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Trev's Big Adventure in Virtualisation


Good lord, the freaking screaming beep is horrible between interviews. Some of us use surround gaming speaker systems. That beep is right there in the target zone where it hits all the speakers. Please dont use a crappy unfiltered tone generator next time. I had to cut it off after the 6th beep. They seem to be getting louder.

V-22 Osprey, stealth jumpjet 'need refrigerated landing pads'


Why not deploy a mobile deck

Why not deploy a mobile deck. A mechanical deck that toddles off the side of the ship that only supports the belly and landing gears of the plane and not the outboard engines. Might make it a cradle so the landing could be easier or set up an automated landing mechanism may be required for targeting such a small spot to land on.

Google smothers stranded US holiday travellers with Wi-Fi


Ripe for abuse

This is ripe for abuse. One crooked person could just put up a few google logos, google wifi.. freee and set up their own man in the middle wireless ap ssid freegooglewifi and just start sniffing sessions.

Microsoft boots modders off Xbox Live


Net neutrality

This smacks like net neutrality. No tribunal, no judge, no jury, no appeals.. Just blatant enforcement, yay.

Facebook enshrines dead people profiles


Memorial book

I had a friend I knew online that got sick a lot and finally kicked the bucket. He was the admin of our irc channel. His LJ account had only two posts in it and one post became a memorial message board for his friends.

Cheers to eeZer/Andy

Dell unveils exclusive Microsoft-branded Ubuntu OS


barbra streisand effect

Is dell now using the barbra streisand effect to flog it'scomputers through attempting to marry competing operation systems in text to see the droves of nerds driving by to see their webpage?

Mine will be the one with a tardis full of fireworks in the pocket.

Leaf battery rental scheme unveiled



@miknik, have you driven a ford lately? Known to mechanics as part eating machines. They are designed to become knackered after 2 or 3 years.

Ammo rationing at Wal-Mart as panic buying sweeps US


This is why I like swords, daggers and knives

Swords, daggers and knives require no reloading.

Russian telecom firms weigh in against Skype



Perhaps they should outlaw VOIP companies from other nations, music from other nations, bread, butter, fish, automobiles, just embargo the world! *evil maniacal laugh* Sharks with lasers *pinky pose*

eBay hands badges to top-rated sellers

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I dont really trust ebay anymore. I've heard off too many bait/switch setups.

Kingston's thumb drive is tiny Tardis


Roomy in here.

It would take forever to fill up that thumb drive. Even worse some devices that will take thumb drives index the whole file system before returning to root menu and playing the first mp3. I'd avoid using a thumb drive this big with my truck's stereo as it is afflicted with that problem.

Mine's the one with the sonic screwdriver and celery in the pocket.

Amazon vanishes 1984 from citizen Kindles


PVP publisher vs publisher

Shouldn't this have been a lawsuit publisher vs publisher? Instead amazon got a tap on the shoulder like youtube gets from RIAA.

More fun, amazon demonstrates it can revoke books. No thanks. I don't need a loophole where someone can walk in and steal my whole book collection. I'll stick with dead trees.

Mine will be the one with hungry bearded dragon in the pocket.

Guns N' Roses blogger dodges time in slammer


This seems paltry

This seems paltry sentence for 18 songs and pre-release. Last case 24 songs came up and some lady was charged for a few million, which she can't pay. Why is this guy special? This clearly shows the RIAA and these lawsuits are a joke.

Mine's the one with the angry scorpion in the pocket.

Google Voice gets Android guestlist


It's helpful

Google voice is perfect for a number you want to just give away, post on the web, and put on job applications. If you want, you could completely disregard all calls all the time and just use it as a voice mail box. Also, who is to say google will get all my phone calls. My real friends have my real cell number.

Apple MacBook Pro firmware fritzes third-party HDDs



Anyone call for an antitrust case yet? Seems anti-competitive if you cant upgrade your hard drive.

Mitsubishi slashes iMiEV's price

Paris Hilton

Wow can you say stupid?

Wow, stupid announcment. Doom and failure. If people hear new kit is going to be twice the price the first 6 years they will ignore it till the price comes down. Meanwhile the seller will fail to meet ROI due to lost sales.

Paris, cuz they have no clue.

US city demands FaceSpaceGooHoo log-ins from job seekers



Wow.. I'd certainly not give away any usernames/passwords. I'll give them an email address and that's it, they can figure it out from there if they are that damned nosey, or I'd tell them to f* off right there.

Or for more fun, give them the username admin and random passwords for every service and see how far that goes.

Twitter Yi not, as Beijing bins Bing


Entering chinese chracters

A friend showed me how he writes japanese and chinese characters on in emacs, seemingly with the phonetics of the ideogram I think. From watching the live action version of Death Note, they enter ideograms in their cell phones the same way. The phonetics are interpreted and replaced with the ideograms while you type.

Perhaps someone who actually knows the asian languages and computer/cell usage can explain it better than I can.

RIM warns over PDF peril


PDF over plain text

We use PDF because not every machine on the company network has a full suite of MS office. Some machines have only outlook for email and snag a free copy of adobe reader to view pdf documents. PDFs also get used in situations where you want a semi uneditable document made and a majority of the time we just need the document to print out exactly one way. The majority of our PDF files are scans of documents in a master file and exported cad drawings which are usually to be printed by the recipients.

BBC devs Doctor Who movie script



Yay. Cant wait for more Dr Who to come to North America.

AT&T, not ready for 3G, lobbies for 3G Palm Pre

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ATT wireless crap

I'm surprised how terrible G3 is on ATT. I've tinkered with tethering my laptop to my G3 capable phone. At home I have only 1 meg down DSL and this G3 connection didnt even beat that. I felt like I was on dial up watching the twitter picture on the login page download line by line on my laptop. I didnt try a speed test but next time I'm at someone's house that doesnt have wireless, I'll test it out again.

