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Now Google tracking follows you out of cyberspace


great idea

This is a great idea, but would take a lot of time to develop the software and improve the accelerometer chips, then would need 1000's of people to record the movements so they can be identified. I defiantly think this could catch on, and be very useful, as if u had your phone with you and your car crashed it could already call 999 and give them details of rough position (or if gps is available), and depending on how hard it is, calculate wither u might need an ambulance. Again another useful thing is if someone falls over, especially the elderly, it could already call an ambulance if it detects no further movement afterwards.

Another great idea by Google

Intel braces for billion Euro fine


this is a load of balonie

this is ridiculous the european courts, are a joke, they will fine any company for making money. if intel has to pay $3 odd think where that will come from!! yes that's right prices will rise and they wont be doing so much research

Conservative US shock-jock to sue Wacky Jacqui


What Wrong with you all

Firstly i think this is a disgrace Micheal Savage seems like a great guy i have listened to his radio shows before. he should be welcomed into this country with open arms, and invited to fix this mess that the government has got us into.

secondly. if there is a list of banned people why the hell is it only 22 people i can think of tones of the top of my head that should be banned. i bet you Bin Laden isnt even on it!!!

Google accused of UK tax dodge


good on google

i think this is all great if google can find a way of saving a couple of million a year good for them. then they can invest it in there free software and keep google free.

BBC botnet 'public interest' defence rubbished by top IT lawyer


i think what the BBC did was good

that the BBC did was make aware to all the program viewer what can be done very easily. furthermore they also mad this fact aware to a another load of people. don't forget if the BBC had not bought it someone else would have, and there motives would not have been educational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!