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Summer slimline PS3 rumours hotting up



i already have the orignal so not really bothered. Maybe if they released this with a price drop Sony would be stepping in the right direction!

Homer Simpson speaks out on satnavs

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they should do a voice for Nelson, when you miss your turn you will get a "haa haa"

Nintendo unveils pulse-sensing peripheral



Yea in the middle of a zelda game you have to stop when your BPM goes over 130. Useless!!

Oh and if you suddenly have a heart attack while playing atleast your Wii can call for an ambulance!

Retailer reveals Gametrak Freedom launch, price



Did you see it? sony made something similar for PS2, and have had one out on PS3 since Dec 07! Your the idiot.

asif its going to bypass the wii aswell!! idiot!!

Sony shows off PS3 motion-control magic wand

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looks good

I already have the PS Eye with my PS3, works really well although there are only 5 or 6 games for it.

The comments above do make sence but can you imagine if a game like mirrors edge used this tech, instead of jumping from one thing to another, use one controller as a grappling hook and the other as a firearm. That would be a really good game, it could be used in so many different ways.

FPS could use these if they updated the game - only if it worked well/ had enough buttons on the controller etc.

Official next-gen PlayStation Portable details leaked


UMD Goodbye!

An obvious marketing leak by Sony, lets see what news they will bring us this evening at the Sony Conference.

I think the plan for old UMD's will be easy to solve.

Create a PSN ID or use your existing one.

Go to Gamestation etc... and sign in to your account using a hub.

Place each game into the hub which reads the title of the game.

Sell your games as pre owned to the store your in.

Your given a reference code to redeem on the PSN

Download the titles to a PS3 or PC - then transfer the data as and when to the PSP - EASY.

No 'next gen' consoles until 2013, analyst claims


HD Wii

Get real!! Wii doesnt need to be in HD. ever!!

Family-friendly gaming site launches


£25 fee.... A YEAR!?

As if anyone is going to pay to view this information apart from the media who are reporting about the site!!

What a waste of effort, surely making the site free with a few ad's dotted around will make them more money as they will have a much bigger audiance!

Silly silly silly!!

DSi UK sales off to strong start



DSi will always sound like an engine to me. Its suprising to see Sonys PSP has sold the most in first week sales, and the PS3, as both of these were sold without Christmas to back it up.

Still, 92,000 units is very good going as it isnt really that different from the original.

What will Nintendo do next? 3DSi... See what I did there!? Where did I put my coat?

Next-gen iPhone to sport 3.2Mp camera?


oh it must be for iphone...

Maybe the image sensors are going in the mac books.... I hate the way you include iPhone in every article to try and pull in extra traffic,

Sony talks up PSP digital downloads


haha, bright?

Super Stardust & PixelJunk Monsters have been on the PS3 PS Store for ages, these arent new. Super Stardust came out in summer 2007, Pixel Junk Monsters Jan 08.

Bright future? I hope so, honestly I do, but if ported PSN titles is what you call a future then god help us all.

You must be jumping for joy over the fact that Silent Hill has been added to the PSOne classics list.


re Mark

The last game I downloaded and played was Killzone Liberation... also availble on UMD, that was quite awhile ago.

What I was getting at is the fact Sony are heading towards download only titles, ie not on a UMD... Why bother with a PC PS Store when I can just download using the PS3??

Super Startdust, you have to be kidding right? EchoChrome.... yawn.

Resistance is something ive been looking into, you can connect the PSP to the PS3 and play the game on the PS3 at 720P using the wireless controller. Ive downloaded the demo, but havent got round to playing it.

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makes sence

With the amount of fireware updates the PSP has had since launch, it isnt really a suprise that Sony are going this direction.

Will be interesting to see what the first download-only game will be, if the game exceeds the file limit of a UMD, etc

I havent used my PSP for atleast 18 months, but if good games start to appear again, at a cost that is reasonable, I will more than likely start using it again. I could store the orginal files on my PS3 hard drive, and transfer them when I need/ want to, or maybe even remote play it?!?! Is that possible? Only had a PS3 a week.

Before someone kicks off, I have a 360 aswell. DONT SHOOT!

Deadfish iPhones send users into deep freeze

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tap tap

The only crashing I get on my iphone is tap tap revenge 2, cant play more than 3 songs in a row without having to restart - but I guess thats tapulous' fault for not debugging. Facebook crashed in the passed, no worries regarding WIFI though, ive downloaded a 150mb+ podcast direct to the phone in under 5 minutes which I thought was amazingly quick, did get very hot tho!

Paris - she makes me hot

Police union leader calls for 'killer games' sales ban

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that will do nicely

Ban them in germany for all I care, means the the developers can exclude the german audio/ text - therefore reducing their costs, and time, so the games are released earlier - I have no problems with this whatsoever!

Or maybe he is sick of shooting his grandparents in COD5?

Killzone 2 to drive XBox 360 owners to PS3, claims Sony

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"I would never buy a 250 quid console because of one game, doesn't mather how much money I have."

It isnt just about Killzone, although that was a deciding factor for me, I spent about 25 minutes looking at the exclusive titles (most of which my mate has) apart from Heavenly Sword all the exclusive titles are pretty damn good. Resistance 2, MGS, Motorstorm 2, Gran Turismo Prolouge & Uncharted, there are others just cant think of them right now (was on the beers last night).

The PSN & PS Store work pretty well, and the prices of the full games are fairly cheap, I wanted to test how well online games were, I cant see now MS justify charging £50 a year for online, not when Sony are offering a pretty responsive serivce for free... Im starting to sound like a fanboy now **cries** I still have my xbox and when an exclusive for the 360 is out im sure I will buy it. I can see where Sony are coming from with their claims, they do have the better system, and have a few more exclusives to look forward to this year.

Paris - Id still rather play her

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I have had my 360 for about 2.5 years with no intention of buying a PS3, so far Ive had my xbox repaired twice, and also had a replacement which struggles at the best of times.

I was at my mates last weekend and I had ago on KZ2, (my mate wanted to prove a point) and I must admit, I never thought it would been anywhere near as good as it is.

Role on payday, my xbox live account expires in April and I wont be renewing, as I will be a proud owner of a PS3. Basically I was/ kind of wish I still was a sony hater, but ive got no argument as to why... even though it feels like I should!!

I have been thinking for awhile how far can the 360 go? They cant release a blu ray drive for it, I lost faith after buying and never using a HD drive hoping that the games would follow :-( I read that MGS struggled to fit the game on a dual layer ray disc. What can microsoft do apart from sell a hard copy and follow it up with a download of the additional content, with most using a 20GB console?!

Paris - would love to play her aswell

Brando unveils iPhone add-on lenses



Which lens was used for which picture?