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POO-bomber space station 'nauts swap orbiter for rural Kazakhstan

Emilio Desalvo

"Italian ESA"?

We have bought the European Space Agency, and nobody told me?

Assemblers were once people: My aunt did it for NASA

Emilio Desalvo

I am uncovering, and I will raise a pint to her memory.

Beat the UK's incoming smut filter: Pre-censor your grumble flicks

Emilio Desalvo

The creepiest thing about Peeping Dwarfs is that it's in Italian with the usual Polish "dubbing"...

Green German gov battles to keep fossil powerplants running

Emilio Desalvo
Paris Hilton

Re: Ramp up hydrogen creation

What for? Because natural gas is not already too dangerous, so we add a spritz of hydrogen to make it more explosive?

Mystery object falls from sky, area sealed off by military: 'Weather balloon', say officials

Emilio Desalvo

We want the opinion of an EXPERT!

Interview the Playmonaut!

UN to call for 'pre-emptive' ban on soulless robot bomber assassins

Emilio Desalvo

Bolos act only in Defence Of Humanity and For The Honor Of The Regiment!

'Liberator': Proof that you can't make a working gun in a 3D printer

Emilio Desalvo
Black Helicopters

Funny fact...

The number of people killed by guns in the US has been falling since the '90s...


Elon Musk's 'Grasshopper' hover rocket scores another test success

Emilio Desalvo

Musk is also planning to put a heat shield in front of the second stage, and have it re-enter the atmosphere and then land vertically like the first stage.

Then, only the capsule trunk would be lost .

Strategic SIEGE ROBOTS defeated by 'heavily intoxicated' man, 62

Emilio Desalvo

They could have sent in the heavies: the Strategic Level Uniformed Tanks...

British games company says it owns the idea of space marines

Emilio Desalvo

Re: I'll probably get flamed for this but ...

Methinks stormtrooper is a trademark of the Kaiserliches Heer...

Emilio Desalvo

Re: Bill The Galactic Hero ......

We could also send SarMajor Iris Babcock, if she survived a marriage with Horace Harkness she can also deal with GW.

Oh. Wait. She is not a Space Marine. She is a Royal Manticoran Marine. She is safe...

What now? Captain Link Hogthrob?

Climate sceptic? You're probably a 'Birther', don't vaccinate your kids

Emilio Desalvo

"your climate sceptic needs to be "treated", and would be likely to have supported slavery prior to the US Civil War"

Which means they are all Democrats, given that the Republican Party was founded at the time by Abraham Lincoln...

Low sunspot activity linked to rivers freezing: Mini Ice Age on way?

Emilio Desalvo

"Climate is not ruled by one variable," argues the Professor-Doktor. "In fact, it has at least five or six variables..."

The variables are probably more in the thousands range...

MoD to become even more top-heavy as a result of personnel cuts

Emilio Desalvo

Pilot training

The training of a pilot officer in the Italian Air Force costs about 2 million SaversOfTheGermanEconomy (Euros) from my (taxpayer) pocket.

When said pilot reaches the rank of Lt.Colonel he is more or less prevented from flying, even if he is physically and mentally still able, unless he is on the track for a squadron command.

So a lot of pilots leave the AMI just after the promotion to Lt.Col just to keep flying, even if they are piloting a tour bus for an airline.

And I have paid two million SaversOfTheGermanEconomy...

First full landing site and colour pictures back from Mars

Emilio Desalvo

The heat-shield snapshot is from the MARDI camera, not the MAHLI

ROBOTS battle bunker-buster bank blast blaggers

Emilio Desalvo

The technique has been in use for ages. You drill a hole in the ATM, then inject the contents of an oxy-acetylene tank, then apply a spark, from a distance.

Emilio Desalvo

Instead of "Tin cops" shouldn't you write "bronzes"?

Olympic athletes compete in RAYGUN SHOOTING for the first time

Emilio Desalvo

Long live Biathlon

Were a proper carbine is needed!

Android Firefox: Screaming, awesome, you'll go blind etc

Emilio Desalvo


"Awesome Screen"... "Awesome Bar..."

Somebody from Mozilla "marketing" plays Munchkin too much...

SpaceX Dragon chokes at the last second

Emilio Desalvo
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Re: Points for effort....

It was a faulty valve, it was replaced, and today it worked flawlessly, bringing the Dragon cargo capsule in orbit, along with the ashes of James Doohan and Gordon Cooper.

North Korean GPS blocking sparks cyber war fears

Emilio Desalvo

Re: Think about the poor Geocachers

I would not search for plastic boxes in North Korea, as they are probably landmines...

Third European supply podule blasts off en route to space station

Emilio Desalvo

Re: I dispair


Emilio Desalvo

The Soyuz pad at Kourou is not for manned vessels, and it cannot be adapted.

