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GlaxoSmithKline ditches IR35 contractors: Go PAYE or go home



An Employee does have an incentive. Its called not being fired (re-orged/resttructured/or whatever). Also some companies do give bonuses to completed projects so thats another option. Having been both a Perm and a PSC its about what you want at the time, stability, share options, med insurance, 9-5??

Pokemon No! Good news: You can now ban the virtual pests, er, pets to stop nerds wandering around your property



You sir/madam are a massive C U Next Tuesday. A persons life over some entitled ownership of a firearm means that you sound like a c u n t.

Abolish the Telly Tax? Fat chance, say MPs at non-binding debate


Re: Threatogram received from Crapita today

When I moved in to my first flat I couldn't afford a telly let alone anything else. So I dutifully sent back the nope I don't have a license part of the form.

After a few months the man in a fake van came round, and demanded I let him enter my flat. I told him politely to leave as I didn't have a telly and therefore I didn't need a license and I didn't give him permission to enter my door...

Fast forward easily 6 months of the same man popping around, just when i'd got home, or when I was entertaining etc. Finally one lovely Sat morning I was away to pull open the curtains when I spotted him trunching up the path to the block of flats. Quick as a flash I stripped out of my PJ's, turned on the shower and waited. Soon enough there was a knock at the door, took a quick glimpse to make sure it was the right person, confirmed and swung the door widely open.

Now the vision of a 6"2 reasonably fat bloke starkers was definitely not what he was expecting. I asked him what he wanted and he stammered out that he was here to check if I had a TV license.... I said I've already told you I don't own a telly but if you're sure you want to check go right ahead.

As he came in I shut the main door, and followed him closely around as he scanned around my rooms for anything telly like. He asked if I PC monitor had a telly input, I told him go take a look and let him feel really uncomfortable as he had a look behind. At that point the kettle pinged and I suggested he might want a cup of tea... He was out of there in no time at all, and I never saw him or another one again. When the missus came home I told her what happened and I got in trouble, but I still laugh at the memory of it.

Note: This was before the days of catch up, so couldn't have watched anything on the PC unless it was on a CDROM :).

Botnet-powered ballot stuffing suspected in 2nd referendum petition


Re: Referendum - stupid idea

Someone has already suggested prosecuting Nigel Farage for Fraud -


Nowhere to hide for Google users as Play is given Plus treatment

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No more reviews then

Sod that, I'm not interested in G+, Wave or any other "social" cr*p, however I will continue to emaild devs directly if I spot any issues with their apps. Seems only fair to spend a few mins finding their email address after the work they put in developing stuff.

REVEALED: People write things on Twitter, Media


+1 for Twitter ;o)

Have to say I've pretty much given up on most "news" websites and apart from The Reg I don't really bother any more reading through all the articles. Now I follow a variety of different accounts / people and get a pretty decent overview with less effort. Granted you get muppets talking rubbish on twitter but at least they're limited to only 140 chars, and that's a lot less than what they can say if your stuck next to them in person. Tools are only as good as how you use them. :)

Union enraged by secret driverless Tube plan


B Crow..

Oi Crow, just F*** OFF, seriously you're an idiot.

Best thing I've heard in a long time.

Samsung says Apple lifted iPad from Kubrick's 2001

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Ahh memories

Had forgotten about Enders Game :) Thanks for that and a brilliant book.

Want to keep Android apps from spying on you?


Title is required

I got quite pissed at this a wee while back, and eventually gave in and rooted my phone. Now any non essential apps requesting internet get blocked by the DroidWall.. If they crash then they are deleted, saves bandwith and space all in a oner. :)

Hadron Collider 'could act as telephone for talking to the past'


Is anyone else worried....

..... by the strange pic on the main website explaining the concept... Seems a bit wrong.

Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'

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...generic ffs.

Call of Duty: Black Ops



Would personally disagree with your statement Citizen Kaned. I can never be bothered playing online with kids and people who think its cool to just be a d1ck. For me and a number of my mates its the challenge of the SP game that matters.

Just my 2p :o)

Motorola punts mega huge Droid phone



Let me rework that for you, since I think that the Google Translator didn't do a very good job...

"Now this is more like it. It is about time that more companies got into having a big screen on their phones e.g. 4.3 inches. At least there would be more choice! If this phone does come out at a reasonable price, then I'd be happy to get one as at least on android they don't give a toss about the Apples iOS. Although, if HTC don't deliver the Evo 4g phone to the UK, they had better make a similar or better phone with the same specs (Incl screen size). I'd love a good phone with a huge screen. Stuff the iPhone, it's a pile of crap that's only for sad little fanboys hahaha"

There now that's (slightly) better! ;o)

Google Nexus One



Hi mortowsic, there is no duty on the device itself as its classed as a telecommunicatinos device... of course you'll have to pay VAT on it though but still it worked out at less than £400 all in. Not sure if thats the case now with the exchange rate.

I only buy sim free these days as my sim monthly tariff is saving me ~£40pm from what I was paying. Therefore I'll save £80 in one year, have the handset I want without any branding and the freedom to upgrade (or not) when I want.... For me it works out the best way.

Scots unleash world's strongest beer



Err right whatever mate, and the next thing you'll be saying is that the Germans dont have a sense of humour, when they call their budget line items after the Scots... e.g. Mc Fit etc.... Its just good natured fun, so stop being a pompous muppet and enjoy life :)

Google forced to use humans to support Nexus One



Yes this is currently an issue, but Google have already intimated that they are releasing an update to enable the apps to be installed on the sd card. I dont expect to wait the same amount of time I had to wait previosuly to enable cut/paste etc on my old iPhone.

