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Beeb, British Museum face smut issues over saucy pot

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Organisational change and IT

James Ollerhead

Brown Bag off

I started to read your PDF but as soon as I saw "Brown Bag" I switched off. My lunch hour is a precious hiatus in the middle of the day where I choose to do what i want for a whole hour. You can stuff your "Brown Bag" sessions where the sun don't shine -- you have my attention and exertions for the whole of the rest of the working day, I am buggered if you are going to spoil my dinner by mithering me about work-related crap.

In the inimitable words of Jim Royle, "Brown Bag My Arse!"

Sony Reader PRS-600 Touch Edition

James Ollerhead

Jim Ollerhead

I bought the 505 and it does exactly what it says on the tin and I am happy for it to do so. I have accumulated some 40Gb of e-books mostly in pdf format that I otherwise am unlikely to read in a lifetime of sitting on front of a screen but now can read on the train into work - result!

As far as touch screen is concerned I want to look at a pristine e-ink screen when reading , not one with the thumb-prints from my last slice of buttery toast all over it.

And Wi-fi ? Don't need it, don't want it...all you Kindlers are welcome to it especially after the recent furore over the unauthorised deletion of paid-for material. And aesthetically, a colleague has just bought a Kindle (in the UK) and has already admitted "it doesn't look and feel as good as yours" having tried my 505 before his Kindle arrived. OK no margin note facility, but I haven't made margin notes in a book since I was a student 35 years ago so I ain't gonna start now.

And best of all, my Sony 505 was £150 from play.com which is about the price of 4 technical 2" thick books and I have several hundred stored electronically that I can carry around without needing a suitcase to hold them in.

Want an e-book reader?, get the 505 -- you know it makes sense!

Pure Digital Evoke-2S DAB and FM radio

James Ollerhead

Overpriced and over-rated.

I bought an almost identical-looking (but more aesthetic IMHO) Ferguson DAB about 2 years ago from Curry's - it was 'on offer' for £30 and the FULL price had only been £50.... PURE are a bunch of mavericks trading on a name that is entirely unjustified as my Fergy is equally as good as this thing at a fraction of the price.


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