Apple Italy throws up ruling on its store site

Emilio Desalvo

It can be less than two years, but ONLY if the customer agrees explicitly to this by signing a document.

GAGA prepares to munch some organic rug

Emilio Desalvo

For the video...

... you could try with Aee MD80s...

As a cutting implement, the Scythe is still unbeaten.

UK's first stealth jumpjet rolls off line – but we don't want it

Emilio Desalvo

Christmas is coming!

They can always wrap them in nice paper, and give them to the Italian Navy.

Even if Fincantieri is in deep troubles, as the unions blocked their plan to halve the yards and the workers, and sooner or later the government will have to do something to give something to do said yards and workers, and three conventional carriers would do the trick nicely...

New iPhone and Android mobes secure enough for spooks

Emilio Desalvo

More likely...

Felix Leiter, Jack Wade, Damian Falco and Giacinta Johnson are going to get them, and not James Bond...

From Casino Royale:

Felix Leiter: I'll stake you. I'm saying I'll give you the money to keep going. Just one thing: you pull it off, the CIA bring him in.

James Bond: What about the winnings?

Felix Leiter: Does it look like we need the money?

Israeli air raid vs Iran nukes boardgame out in time for Xmas

Emilio Desalvo

NOT that kind of tactical...

I am still playing with Harpoon CE, yesterday I sunk half the Soviet fleet...

Emilio Desalvo

Based on Harpoon 4?

I will have to check on HarpGamer for a scenario for the computer versions...

Living, biological raygun produced in lab

Emilio Desalvo


Nothing about sharks?

Unique imagery of Shuttle docked to ISS released

Emilio Desalvo

Too bad that...

... in space no one can clean your windshield!

Mummy, mummy, there's a nuclear monster!

Emilio Desalvo

A note on numbers:

Ichi = 1

Ni = 2


Fukushima Daichi = Fukushima Dai 1

Fukushima Dani = Fukushima Dai 2

Blighty's official Space Agency starts up on 1 April

Emilio Desalvo

The ASI...

... aka the Italian Space Agency, has a budget running about a billion Euro a year...

Gabrielle Giffords may wave Endeavour off

Emilio Desalvo

I'll join you...

Moreover, I plan to be there, even if I am starting to hope that the launch will be delayed at least a week...

German 'minister for cut'n'paste' resigns over PhD plagiarism

Emilio Desalvo


Basil Fawlty was right...

US Secret Service tabletop training toytown goes virtual

Emilio Desalvo

And a lager with that for me...

Lewis, are you able to name all the US security alphabet soup?

And the IRS is part of the US security or insecurity?

Galileo euro-satnav 'driven by French military', says sacked CEO

Emilio Desalvo

Ah, the Italians...

You seem to forget that if The Great War ended on the Western Front on November 11th, 1918 it was only because Italy had obtained with the rest of the armistice the use of the Austrian railways to move the Italian Army to the Austro-German border, and was preparing to invade Germany.

That's why in Italy the end of World War One is celebrated on November 4th...

Comando Supremo, 4 novembre 1918, ore 12

La guerra contro l'Austria-Ungheria che, sotto l'alta guida di S.M. il Re, duce supremo, l'Esercito Italiano, inferiore per numero e per mezzi, iniziò il 24 maggio 1915 e con fede incrollabile e tenace valore condusse ininterrotta ed asprissima per 41 mesi, è vinta.

La gigantesca battaglia ingaggiata il 24 dello scorso ottobre ed alla quale prendevano parte cinquantuno divisioni italiane, tre britanniche, due francesi, una cecoslovacca ed un reggimento americano, contro settantatré divisioni austroungariche, è finita.

La fulminea e arditissima avanzata del XXIX Corpo d'Armata su Trento, sbarrando le vie della ritirata alle armate nemiche del Trentino, travolte ad occidente dalle truppe della VII armata e ad oriente da quelle della I, VI e IV, ha determinato ieri lo sfacelo totale della fronte avversaria. Dal Brenta al Torre l'irresistibile slancio della XII, della VIII, della X armata e delle divisioni di cavalleria, ricaccia sempre più indietro il nemico fuggente.

Nella pianura, S.A.R. il Duca d'Aosta avanza rapidamente alla testa della sua invitta III armata, anelante di ritornare sulle posizioni da essa già vittoriosamente conquistate, che mai aveva perdute.

L'Esercito Austro-Ungarico è annientato: esso ha subito perdite gravissime nell'accanita resistenza dei primi giorni e nell'inseguimento ha perduto quantità ingentissime di materiale di ogni sorta e pressoché per intero i suoi magazzini e i depositi. Ha lasciato finora nelle nostre mani circa trecentomila prigionieri con interi stati maggiori e non meno di cinquemila cannoni.

