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Next Xbox to be called ‘Xbox Infinity’... er... ‘Xbox’

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Re: Internet connection required

It cam fast in the tracks of the Always On DRM in SimCity - which was universally hated - I think a lot of people didn't distinguish.

The question should be - Why does a box you play games on need to be online all the time? What else is it doing? If it is set up download the 2 hour long patch for online gaming for a game I am using, then fair enough.

I dusted off a PS3 to play Little Big Planets, and gave up because of the download times... so that is one thing.

iPad's brain not so unique


"but still not very desirable."

It is extremely desirable in some circumstances. Nokia can achieve fantastic battery life with their symbian OS largely because the phone is not powering multiple chips.

South African Bill to block all porn

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If you want a highly technically literate youth

block all porn.

That wont stop it being accessible, but it will require a bit of serious effort, and the only people who wont be able to access it will be the older generation, who will be free to run the country and visit prostitutes.

Everyone wins.

Lufthansa offers iPhone 4G loser free beer

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I suspect Apple have some very strict

rules on receiving gifts from other companies.

I get the feeling Apple operates a great deal like Aperture Science.

T-Mobile Pulse


60 meg internal may mean no Eclair

given that they have just barely managed to fit Eclair on a G1 by pulling out all the stops on a dev version to fit into its <=70 meg memory...

Privacy campaigner vows legal challenge to Google Street View


If I can walk down that street

and see it with my eyes... then I am pretty sure that is an extremely simplified version of 'Public Domain'.

Street View is a very useful tool, unlike these over-reactors. I don't mind people mooting a case, but what on earth are they afraid of?