclair

Canadian Embassy?

I'm sorry... but how does the Canadian embassy have anything to do with Australia or Mali?

Must be reallllly stupid "goons"

Intel wins at Monopoly, grabs $60bn unfairly - says...

Matthew Sinclair

this can be summed up

"Says the pot calling the kettle black"

Seriously... someone tell those people at AMD to shut up and get their diapers changed.

They sound just as bad as Microshaft accusing ________ of monopoly or patent violation.

Eminem sues Apple - again

Matthew Sinclair


I don't see the musician throwing a fit.

Why is it just the publisher?

(hears a crying baby)

(shoves pacifier in its face)

: O P

MySpace erases 29,000 sex offenders

Matthew Sinclair


I'm slightly wise to DB's... call me foolish.... but for some reason i seriously doubt any SOF would be THAT stupid to use his or her own name.

I mean...thats like walking into a room with a bullseye painted on your forehead.

Sorry.... this smells of wikipedia-istic government tactics.

Either that or a publicity stunt... "saying ouuu look what we did... we did a good thing..yes?"

myspace.com.. most ad riddened and trash infested domain on the entierity of the net..well one of them.

Jesus Phone needs an exorcist

Matthew Sinclair


Wish people would get this worked up over a windows flaw.

So it took them 215 hours did it?

Thats 2 to 3 weeks right there.

Why am I not impressed? Because that sounds like they have no life... no girlfriend.. no job... no nothing.

What do I see? A total waste of time and good writing.

<yawns> If people are so obsessed in ruining an apple product..they shouldn't rely on total idiots to cause the infection to be possible.

After all.. it "Does" require a user to visit a malicously coded site dosen't?

Talk about stuipdity from the get go....

Wana impress me? How about bypassing user interaction all together! Now your talking.

Otherwise... I really wish people would just shut up... who gives a flying rip about this stuff... ill even bet its not an root level attack.. total.. waste... of.. time!

Pirate pitches DVDs to Trading Standards

Matthew Sinclair

Sounds like a few other stories I've heard

Like the guy who walks into a resturant to rob them only to find its full of cops who happen to enjoy the food there....

Foolishness abounds.

My favorite one however is when a bank robber shows up at a bank and says "Freeze! I'm robbing the place" or something to that effect only to find out 99% of the people in that bank are armed...

The bank was in Texas.

Nintendo to let Wii gamers go for their guns

Matthew Sinclair


Metrioid Prime 3 HERE I COME!

too bad its the "final chapter" but you never know!

A serious browser vulnerability, but whose?

Matthew Sinclair


Once again... the almighty Microshaft brings about more trash to the world..

Not so good that firefox did that either.... but thats secondary.

IE is to blame first and foremost because it's the "weakest link".

Honestly... to blame firefox means you need to blame the entire operating system for letting it happen.. not to mention the winblows firewall...err... wait a second.. i already do... never mind.

Apple emasculates the iPhone

Matthew Sinclair

Bloody PC idiots...

Why is it every time there's a mac post... you windows morons have to flout your anti-mac-isms like complete morons?

I mean... try to have someone constructive in your hatered for once!

As for the article... I think the key point here has already been made.. turn off auto sync..and use playlists.... DUH

everyone knows that!

US PS3 sales hold up as Wii, Xbox 360 numbers dip

Matthew Sinclair

Your forgetting...

For every PS3 they manufacture... they lose money...

Headliner is a bit deceptive.... all i see is the continual downward trend of PS3 sales slowing up... not a narrowing in the gap.

Talk about warped prespectives.

I do concure with the PS2 comments.... def. a major issue here.

Funny how XBox didn't get much of a peep from you lot... lol. Won't know much until Halo 3 comes out anyway.....

Macs are more secure: official

Matthew Sinclair

Couple of remarks...

1: The truth really hurts don't it?

2: When that fancy litle contest revealed that a hacker can break into a mac was revealed... a couple of things stood out.

a: It took him 48 hours to just find the stupid thing.

b: It let loose a tusnami of seucirty breeches for the windows platform..nevermind the single braek in on the mac side.

Conclusion: People who say windows is more secure...are screwed. Not to mention stupid.

Macs aren't perfect either..but i'd rather sit on that side of the fence until such time.... Linux rules either way.

Nintendo Wii widens sales gap with Sony PS3

Matthew Sinclair

Sony has a nasty pickle on their hands.

I hear all these excuses....

Sony has a lack of games... Sony needs to lower their prices...

Its neither.

The problem is Sony should have never have done this in the first place.

For every one of their PS3's they manufactuer... they loose a few hundred in costs. In other words.... to lower the price is to loose even more money!

Nintendo soars in sales not due to popularity..but due to the fact they make about 80 bucks back give or take on manufacturering costs.... so they have actual revenue.

