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Olympic cock-up knocks East London off Internet


Not paying attention?

"Workmen were using BORING equipment some 34 feet below the surface when they hit the cable at about 2.00pm on Saturday"

Perhaps they should use more interesting equipment next time so they pay more attention.

Fedora 11 beta bares chest to all-comers


Which Leonidas?

There were in fact two kings of sparta named Leonidas, the battle of Thermopyle was fought by Leonidas I.

Leonidas II on the other hand was a later king who shared power with Agis IV, Leonidas II was deposed after a spartan general claimed to have seen a sign from the gods against him.

In either case, it seems a rather defeatist code name for a linux release.

Mine's the one with the Rosetta stone in the pocket.

Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope springs to beta


Beta? Alpha, or Tribe is it not....?

Correct me if I'm wrong but technically it's not a Beta, since Ubuntu is in a manner of speaking always in beta, Canonical actually refer to pre-release editions as Alpha (and formerly Tribe) or Development editions.

Whether they should be truly consider betas in the common sense, and whether the use of Alpha is just an extra step to discourage production use of pre-release versions I don't know, but anyway I digress from my real point which is, the headline of this article is inaccurate.

Mines the one with the "Pedantry for Dummies" book in the pocket.

P.S. I would like an icon of the tux penguin getting his coat.