I resti di quello che fu uno dei più potenti eserciti del mondo risalgono in disordine e senza speranza le valli che avevano disceso con orgogliosa sicurezza.

Il capo di stato maggiore dell'esercito, il generale Diaz

PARIS concocts commemorative cocktail

Emilio Desalvo

Entitled to a title...

"Splashdown" - that's what happens to the drinker after the first glass...

Crash grounds RAF Eurofighters - for Battle of Britain Day!

Emilio Desalvo

The Blue Skies Of Italy...

... where in the meantime defended by a batch of de-mothballed, modernised F-16A, offered from the DOD sometimes in the '00s, when the Tornado F3s provided by the UK to cover the hole created by the EFA delays proved to be a load of crap...

The ITAF was HAPPY to see the F3s go, as the were worse of the F-104 Starfighters they where taking the place of, and we are talking about planes designed in the '50s...

Boffins baffled by mysterious Martian crater

Emilio Desalvo


... That was not a moon...

Emilio Desalvo

WE are the men from Mars

I still believe that H. Beam Piper was right...

US colonel blasts PowerPoint bureaucracy in Afghan HQ

Emilio Desalvo

Mix in the Italian Armed forces...

Well, the Italian Army since the '90 has moved from a bloated draft service, where you could recognise senior NonCom from their pear shape, to a voluntary service with a much better efficency.

But if you mix them in the Star Game, it gets so much better interesting. Every servicemen service, from Private/Seaman/Airman/Carabiniere to General/Admiral/General/General has a fabric star sewn on the collar, as that star says that he is in the Service of the State.

A friend, then a Major of the ITAF, was an NATO instructor at Sheppard Air Force Base, in Texas. He tells me that it was quite funny, when he met a lot of USAF personnel which met him, saw that star, an started saluting and after a second stopped it in mid-air, as they decided that he was too young to be a general. He retired as LtCol. as ITAF say that LtCols, Colonels and generals do not fly as drivers, unless they are in command of a squadron, and squadrons a rarer than Colonels. At the time the instruction of a flight officer cost more than two billion liras of taxpayers money. Alitalia Ringrazia Sentitamente.

But it gets REALLY interesting when you mix in the Italian Army and Carabinieri.

There, a bronze star (silver for the Carabinieri) means that you are a Second Lieutenant! A First Lieutenant gets two stars, and a Captain three stars.

When you get promoted to superior officer, you lose a few stars, but you get a beautiful tower, as a Major has a tower and a star, he gains again a star when promoted to Lt.Col, a full colonel gets a tower and three stars.

Then you get promoted to be a general officer, you lose again a couple of stars and the tower, but as a shiny new Brigadier General you get a silver greek fret and a shiny silver star, as a Division General you get another star, and, if you are promoted to Army Corp General you get a third star. The fourth star is only for the Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, with red border, or for the Chief of Staff of the whole Italian Armed forces, without the red border, when he is not an Admiral or an Air Force General.

So, Italy has stars everywhere, and it can get REALLY interesting in NATO contests...

MOON SHRINKING FAST - shock NASA discovery

Emilio Desalvo

Nothing to be alarmed of...

Probably just Dahak rearranging his camouflage...

PARIS pumps up a Mk 2 release mechanism

Emilio Desalvo
Paris Hilton

I Love IT!

I love reading this articles about Paper Aircafts, Research, Innovation and Science...

El Reg PARIS team fires up the GPS tracker

Emilio Desalvo


When did DARPA got involved in the PARIS project?


Are you a 'supertasker'? Probably not

Emilio Desalvo

Do you think...

... that the trick-cyclists considered the cogno-intellectual side of the Supertaskers problem?

Vast 'Cloud 9' sky-wedding balloon destroyed in Vegas prang

Emilio Desalvo

Un-Petting zoo...

A few years ago in my town was one of those small fry circuses travelling all over Europe.

I met their advertising van, with the usual loud-horn at full blast: "... an in our zoo you will be able to see lions, elephants, rhinos, zebras and llamas, from both Peru and Tibet".

For the first time a zoo could be a religious experience...

Sidenote: in Italian Llama and Lama are written the same way, with a single L...

US Navy plans self-building floating fortresses

Emilio Desalvo

The Russians are coming!

And they are putting other stuff in ISO containers...


Emilio Desalvo
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Lost containers.

You cannot even start to imagine the number of containers lost at sea each year...

DARPA to build military App Store, battlefield 3G

Emilio Desalvo

Also, given the terrain...

... in Afghanistan, that would mean an awful lot of base stations.

Moreover, how would you power them? Solar panels? A battery would not last long enough.

To me, it looks like another job for a blimd...



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