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Man could face prison over six second 'extreme porn' clip

Clair Lewis

Reg readers rock ;-)

I love reading the comments here they always make me laugh and lift my spirits, especially at times when I've been feeling a bit harassed being grilled by journalists who are convinced that extreme porn featuring consenting adults really is leading to killings, animal abuse and child abuse.

Part of what makes campaigning possible in the face of such stupidity is the knowledge, that it really is (or should be) obvious to anyone with more than a few crumbs of sense that a good chunk of the extreme porn law is unnecessary, silly and criminalises harmless jokesters and wankers.. and anyone else whose cat walks across the mouse/keys at the wrong time! People here never fail to remind me of this in the most amusing ways, so thanks for the morale boost today and other days... to all of you who take the time to comment on John O's articles.

Depending what happens next, it might be time to hit the streets again.. so if any of you who haven;t already want to join us - either on the streets or in the crucial behind the scenes work we do - please connect up via one of the methods on our website so you don't miss any call to action.

Lurve,, because I love this comment thread. Reckon this site features the best readers on the web :-)

Clair Lewis, CAAN

(wishing I had something comparably witty to say)

Gumtree comes over all queer in blocking 'offensive language'

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live and let live

That works for you - you choose how you self identify and that's cool - nobody's going to make anyone else identify as queer. But I also self identify. The term queer in the job ad was not referring to homosexuality - it was general shorthand for this complex gobful:

pansexual, genderqueer, polyamorous practitioner of BDSM.

PA work involves being right in someones home - potential staff have a right to know what the job is.. or at least the general gist at ad stage.

Queer covers it.

Clair Lewis
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I think I..

love you.

even though I am a genderqueer pansexual born with a c**t

Jacqui's secret plan to 'Master the Internet'

Clair Lewis

"and other criminal networks"

"terrorist and other criminal networks."

They mean activists..

Fuck off Nanny State!

Keep fighting the loss of our civil liberties people through the increasing number of activist networks on the rise!

Clair Lewis

CAAN www.caan.org.uk and Disabled People's Direct Action Network

Put down your pens: Cartoons next on censor block

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By this Posted Tuesday 17th March 2009 13:40 GMT

Presumably all cartoon characters will have to carry valid id cards to prove their age."


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