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Microsoft's Silverlight for mobile to muscle iPhone

Daniel Bradley
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Microsoft's running out of standards love?

So, there I was, taken aback with Microsoft's seemingly reformed ways promising "standards love" for all. I'm thinking to myself ... "maybe they'll even extend such love to their own mobile platforms"? After all SVG's been getting a great reception on mobile devices - an open standard for graphical applications, introducing the ability for developers to use a single markup for all devices?

Alas no, the illusions are over, Microsoft's back to it's embrace and extinguish ways. Not only they're holding back their own platforms - it seems they want to take all other platforms down with them.

It's almost reminiscent of a story I heard when:

A long time ago, in a computer land far away, a company called Microsoft was getting jittery about the competitor web browsers around them. But, rather than follow the ancient standards of the land and let the pundits have a choice of browser, they made their own additions to the ancient standards and made everyone tow the line. After many years of this harsh work for those poor developers having to work so hard making websites work with all the broken formats, Mr Microsoft has an epiphany. Seeing how actually embracing the ancient standards may not be such a bad practice and might even help out those poor developers. Maybe they could produce a product that's actually good enough to hold its own ground.

Hmm, deja vu ...

Microsoft promises IE web-standards love

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SVG Excuses

I hear what they're saying about focusing on completed standards like CSS2.1. But not supporting SVG because 'there are a lot of sub factions' is not an excuse - SVG 1.1 is the current W3C recomendation for desktop usage and it's been a recommendation since Jan 2003. CSS 2.1 is only a candidate recomendation since 2007!

They're promising web-standards love but I can't help but feel like they're just trying to sleep their way to the top again.