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Jacqui whacks shock jock crock

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I don't care what his views are, but she needs a good suing for some of the rubbish she comes out with!

Boffins: Ordinary lightbulbs can be made efficient, cheaply


Waste of time

This is all a waste of time. The government is only banning them because they have to reach the targets set for carbon emissions. The problem is, producing energy saving bulbs damages the environment more than making normal bulbs when you take into account the increased complexity of an energy saving bulb and the chemicals used. All the government is doing is shifting our carbon emissions to another country which produces the new bulbs (likely China, or Taiwan) and this does nothing in real terms in the way of saving the environment. Its just ticking things off a check-list of things to do for the sake of it!

Wikipedia lets Creative Commons into its heart


All rubbish

Licenses are written by people with a vested interest in keeping the legal system complex, it keeps them in jobs, if licenses were written in a more logical simple to understand way then there would be a lot less cause to ever seek legal advice in relation to them.

The whole system needs to change, we pay a whole profession to provide understanding to things they themselves make complicated.

Croats flock to support openly corrupt politician


Honestly Currupt

At least this one is 'honest' about the intentions!

Hacked flight sim site in catastrophic crash and burn


HD Recovery

He should just mount these disks as slaves on a local system and run some recovery software on them, the data will all still be there.

New non-volatile memory promises 'instant-on' computing


Encryption Issues

In response to the encryption issues I would say people writing encryption software will just ensure that encrypted data remains encrypted until it is executed by the CPU and so even when loaded into this new type of RAM it would be in encrypted state and then as the CPU needs to use a piece of data the encryption software would have to decrypt the data and feed it to the CPU and then manage the output ensuring that no unencrypted data processed from the CPU remains in RAM after (possibly by encrypting the output of the CPU).

The encryption software would essentially become a memory management program sitting low level in the OS and kicked into action when ever an encrypted piece of data is used.

There are no blocking issues to encryption introduced by this new technology, just new problems to solve.

G20 police demand ID as train staff ordered to spy on passengers

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No legal basis?

Id like to see someone challenge this in a court of law. Is it really legal to say we will make it hard for you to get to your house if you don't produce two forms of ID which we have no right to ask for and are even willing to admit that?

If they have no legal right to stop you walking to your house and walking to your house is not suspicious activity so they have no right to conduct a search or stop you in any way, in which case people should just walk straight past the police and ignore their requests for ID, as they have already admitted they have no legal right to ask for it! It surely isnt legal for the police to harass you because you are not carrying ID they know you don't have to carry or show to them.

Crazy, everyone should walk around without ID and keep leaving and coming back. Who do these people think they are.

Police union leader calls for 'killer games' sales ban



More stupid rubbish from someone trying to look like hes acting after a tragedy rather than really doing anything which will work. It seems no one is willing to accept the fact that perhaps some kids become messed up through their natural experiences in life and just will take actions we think are abhorent due to this. There isnt always an answer or reason, humans have been violent for thousands of years and yes, our evolution seems to be taking us away from that now but in reality its not that long ago violence was an every day part of the human races existance. Some people simply will still become violent and people need to accept that and deal with it.

Google designer quits over performance obsession


@David Kelly

Actually Google uses JavaScript on pretty much every single page to one extent or another. Even their home page included a large chunk of JavaScript, so if you claim you dont like JavaScript, perhaps what you really mean is, you dont like non optimised JavaScript. When it is written well it should be fast and unobtrusive.

Minister admits thought crime is on the agenda

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Absolute tosh!

The whole idea is so stupid, drawing an image makes no difference what so ever, the person had to think about it to start with. Seeing as we can not read peoples minds we can not punish people for thinking and imagining something so whats the point of doing so if they draw it? They can quite easily fantasise about it in their head and no one can do anything anyway.

This is just another case of the government and political figures in general just trying to do what they think the loudest shouting members of the public want to hear, nothing about right or wrong.