Sims 3 leaked two weeks before release


DRM bad mkay..

DRM, unusable games, bad user interfaces, new release artificial shortages, and unavailability on linux are the reasons why I quit buying games entirely. I don't even pirate/download them either. I just go play them at friend's houses. If it a game doesn't work, it's not my 50 bucks down the toilet. Yea.. game developers, you have lost more than 1k/year from me.

iPhone users to walk and read at same time

Black Helicopters

Had to laugh

I had to laugh, then shared this like with the two iPhone users in the upper offices. One downloaded it right away. I ribbed him, told him to tell the head of Safety that he's now safety minded while emailing.

Electric racer hits the track


I've been waiting for this.

I've been waiting for the electric racers. When battery capacity gets 'there', the electrics will be able to spank the dead fuels. Once it happens we will be seeing a need for better tires and suspensions to plant the power to the track.

Adblock developer offers 'please unblock me' tag to sites


Some ads are ok... some are just obnoxious

I hate it when decent news sites start using multiple ads per page, sometimes the same damned ad for in different shapes/sizes. I also hate the flash ad that starts in the corner of the web browser and rolls down the page to cover up the article at my local tv station's news site. There are also the ads that render on top of the article and are no way removable so I can read the article unabridged. Those sites get closed and mentally tagged not to visit anymore.

I have abandoned useful websites for their ads such as wunderground.com back 5 or so years ago when they were using 3 popups, 6 images and rollovers per f'ing page. I've come back to using that website just this year. Looks better, fewer ads now, though I don't dare visit it with any version of IE. IE cant manage to stop popups despite having a popup blocker built in.

US students 'required' to buy iPhones


Go for it.

I say go for it. The better the educational market penetration of any single device for use in studies, the more likely we will begin to see applications for edcuation created (and approved by apple). Frankly, the iphone and ipod touch are two platforms with very tight api and user expereince is repeatable across the breadth of the machines. Cant get that with win mobile handsets, palm handsets and even PC's. Every damned one of them has quirks or usability issues worse than 1/2 battery life the apple devices may have.

BTW, I'm a win mobile user, I know an application written for one win mobile phone doesnt always work on every phone.

Darth Vader tops movie misquote poll


Shark bait.

Most likely misquoted due to other movies/tv shows/cartoons misquoting so they dont have plagerisim problems and people requote the misquote.

Mozilla mauls Microsoft on IE, Windows 7 bundle



Why not make an icon call it internet, and have it pop up a list of sponsored web browsers that you can download and install through the application. I say sponsored as in pay to get included on the listing, that way no one can gripe they weren't included in on something they didn't pay for.

Exam bosses target faster cheat takedowns


Gir: Hi Cow..

If questions are getting leaked before exam, maybe the distribution channel needs fixing. Perhaps start shipping in time locked containers if it's oh so important that no one see the tests before hand.

Also, who is to say the questions havent been asked before somewhere on the internet?

Peugeot's on-road, off-road ‘leccy ATV

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Just what I need

I need something like this. Compared to a compact electric car, this gets the milage and saves on negative space that I dont need for daily drive to work. All I need is one seat, and a small space for inccidental groceries pickup and space for a laptop backpack to go. I currently have a choice of driving a pickup seating 3 abreast + 2 halves (tiny jumpseats) with a large truck bed or driving a 5 seater car with a large trunk. Lots of wasted space and weight when I just need to drive 30 miles into the city for work and back out. The projected price of 17K USD isnt bad compared to what I paid for my car and truck gasoline vs what I would pay for larger electric vehicles. Bring it on... and bring it to the US please!

Public rejects Time Warner metered-bandwidth tests

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No thanks

I dont want to pay if they charge me for the viruses and crackers that netstat my computer and try random ports. I'd want to pay for my traffic and only my traffic. Give me a remotely controlled firewall for my ip on their end and maybe we can talk.

Teens reject Microsoft's Zune


Zune owner - Zune sucks

I've gotten fed up with the Zune player. I have an 80 gb Zune that was given to me as the previous owner was tired of it rebooting while playing music at the gym. The thing is useless without their Zune software, and requires you to use Windows. Ok fine I run a VM with windows for it. I got fed up because I got addicted to listening to podcasts with it and the dumb software keeps screwing up and marking all podcasts as unreadable and redownloading them repeatily, just wasting bandwidth. I'm now using some podcast downloader in linux and just drag and drop the files for my cellphone or work computer.

Leaving PCs on costing UK business millions


Boot by clock with bois settings

Why not take some looking around in the bois and set the computers to boot up 20 minutes before workers arrive. I did that here on a few power user machines who complained about having to boot their pcs in the morning after I shut them down the night before.

A few pcs I also added a shutdown /s /c "use start, run, shutdown /a to abort shutdown" to task scheduler around 6 pm on a few pcs that are always left on.

Minister admits thought crime is on the agenda

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If this gets passed you know what's next.

Soon they will throw a blanket law against violent images, because someone with a toon image of some rabbit shooting a toon dog means the person holding that picture intends upon doing such -- rubbish. Next will be cleaning up games. Soon the only images you can have will feature basic shapes, squares, triangles, circles up until some company decides to claim ownership of copyright on basic shapes.

Yea.. Everyone needs to wake up and start paying attention to the law makers, they are playing more theatre for very stupid parents that dont pay attention to their kids and want the goverment to take care of their kids for them. What ever happened to personal responsibility for the demons from your loins? I'd like to see a law completely place all responsiblilities of children completely on their parents and stop making the goverment police the world.