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Cisco CEO Chambers: 'Infrastructure is commodity'

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whitebox IOS/Nexus ?

"He also said that Cisco plans to move its custom ASICs – which he described as a key competitive advantage over companies that build hardware using stock x86 silicon – into "every single device" the company makes, all the way down its product lines."

so a Cisco stack on my whitebox, perhaps I'll wait for that port and virtualise it with VMware !

luv the irony...........

Alt root user suing ICANN over dot-Web

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About time......

I for one am happy to see the ICANN monopoly dismantled. It's only a matter if time before China et al start building their own infrastructure (if they havn't already) to support a domestic naming structure, its time for ICANN to develop an environment that adapts to that.

HotLink's SuperVisor hooks deeper into VMware

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been there done that..............

didn't Abiquo already do this ?

'Cheap' Oracle box bashes NetApp benchmark

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heh Reg

how about some due diligence before these articles get out the door.............. it probably the worst balanced article I have read on the Reg ever - trying to get back in Oracle's good books by any chance ?

iiNet wins AFACT appeal

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I bet Xerox are letting out a sigh of relief, after all photocopier manufacturers have been enabling copyright breaches for years....... or is that the user..... i can never remember

driver, stop the world I want to get off

Sun's IBM-mainframe flower wilts under Oracle's hard gaze

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Solaris in Exadata

Over my dead body was the reply I was given when i qustioned just this, also asking why they are paying Intel when they own SPARC, i was told to read between the lines................. interestingly most of Sun's CTO evangalists seems to have been given 6 months contracts..... probably fuj won't want them ----- oh there i go again, reading beteen the lines !!!!!

Welcome to the out-of-control decade

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spot on and it's already started


time to start up my tor network again !!!!

IBM iron predicts the future

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Easy tiger......... !!!!

all very exciting stuff but the hands-off approach to commodity computing is still a long way away, moving the IT processing environment back to the world of black-boxes essentially under the control (albeit via managment software/process) of big blue (or is it black now ?!?) always results in huge cheques being written ultimately. This reminds me of the evolution of the car - once upon a time I opened the bonnet and there it was "the engine", now when I open the bonnet "well it must be in there somewhere"

aaaah progress....... bring in the clowns

Sun's VirtualBox 3.0 exits betaland

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quick quick before they close the doors !!!!!

it's interesting (and somehow distressing)...... watching the flurry of "look at me I'm really busy" type activity going on in sun at the moment;. I guess there are two types of people left - the ones who want to see their baby get out the door before the project gets canned (potentially) by a new overlord, and those who want to be seen to be really usefull and wearing a "please keep me" badge !!!!!

I guess you can take your pick where this project falls........... rumour control at Sun in UK is predicting a 70% chop when the new masters move in.......

Mozilla's servers wobble as Firefox 3.5 hits interwebs

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all good here.....

certainly feels a lot crisper !!!!!

Solaris 11 due mid-2010

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eeerrr details please ???

"Many of the features that Sun talked about in an interview are not in this document, so it's by no means a comprehensive release note."..... eeerrr details please ???

IBM doubles Power Rewards to chase Sun gear

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softly, softly catchy monkey.......

this make for an interesting time for Oracle shops, switch to IBM and Oracle can turn the screws later, stay with Sun/Oracle kit and expose yourself to an uncertian future..... but if you ain't an Oracle shop and looking for quick gains in these crunchy credit times it's difficult not to ignore that IBM offer, but heh that's today Oracle are bound to counter....... en gaude !!!

Sun shares sink as IBM deal breaks down

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mcnealy versus schwarz - and the plot thickens.....

well at least we are finally seeing the colours of the executive management. schwarz is to career minded and probably has a vested interest (read new job) lined up with IBM, mcnealy has all the passion and would have no where to live under new banner. Hey if WSJ can speculate on what amounts to unverifiable information why can't I. And that's interesting in itself, my guess is Sun/IBM would have to somehow vent their activities to alevate any problems with insider trading down the track otherwise we'd know nothing, but then again do we know anything !!!!!! The force is strong withe this one....................

Sun's Niagara gets Linux (again)

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more interesting is the fact that sun4v firmware now looks to be based on a linux distro already and has been for a number of releases, so these guys who think that they are not running linux in their datacentre should look again !!!!

It used be a vxworks base but that costs $$$ and linux is eeerrr free ???

Sun and IBM - What price Bigger Indigo?

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Redhat, HP and Fujitsu (and SGI even) must be rubbing their hands with glee, most of the big IT consumers (banks etc.) run an indeminty policy to ensure that their systems are supported by two vendors (a just in case policy). With Sun and IBM merging that comprimises a lot of IT shops. So the growth IBM could hope to see from this acquasition is somewhat muted as these guys will look to the remaining suppliers for their fullfil their vendor redundancy policy.

Carefull out their........