I'm sure games have some affect on this market as well.. I won't deny that... but the true cause is one that most people don't take into account.

Sony losing a ton of money on the PS3.... so much so that it killed their profit margin.

I seriosuly doubt they will have any way to recover from it just by lowering prices... let alone making more games! For all I know.... that market will drop into Nintendo's lap.

Microsoft makes another Linux friend in Xandros

Matthew Sinclair

Another wonderful operating system...

gone down the drain called microsoft.

RIP Xandros.

MySQL warns Microsoft on open source credibilty

Matthew Sinclair

Be careful not to fall into traps...

Benchmarks can be bribed/bought off, and messed with to screw results.

Thats prob. why they avoid them.... the Micro$haft empire has more cash than MySQL ever had.

I also never heard or seen of such reports of the MySQL db being that slow... odds are they didn't design the system propperly. You'd be surprised how a DB design can slow your system down big time... and have nothing to do with the engine itself... it could also be the hardware... or the internet connection.

Too many variables to list.

With the control you have in Linux/Unix systems... ill stick with MySQL...

Can't get that kind of control in windoze.

Zune to sell one million by June

Matthew Sinclair


Apple sells 1 million of those ipods per week if not per month.

Talk about a total waste of time and effort.

Besides.... why would I Wan't to buy something that means...err...well..

My challenge to the masses is that you look up "zune" in other languages.

You WILL get a nice little shocker.

Online games turn British man into hero

Matthew Sinclair


How is it he is a hero?? He didn't save any lives... he didn't stop the robbery... except costing someone a ton of money for hospital bills.

Sorry... I don't call that a hero.. I call that a guy who's bloody lucky and bloody stupid.

Even as a gamer... the point is not to get shot!


Bait and switch? Not us, says Best Buy

Matthew Sinclair


I love the best buy reaction to the charges.

That so screams "yup... we ripped you off and loved every penny of it!"

Creationists open biblical history museum

Matthew Sinclair

Are people really that stupid?

Because the register seems to attract alot of really dumb comments.

First off this whole thing has been in developement as far as I know for the last several years plus.

Secondly... this has nothing to do with the movies.

Thirdly... If it was a museum on evolution... you wouldn't be posting that dribble of a comment(s).

I swear...you only make yourselves look stupid! Try commenting with brains for a change! I sure hope this isn't the face of today's IT industry.... because if it is.. im likely to change careers.

Sony announces 80GB PS3

Matthew Sinclair

Sony's last ditch effort...

to recover from stagering loss of their PS3.... by making it more expensive in adding a larger hard drive.

Yeah.. makes perfect sense to me.

Thought they where trying to find a way to make it cheaper... why add larger hardware!?

Norton's firewall not fiery enough

Matthew Sinclair

Thats not the issue here...

The issue here is the people sorry enough to use Norton for security.

Active X has been an issue sense its creation.... funny... I don't hear of these issues for Zone Alarm...and/or CA's firewalls.

I seem to recall something like this happening in the past with Norton's products.

: O /

Exploding curry menaces 747

Matthew Sinclair

sounds like an RTFM

So let me guess.... TSA will take the hint and bann curry from all airlines... right?

: O )

8 O )

MS names Halo 3 day

Matthew Sinclair

Ah yes.... the sunset...beauty ain't it?

Ah yes.... Halo 3..... halo... the series.... truely a great game....but once it passes... it will be like a sunset.... no more catchy titles.... why bother with the xbox at that point?

Oh wait.. did I just say that outloud? Seriously... the last comment by Luca sums it up... I hear that statement all over the place... the only reason anyone will buy an Xbox is for Halo. M$ better find a solution to that problem.. or they will get stomped by someone else... if not already. I'm not sure if I want to spend the few hundred for one single game.... I'll hold out for a PC version.... : O P

Hotmail's antispam measures snuff out legit emails, too

Matthew Sinclair

Not surprising...

Worlds largest virus/spyware/malware propogating email server on the planet....

Along with the fact they have been hacked into how many times?

Fortinatley I've not seen much in the way of hotmail trash

Oh wait... most Admins I know bann "hotmail" before it even gets there... that would be why.

If you need a free email service.... at least go somewhere like Gmail or Yahoo <yeah its not as great as gmail but its better than hotmail>.

'IE8 compatible' - the cure for web standards headache?

Matthew Sinclair

AS IF...

The day M$ becomes standards compliant is the day they go out of business.

M$ never follows standards unless they are sued to do so.... or forced by some other chaotic situation...

They make the standards.

If they where wanting to make a standards compliant browser they would have it done within the year... they got more money than any other company out there in their line of work.

So what the heck is the problem I ask?



They didn't finish Vista afterall! Or XP... etc...