Yes its not 100% perfect and will never be, but its sure as darn doing not to bad for a first edition.

Bearing in mind how easy it was to update the firmware to allow multitouch etc I dont see this as being an issue in the future.



@ZendCoder - Its called "simfree" mate, which you can do on most phones incl the iPHone (expansys, play etc). Thats the only way these days I buy any phone, I also have a pay monthly tarif that only covers the stuff I want and overall I gain much more flexibility and it saves me money on what I use. Last time I look when I was on a "proper" contract monthly bill would easily average £55, these days its £25. An easy call for me anyway.

Yes the camera isn't superb, that what the Panny is for... However for quick pics when on the move, its a useful feature.



@RobE - Yip got one here in the UK and its an awesome device. Hits every criteria I had and excel's in some as well! Compared to my old iPhone its miles better.



Got one mate, and had an iPhone too... Its miles better :) Granted a bit annoying that you can cant transfer apps to it rom the iPhone, so now thats relegated as a virtual "iPod Touch" wrt to the apps. Everything else has been smoothly transitioned across.



@AC15:55 - Yes you can tether.... to coin a phrase "there's an app for that" - PdaNet

Airport scanners go live today, kids included


Truffle Shuffle

Reckon I'd better start practising then cause thats what I'll do if/when I'm forced to perform for the entertainment of the pervscanners operators.... Got to make sure the moves are timed correctly now dont we.....


Vodafone to start selling iPhone on 14 January


Final Straw

Bu&&ers!!!! They had me until "Both Orange and O2 offer the iPhone on pay-as-you-go packages, which Vodafone is not doing"

Sod it, Hero it is then!

Tesco iPhone priced, dated


Locked to O2?

The main question I have is if its still locked to O2 or not... O2 is rubbish where I live so a bit pointless for me to even think about buying one before I can choose what network I want to have it on.

And no I dont want to jailbreak it to then have to spend time every version upgrade trying to get round it again.

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers


Jobs for tonight

Install TOR, practice a bit more safe surfing and bobs your uncle. Not that I bother downloading illegal stuff these days as you can get decent quality non DRM music, but it pays to be careful. Ohh and switch off the wifi while I'm at it.

Engage Dark Ages yet again in the UK, just as soon as we start getting vaguely decent regular connections they go and stuff it up again. Reckon I'm going to enjoy using iPlayer as much as possible, not to watch it of course just merely to ensure that there is plenty background data flying around for them to sift through.

Labour to push for broadband tax before election



They can do it if they want, I already just use VOIP and to be honest I last put a tenner on it at Christmas. Just checked and there is till £8 left.

Apple's iPhone loses carriers money, claims researcher

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Ooohh Shiny - Not :)

Just a quick word to all the nonboi's on here who are wading in to the argument, stating that the only reason to buy an iPhone is because you like shiny things.

After being a pro user of Nokia's for about 12 years, interspersed with an occasional SE. I picked up an original iPod Touch when they were first released, which coincidentally is still my only "Mac". My main PC was handbuilt by me, and the other two in the house are build off old bits that still work....

Now with an aging N82 and iPod Touch that are both slowly dying from lots of use I find myself in the market for a new phone and mobile media/ game device... I've looked at various phones including the Hero and the iPhone 3GS, and the simple crux of it is that I want to have a single device that does all the things I want it too. Namely, make calls, sms and email as well as being able to play a few games and browse the web on the go and navigate on occasion when I'm in London Town.

Although the Hero is a lovely device, its musical and video performance is till sub par when even compared to the iPhone (give it another year and I think that this will be different though).

So I find myself resigned to the fact that the only device that will do both jobs reasonably well is the iPhone until Android improves (which I'm sure it will).

However I'll be dammed if I have to pay to get on to O2 absolutely rubbish network, so will instead wait until either I or a friend go on holiday to a location where you can just walk in to an Apple store and buy one for the same price as it would cost to buy a PAYG one here.

How much of the EU's data will the UK lose?


It beggars belief....

Every time i th I nk it cant get any worse than this they Decide to throw away any chance of not becoming a stat I stic On The id fraud Scales....

For f^&ks sake they cant even get a decent f*()ing acronym, what absolute rot is this!

"The European Commission launched the STORK (Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed)"

Even I can make up an acronym from an asine sentence - see first sentence! (Have popped in a few spaces to make it easier to spot).

Finally what an absolute tosh reason for all of this to be done "for us "it is not easy to access public services while working or living in another country". Who gives a flying f&*% about that when your entire life goes down the pan, because of some hairbrained scheme that exposes all your details to anyone!!

While Annoyed No Klepto's Ever Really Sure!

µTorrent 2.0 beta drops anchor

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&Puchol Mike

Cause its pish! :)

EZY Technologies MyXerver MX3600


Close but not exactly what I want - Any suggestions greatly received.

Hmm so close but not quite there... To the reviewer - If you plug in some additional storage via USB say, is that used as well?

Also does anyone have any suggestions for a device that does all this but also supports RAID1...


Apple proves: It pays to be late


I wish they'd get there finger out....

Put simply the only thing stopping me ditching my N82, is the woeful camera on the iPhone. At the moment I carry my 16GB Touch and phone around,, but I'm not willing to sacrifice the jump between the cameras resolution. Roll on July, but certainly now with my breath held....