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Bloke blasts Sprint for fingering his home as phone thieves' den


That poor bastard...

He should really ask Sprint for some compensation for the mental distress he's been put through over their mistake. I know I would.

Wireless carriers gear up to fight FCC’s net neutrality plans

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Stop your whining

"The CTIA, which represents wireless carriers, is reiterating its line that competition is sufficient to regulate the internet world, while cellcos are predictably trotting out the argument that unfettered internet access could overburden their wireless networks."

Really? Alright CTIA... let's use a little common sense here. The last time I looked, to get "capped" broadband access on any of the major networks here in the US requires the signing of a two year contract including an early termination fee. Explain to me how exactly that qualifies as competitive?

Let's say for example that I've been visiting yahoo for years on your service and you all of a sudden decide that you're going to block that site and charge an extra fee for users to get there -- which under the current unregulated industry you could easily do. What make's you think A) that it's fair to do such a thing and B) that I should have to pay you a large fee just to get away from your unjust practice and get my service somewhere else? Nothing about that is competitive in even the smallest way.

As far as your limited spectrum goes, I understand your concern there. However, there's an old saying; necessity is the mother of invention. So, my suggestion to you is to stop your whining and start inventing because the FCC is about to make it necessary if you wish to keep customers.

-Thumbs up because I love how our FCC is really starting to take a stand here in the states.

FCC to vote on US mobile competition probe

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All I can say is, it's about damn time...

I don't think it's unfair to ask for good coverage and service at a decent price without fear of being penalized if I think I can get better service somewhere else. Besides, how exactly do you consider locking someone into a 2-year contract competitive?

HP strikes back on charges for 'free' Windows 7 upgrade

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Epic Fail

If you're going to go through the trouble of charging people for shipping the upgrade, at least be upfront about what it's going to cost. Don't offer me an upgrade, let me choose to get it, and then say "Oh, BTW it's going to cost this much" after the fact. Jerks!

Apple blueprints warranty Big Brother


Not really a bother. Only one question though...

What the heck happens if one of those prized sensors fails along with something else? This is my one and only concern. Pending that scenario occurs, then said consumer is screwed and has to "buy" a new piece of hardware because a faulty sensor "lied". I'm all for keeping people from fiddling with things they shouldn't, but can we go with something a little more simple and fail proof please?

iPhone 3.1 code goes beta


Voice Control :(

It's nice that you'll have voice control via bluetooth, but it really bothers me that this is only available via the 3GS. They ungimped the stereo bluetooth with a software update; why isn't voice control available simply through the 3.0 update for everyone? What kind of special hardware could you possibly need to make this work?

The last time I looked, voice control on anything is just a piece of software and the only hardware requirement is a microphone. HEY APPLE, my iPhone 3G has a microphone on it; where's my voice control? Please make this available ASAP... KTHXBYE

Rumor rubberizes iPhone 3.0


Ummm... Still nope.

Hardware improvments are always nice, but the aforementioned hardware upgrades probably aren't going to be enough to sway me toward the upgrade. I will say that the OS improvements will be more than welcome and I look forward to upgrading to the new OS as soon as it's released.

On a side note, I think I must be falling behind on the times. I'll have to go take a gander at the Android and WebOS phones and see what all the hype is about first hand.

Apple bars 2.0 code from App Store



With a push like this on the Developers, I'm going to have to guess that 3.0 is just around the corner from public release.

RIAA settles for $7,000 after 4 years pursuing NY mum




You people are complete bullys and you should know better. The American public will not stand for this forever. Someday soon -- hopefully due to the recession -- your industry will collapse under the dead weight of the filth and garbage that signed artists now produce. If you could just see that, you would understand why people pirate music and not buy it. I couldn't even consider pirating music as 80% of what comes out is so awful that I wouldn't wish it upon anybodies ears. So, take the hint; drop the dead weight, restructure, catch up with the times, and leave people the **** alone. Once that's done, we can all continue on with our lives in a much happier world.


Player 3

iPhone beta OS cracks before release


Ouch :(

“won't support a community whose primary motivation is the use of stolen software“

That hurts. Perhaps I jailbroke my iPhone to install tracking software on my phone in case it's stolen -- since ATT and Apple won't help me out with that. It sounds more to me like Apple is encouraging iPhone theft by trying to block my only method of thwarting thiefs efforts.

Public rejects Time Warner metered-bandwidth tests


Let's use a little bit of logic here.

This kind of crap shouldn't be allowed to happen. I keep seeing articles saying that the justification for this kind of billing system is that it will "save them bandwidth." That is the most frustratingly bogus piece of garbage statement I've ever heard.

Let's use a little bit of logic. Under the current system I pay X for Y amount of bandwidth with no file transfer limit. Now, assuming that the upload speed of in Y of server Z matchs my dowload speed in Y, I will use my entire available bandwidth. Under the new billing system I pay X for V amount of files transfers, but my bandwidth in Y remains the same as under the old billing system. Under the download senario I came up with, I still USE THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF BANDWIDTH under the new billing system, but I might pay extra if the file I download exceeds V.

This is irritating and unfair to the consumer. I'm almost ready to leave this country and move to a European country. There are NO CONSUMER RIGHTS in the US; only companies that will attempt to take the consumer for every penny they can and no regulations to stop them from doing it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to write a nice letter to the FCC about this.

Microsoft: have it your way on IE 8

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Ah Microsoft...

Always trying to nudge the user community forward under the impression that newer is always better.

In all seriousness though... I've downloaded IE8 and am currently using it. It's a nice browser and certainly better than IE7, but it's nothing to write home about. I encourage people to try it, but be prepared to roll back to the last IE version you have as you may discover some of your websites may not load correctly -- even in compatibility view.

Apple plays catch-up with new iPhone features


Honestly Not A Fanboi

"is there anyone out there that is just *indifferent* about apple? every time theres an article on apple all the hat0rs and fanbois creep out to mindlessly flame each other with meaningless drivel when neither side are prepared to listen. i love it - the futile bickering makes me smile :)"

I can honestly say I'm pretty indifferent to Apple as a whole. I've done some third party support for different Apple products sporadically and my only opinion to the company itself is that they produce products that are different.

I have also demoed several smart phones -- Blackberry, Palm, and a couple of Win Mobile devices -- and can honestly say without bias that iPhone was my favorite device to use. It does have its downfalls, but what device doesn't.

Blackberry was too cryptic to navigate reasonably, Palm just seemed outdated, and the Windows Mobile devices had some serious stability issues. iPhone just seemed like it had the first well designed interface. Sure, it's still lacking features -- which sounds like most will be taken care of now -- and it's stability and perfomance aren't 100 %, but until another better designed and supported interface comes along, this will probably be the last smart phone I own for a while.

Trust me, just give it a try. If you don't like it, you don't like it and I'm sure there's another device out there better suited to your needs. Seriously though, don't knock it until you try it.


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